Interior Design Tips: 5 best tips for laundry room luxe

Interior Design Tips: 5 best tips for laundry room luxe

Laundry rooms have come a long way. As a
designer I’m spending more and more time designing laundry room spaces for my
clients making them more efficient and much more enjoyable to spend time in. In
fact, outside of kitchens and bathrooms the next biggest focus in my practice is
the laundry room. No longer is relegated to a corner in the basement. Laundry
rooms are a thing so here are my top five best tips for laundry room luxe. Laundry rooms tend to be all about
storage, outside the washer and dryer of course they’re becoming so much more
than laundry. They’re more like utility rooms so it’s really important to take
stock of what you want to store. So cabinet accessories are key. Here we see
a pullout for hanging clothing that needs to air dry.
I love having an ironing board that tucks away nicely. How about tall storage
for brooms, mops and vacuums. And of course you’ll need storage for
detergents and household items like extra paper towels and the like. The next
important aspect for laundry room luxe is a sink. I love a great big deep
laundry sink. Make sure you give yourself the largest sink possible for the space
you have. I’m loving this farmhouse apron front sink. It’s so practical and looks
great too. And speaking of looking great, this beautiful concrete sink is what my
laundry room dreams are made of. If you have to save on space make it the
deepest sink possible. It’s a luxury you’ll thank yourself for. Your surfaces in the laundry room need
to be durable and there’s nothing more durable and luxe than stainless steel
countertops. Many of my clients want some kind of entertainment in their laundry
room like wiring it up to a sound system or including space for Bluetooth
speakers. For additional luxe dedicate some wall space for a flat-screen TV
like this. Okay, are you ready for the most luxe
item on this list? How about two washers and two dryers. Obviously you need more
space for this sort of thing but having double sets of washers and dryers means
no longer waiting for one load to be finished. It’s great if you have a large
family and new parents would all agree double machines make a lot of sense. And finally the best tip of all… it’s all
about design. Make it an inviting space by paying attention to all the finishes
in your laundry room. Maybe paint your cabinets a color… choose a dynamic floor
tile… don’t forget your walls; it’s a great
opportunity for wallpaper. Make your laundry room a space you want to spend
some time in. So here’s your take away: Laundry room dreams are made of this!
From storage to a large sink to stainless-steel counters, practicality is
key. Build in entertainment and maybe even an extra washer and dryer. Wrap it
all up with style and design and you’ll look forward to laundry day too. Thanks
for watching this little design tip. I’ll have lots more design tips just like
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4 thoughts on “Interior Design Tips: 5 best tips for laundry room luxe

  1. Luxe for me would be to move the laundry upstairs, close to where the dirty clothes live. 😃 Are you seeing clients put laundry rooms near the bedrooms, mains baths or other living areas? Love your videos too. So helpful. Thanks.

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