28 thoughts on “Interior Design — Multifunctional Furniture Must-Have: The Storage Bench

  1. I, I, I, ME, Me, me, MY, My, my…nice warm up for the rest of the video. That's all she talked about was what she wanted, how she saw the space, and how much she LOVED texture. You could play a drinking game based off her over use of pronouns. Also, that is NOT my idea of a storage bench. I thought storage meant items could be held discreetly. I didn't think it meant you had to make a trip on down to your local HomeSense and buy basket storage bins to hide your clutter under a basic bench. She is what is most annoying to me about interior designers. They are so isolated in their own world they don't understand real function, cost, and optics.

  2. Not a fan of how she approaches the price tags but I like how different materials are used. I think she was just showing how you could apply some of the design principles if you don't want to buy the same furniture sets all over the place, not how you should exactly put them. Also if the thumbnail didn't look alright you prob wouldn't have clicked it in the first place.

  3. This white shelf with a lamp on right side must be turned on in other direction, so the shelf can be used. Just put a lamp to be on the left side.

  4. it drives me crazy that the bench is completely non functional in the first pic. that would be a great place to sit and put on your shoes, bit the coat hooks were in a strange place so you couldn't sit back. and the it's piled with stuff. the chair is also non functional because the flowers are piled on it.

  5. She has so much confidence in herself thinking that her two designs were great, but they are just not practical and expensive too!

  6. Too many items around the bench! I just don't like plants in chairs! Where will me and my company sit? 😒

  7. Somebody please explain to her what the word “functional” actually means. And somebody please show her a picture of an office so she knows what an office looks like 🙄🙄

  8. How do these people manage to get projects, i would never know! This is not „design“ . These is grabbing whatever you can afford and stashing it it the most impractical way possible.

  9. The deco of that entrance looks more like a store than for a house. Less is more. Just an opinion.

  10. A hanger that is right behind your back when you sit on the bench and…a designer studio without a desk. Yeah.

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