“Interior Design Service” by ContractorBhai.com

“Interior Design Service” by ContractorBhai.com

Lets say you are planning to Renovate Your
Home & You have a limited Budget. You start Talking to Contractors And Soon you realise There is so little “Transparency” Each Contractor Quotes differently & you have
no idea whom to trust NEXT You start spending time on Internet. Looking
for cool ideas & designs. You download so many pictures & finally you
are not sure – which ideas to choose & which one to ignore . Story doesn’t end there –>You visit retail stores – to get an idea about
Building Materials. Tiles , Bathroom fitting & more And you are stuck with questions like “Should
I buy that Commode for Rs 3500 or one for Rs 12000 ?” You reach at a point where you are confused
& about to give up. Its time for – somethign better.
Something smarter Something Easier ContractorBhai.com Design Service
Its easy to take charge of yoru Home Renovation For a small affordable fees – Our Interior
Designer – connects with you – & understand 3 things What kind of looks do you really want
how you want to use space – inside your home And – your budget Next – our team – using all best practices
– of Interior Design – starts laying out details for your home Floor plans, Elevation plans, electrical layout
& many other details are drawn You get “Bill of Material”
And – Itemised Estimate Imagine knowing all this – even before you
have hired a Contractor Our service doesn’t end there Once you hire a Contractor & start execution we are available for any information you need. Any questions you got, we are just phone call
away. So what are you waiting for –
We can get you a solid plan of action – for your Home Renovation get Transparency
get Design get Bill of material
And make smart decision For more details
visit www.ContractorBhai.com/studio

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  1. Nitin Bhai thanks for ur videos.Iwant to ask whether giving whole contract including (labour/material) is economical or on labour cost only and buying material our self is more money saving?(flooring/wall tiling/bathroom&wc renovation)

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