23 thoughts on “Interior Design — Sarah Richardson's Modern & Inviting Condo Design Makeover

  1. Sarah you such a wonderful designer I want to ask you something I live in a loft apartment a little money I have no windows in my bedroom how can I make that room appear to have light back there is the dark is room I've ever seen it's kind of spooky please help me.? With some ideals

  2. Oh look, I was wondering where was she and what was her name. She used to have a show on HGTV in the US.

  3. It’s so much my style that I even have that exact coffee table and a similar rug in my living room. Love it!!!

  4. Wish they could have reused the original wood cabinets. Replacing wood with white laminate does not sit well with me.
    On the positive side, the light colors are very fresh.

  5. Sarah is my absolute favourite EVER! This duo is unmatched.
    My bucket list will never be complete until I get to meet these two. XX If only HGTV US aired them now. They're the only ones I want to watch. Canadians are so blessed to have Sarah and Tommy.

  6. 2 brilliant minds right there. I would never trust ANNNNYONE to design my home but I might (MIGHT) consider handing over control to these two. they are THAT good. …they did great with this space!

  7. I absolutely ADORE Sarah Richardson!!! The woman can do no wrong when it comes to interior decorating & casual fashion. The master bath was everything! Not sure why builders don't make wow features like that bath if it can be done cost effectively.

  8. The design is soo perfect that it look like what we can see ONLY on the design magazine. Still cant belivev the pics on the vid was true. What is perfect home!

  9. SR is my favorite designer.  She and Tommy work so well together. (really fun)  We need more shows from her…Candice Olsen…and Vern Yip!  Whenever I see any of these designers on TV?… I stop whatever I'm doing…grab a snack and enjoy!  Peace friend.    

  10. It's all a matter of opinion.  The kitchen backsplash and floor tile look cheap to me.  I do really like that old sideboard/credenza with the flat screen on top.  The enlarged bath is a plus as well.  Thanks for sharing the video.

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