Interior Design Tips: Painting Bulkheads + 20K SUBS!!!

Interior Design Tips: Painting Bulkheads + 20K SUBS!!!

Today we’re going to talk about
bulkheads. Again. Hey everybody! Over the weekend we hit
20,000 subscribers I can’t believe so many people have subscribed to the
channel and I can’t believe it are so many of you who love the videos and
watch the videos and share the videos there are so many people out there who
love interior design as much as I do so I just wanted to say thank you for all
of your support thank you for leaving your comments and your questions I read
them all thank you thank you I’m sending you all a really big
internet hug today in honor of our 20th thousand twenty thousand 20th twenty
thousand twenty in honor over twenty thousand subscriber in honor of twenty
thousand subscribers I decided to take a question from the last video and answer
it directly right here last week’s video was a design lesson video and it was all
about bulkheads and how to deal with bulkheads in your home if you haven’t
seen that video I’ll link it below it’s full of great solutions for your pockets
we’ve talked about how to conceal your bulkhead how to decorate your bulkhead
and even how to extend your bulkhead having said all that all of those great
solutions in that video would really benefit somebody who is
just about to embark on a renovation or somebody who is handy themselves they
can do it themselves but if you can’t do that or you can’t afford a renovation
and you’re just stuck with a bulkhead what do you do with your buckets well
the best way to conceal your bulkhead is still to paint them and Don’s little
cakes pose the most important question do you paint your bulk it to match your
ceiling or your wall honestly it’s a great question because I get that
question all the time so here’s my quick easy tip you decide whether your bulk it is part
of your wall or part of your ceiling it’s never both so if your bulkhead runs
along the wall or the perimeter of a room then I feel like your bulkhead
should be painted the same color as your wall because you don’t want to emphasize
your bulkhead and you definitely don’t want to bring your ceiling height down
below that bulkhead so if you paint your wall all the way up to the underside of
the bulkhead you paint the underside of the bulkhead as well the same color as
your wall and then the front face of that bulkhead all the way up to the
ceiling that means that that entire line including your bulkhead will now be
painted the same color as your wall so the idea is that you want your bulkhead
to blend into your wall you want to lengthen your wall all the way up and
including the bulkhead that way your ceiling height is where your ceiling
height should be if you did the opposite and painted at the ceiling color your
ceiling would inevitably come down to where the underside of the bulkhead ends
which means you’re bringing your ceiling down and in almost all aspects of
interior design you want to enhance your ceiling height and bring them up as high
as possible visually as well as physically if possible if that bulkhead
is running through the middle of the room and not along the perimeter of the
walls then that bulkhead should become part of the ceiling you would never
paint a bulkhead that sits in the middle of the room the same color as your walls
because now you’re just bringing more attention to it again the idea is that
the bulkhead will just disappear into the ceiling so there you have it it’s up
to you to decide whether your bulkhead is part of the wall or part of the
ceiling but it should never be both a big no-no is painting the front face of
a bulkhead the same color as your wall and then the underside of your bulkhead
the same color as your ceiling that’s a big no-no because it just brings more
attention to the bulkhead you don’t want to focus on your bulkhead thanks for
watching this tip everybody thank you to all my 20000 subscribers I appreciate
you all if you found this video helpful please hit that like button and share it
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growing family design lovers all 20,000 of you and
Counting thank you thank you thank you if you
have any other questions about bulkheads or any other interior design questions
please leave them in the comments below it could become the topic of our next
video just like this one thanks to Don’s little cakes for a green
question see you soon so imagine your ceiling here and then
you’d have a drop in your ceiling in the middle right so there’s your bulkhead
and your ceiling

9 thoughts on “Interior Design Tips: Painting Bulkheads + 20K SUBS!!!

  1. Congratulations. Love your channel.πŸ’–

    My awful kitchen cabinets in my little walk-through galley kitchen are attached to the bulkhead. [Sigh] Cabs on one side, top and bottom, are painted a beautiful deep blue. There I left the bulkhead the wall color. The other side, i painted the top cabs a creamy white…and painted the bulkhead and the (now defunct) vent hood the same color. It works. Still, I am looking forward to my new kitchen when we renovate in a few years.

  2. Been subscribed since the day I discovered you. Your talent is amazing. Are you available to help me redo my home?

  3. Congratulations Olga on your 20k subs. I could never figure out why you don't have a bigger following. You deserve it. x

  4. Thank you so much for this video Olga! I have a question about colours. Many people recommend using no more than 3 colours in a given room but what about the colour of window frames and heaters? My window frames are grey and heaters are milky-white

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