Interior Design | Small Apartment Decorating with IKEA | #8, Season 2

Interior Design | Small Apartment Decorating with IKEA | #8, Season 2

I'm Rebecca Robson interior designer businesswoman and mother join me as I take you through my projects my life and what keeps me driven to design I'm gonna introduce you to my hairdresser daniel herrera from integrity salon in San Diego here's what I love about daniel not only does he do my hair every two weeks which I adore but that gives us a lot of time to bond and during that time I've noticed some things about him he is very talented decorator and designer himself I've had the privilege of working with him on at least three of his apartment today we are going to show you the latest I love it and I can hardly wait to show you because it's all about color we're reusing everything that he had in the other places not a lot of money just some paint you're ready to see let's get started hey Daniel I love the interior century modern yeah from a thank you such a good choice Wow ha talk about bold use of color yep and it's all the same furniture from the last place that's hard to believe new pillows and you had this glass wall in two of the last places that I ever saw and I just think it's amazing but you added something you added that teak something different the whole design and that ties in some of the mid-century modern right now I just sit here and process I call it cook for about 45 minutes now sometimes I actually go out into the street I don't like to sit still for anything you and I talked to you salon there was a figure flaw in this room they stopped the room short and they had a big head like this cut up yeah that you can see into the hall very clever are you coming out of my hair Wow Daniel I love your dining room right amazing okay so what one of the new things that you use in this apartment that you didn't have in past ones was the table with kind of inspires the whole team of everything that mid-century modern yeah another thing that I of course love in this room it really sets it apart for his your textured wall so these are individual squares that's the burglar right and they can just be applied in numerous different patterns and way and it makes something such so plain and simple as a back wall actually have life and texture color and look at all of the shadowing right this light fixture okay you've had this in numerous different apartments and first one it did that's right and it was one of the first things I noticed when I first came to you the first time I was like that like if this guy does this kind of thing he's got to do my hair the things I think is so cool about this is that it's not electrified directly its movable hello two screws for that is the perfect lighting solution for someone in an apartment so one thing I'll point out if Rebecca wait and tell you she'll tell me would be to paint your switch plates so that they don't stand out so don't be afraid to paint them and you can always replace them later you know what let's take a talk a little bit about one of the things that I try to encourage people when they're gonna live in an apartment it's not to think of themselves as being quite so temporary right so what you've done is you've painted and a quite a few number of these walls what's the deal with painting and apartment living you know what painting is the easiest way to add some design as long as you paint it back to its original state then you should be okay with the people and they'll probably appreciate it because you're actually giving them a freshman that's right that's true is there anything I'm not fishing or anything but is there anything in this room like you know on either side of the bed that you've learned as a result of our relationship together symmetry thank you symmetry when I share pictures with this room overwhelmed with things they love it exactly but you know what if you showed someone that color of paint on a swatch to color their room they would absolutely freak out I know because I've done it but in fact I think you did when I gave it to you yeah I want to take a look at your bathroom but speaking of boring rooms you said your guestroom you haven't finished I haven't so we'll have to look at that when we're done with this bathroom show me okay this is my little trick right used the shower you can't really get shower curtains that are long enough so often times I like sew them together like I did a sheriff's place but you actually just bought like three pounds I did they were the perfect length and people don't have to worry about the fact that it's fabric but because the liner underneath will stop the water from hitting it that's so cute so you just took a nail or a screw in the ceiling with twine and then these have water these are fresh you could get artificial if you wanted to if you have a for special occasions like yes I think that looks awesome the final stop on Daniels apartment tour is the guest room as you can see it still needs a little bit of help well let's see what we can do to fix it out I brought these brown velvet panels that I had kind of left over in my garage cut this at 18 inches and we're going to make our own and with the treatment pants okay I was at my salon I would just use my skill saw exactly but centering your apartment this is just gonna be like I really like a DIY random window treatment and here's our middle point and we're gonna staple gun right there okay then we're gonna do the Ginn's also and the reason I start in the center in the ends is that way you don't run out of fabric it's kind of like distributed evenly on your board even when you're making it up as you go then I go to the center again here right here is your Center right there and make me one that way and then we're gonna do it again hit this way I'm literally making this up I've never done this before we're gonna fold this over like this you see we're gonna make this into a box pleat see now we're gonna wrap our pleated fabric around the back of our 1 by 2 inch piece of wood and staple it there doesn't have to be perfect to look good right that's the whole point anybody can do this even professionals who should know better or do you have any hot glue oh man you are limited on your supplies I know what to get you for Christmas this year scissors and hot glue uh-huh no more fancy walls and lamps and stuff sorry hello voila very cute doesn't look half bad does it so now all we have to do is make another Genki one just like it and then hang it let's go we're using Daniels extra art and accessory pieces to make this room feel more complete I like it you know what a 5-minute curtain job two canvases a few more fluffed up pillows and this room looks pretty much well together totally different room I think so I say I don't care how long you're gonna live in your space make it something that you love so much that when you come home it is your home someplace you want to be in so place you want to come home to and go for it you've done such a great job I'm so proud of you think love when you exercise your gifts and your talents so I say you need to exercise your gifts and talents on my head real soon okay all right oh no it's not that's gonna go to the ball good job ouch

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  1. Love the use of colors in his apartment and textured dining wall, gorgeous hanging flower fitting in bathroom. He is so talented…what an eye for detail!

  2. I believe Daniel was focus more on the Questions Rebecca was asking him. He is passionate about design it shows in his place!

  3. I would definitely DIY that Light bulb chandelier! There are so many wonderful things you could do with it and as long as you're careful you could keep it completely intact, and still create something a little more modern.

  4. A vibrant space and cool design ideas. I think they adore each other. Sadly, Daniel just doesn't look healthy to me. He needs fattening up, Rebecca!!!!

  5. Transitional functional and elegant designed apartment. living that becomes HOME lovely stylist write on right on

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