24 thoughts on “Interior Design — Small Condo Kitchen Reno

  1. OMG, we are having the exact same issue with the wasted space in the corner…. I'm going to look into this frig!!

  2. I would like to know the difference in price when comparing builder finishes vs. what the buyer really wants ie. the finished product from an interior decorator. I honestly don't think the price is that drastically different. During pre-construction there should be an option. This kitchen is beautiful!

  3. I love that concept because it's very relatable when you live in a big city and you are a rental apri rental to buy you always looking for ways to update the kitchen and a lot of these videos do that shovel small kitchen space and this one really did a good job I was very conventional love it but I would love to see more videos would that similar concept of redesigning small kitchen space with limited cabinet space

  4. Cameron, this is the best House and Home video. Your narrative is right to the point. You not only give out useful information but you have an answer for why a home owner should consider it. I'm definitely doing this for my kitchen which is currently under construction. Thank you!!

  5. This is the layout of countless urban condos, so this video is so nice to show the potential in a seemingly unchangeable space. Lovely!

  6. Pls, i want your opinion. I have a very small space for the kitchen 2*3 what's the design you see for it

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