Interior Design Tips: How to choose grout colour for your tiles

Interior Design Tips: How to choose grout colour for your tiles

Some of you may think the biggest
decision in designing your bathroom is choosing the tiles but I’m here to tell
you that your grout color is just as important if not more important. Here’s
what I mean… Tile grout plays a big role in the final
look and feel of your tile and it’s all about color. In this image you see the
same white hex tile with four different grout colors.
The result is four completely different looks when the grout color matches the
tile. The tile shape and pattern is less noticeable. The more contrast the more
the shape of the tile stands out. The best way to highlight this idea is by
looking at white tile. For instance you might think that a herringbone tile would be
very graphic with its sharp angles and interlocking pattern. Let’s take a look…
Here we see a beautiful herringbone tile. Can you see it? Look close… the grout
color in this case is white and matches the tile so the shape of herringbone is
less visible. The overall look of this wall is now more texture than
herringbone. On the other hand using a black grout with this tile pattern will
make the shapes of the tile and the way they interlock with one another much
more visible. This application is much more graphic and geometric. If you love
the geometric shapes of herringbone, a darker grout might be for you. We can
look at subway tile and see similar results here. The white grout blends in
with the tile and gives it a more uniformed look. It’s clean and bright.
Here with black grout the rectangular shape of the tile really stands out. It’s
repetitive and graphic. See how the grout color changes the look
and feel of the bathroom? One is fresh and bright and the other is detailed and
graphic. You can even use different grout colors in one bathroom to create special
effects like this black grout with black hex tile inside the niche which makes
that surface look like a solid black background. And then there’s a black
grout with white tile surrounding the niche which enhances the shape of the
niche. You can play with grout colors to enhance or create varying shapes and
effects. So here’s your take away… tile selection is only the
first step. Grout color will enhance or minimize your selection and contribute
to the overall look and feel of the space. Thanks for watching this little
design tip, we’ll have lots more design tips just like this one coming soon so
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  1. The way she pronounces her O’s is very weird and distracting. Can’t be French, because the rest of her speech sounds… pretty normal. But as soon as she says “Don’t” or “Do” my brain sort of locks up.

  2. Great explanation! I really liked the video. I prefer to combine the tiles with dark colors. I recommend this App: because it is very helpful to select the grout color, calculate tiles and grout needed.

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