24 thoughts on “Interior Design Rules And Hacks / How to Add Color To Your Home / Decorating Ideas (Rule #1)

  1. I love having colour in my home, it just brightens everything up and makes the room come alive. These are great tips, thank you for sharing!

  2. I love color my accent color is Burgundy, butter yellow, greens and some blues with a little gray

  3. I love that picture with all the pastel colors in it! Beautiful. I love to watch your videos. When I miss them I go back and find the ones I may have missed and check them out. Love that it is short and sweet and full of content and great ideas. I Love the colors of burgundy and gold or deep bronze and silver………..I mix my metals as they all seem to come out great!
    Blessings………..thanks for all you share with us!

  4. Love the video and that you will discuss each of the rules in depth. My neutrals are ivory / creams / taupes and my accent colors are very soft greens (almost a gray green) and pale pinks. For fall and winter I deepen the greens and the pinks go toward a darker berry color.

  5. love them colors , my décoration is bugundy and grey ,and i add other for my studio to be lifely , but not to much stoff ,

  6. What great ideas. I live in a studio so my space a little bit different. I definitely can use your suggestions

  7. Hi Ramon , hope you are well and Jamieson?!Where did you get the @ sign please. I would love one.I adore blue and white.Also I am grateful for your tips.I am fond of pale gold.I also like glam, plus French country, shabby chic and I like a New England look. I adore ladder back chairs and also comfy chairs with studs or nail edging, I don’t know what you call them. At moment I am changing up my home and looking for extra ideas. Luckily I do have Pinterest. Thank you for video and blessings and greetings and hugs from the north east of England.xoxo

  8. Awesome video Ramon! My favorite color is blue…all shades of it. I have blue all through my home. And as you know, I am truly obsessed with blue and white! ❤️👑🤗


  10. Hi Ramon! I love he Seasonal and Holiday videos. Those seat covers look awesome and I truly love plaid and check, especially in Winter. Lastly, a video predominantly on blue and white would be FABULOUS! Where were you when you found the seat covers? I missed that video…

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