Interior Design Tips: Pantone’s Living Coral – Color of the Year 2019

Interior Design Tips: Pantone’s Living Coral – Color of the Year 2019

If you’re familiar with my channel
you’ve seen a couple of these color of the year videos I’ll link to them below
today it’s all about Pantone’s color for 2019 if you read the comments in the
Benjamin Moore color of the year it was a very controversial gray you were
either totally into it or completely bored by it so you may be happy to see
an actual color from Pantone and color it is it’s a deep deep deep coral
Pantone’s living coral color is set to represent an animating and
life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens
with a softer edge so they’re saying it’s bold and invigorating but at the
same time soft and intimate alright I’m on board
Pantone predicts this color will be everywhere in 2019 from fashion to home
decor to graphics and packaging but since we’re in the interior design
business here let me show you how best to use this new hot color in our homes one of the worries my clients have about
the latest trends is how to incorporate them into their current spaces without
changing everything up well if you’ve got a pale gray interior already coral
is your new best friend inject this color into a pale gray
setting and you’ll instantly energize your space add throes accessories and
pillows with this bold color or a bold coral pattern to really make things
interesting if you’re looking for something more
dramatic in keeping with Pantone’s energizing description of living coral
then why not combine this color with deep charcoal gray it’s rich and
luxurious and works well with modern or traditional settings using lots of
textures this coral and a grey space is energizing and enveloping coral and teal
are tried-and-true but I also think we can update that
pairing and make it a bit more bold and modern how about switching out the teal
and pairing it with a sharp navy blue it’s dramatic and bold
I love how fresh and exciting this combination can be and it’s easily
incorporated into today’s neutral palettes but maybe you’re throwing out
the old and wanting a whole new color palette
well Pantone’s living coral is the perfect jumping-off point to go full-on
monochromatic a monochromatic scheme is a color palette that shares similar
colors on the color wheel so with coral you would go all out and pair it with
like-minded colors such as pink and orange and red changing up the tones and
textures of all these colors will give you a warm rich palette it’s modern and
retro at the same time but you know what everything old is new again so here’s
your take away Pantone’s living coral is all about the fusion of modern life it
can easily inject color into today’s neutral space or go toe-to-toe with dark
dramatic Grey’s and navy blue best of all coral is connected to red pink and
orange so a monochromatic palette can be warm invigorating and inviting as well
thanks for watching this little design tip we’ll have lots more design tips
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9 thoughts on “Interior Design Tips: Pantone’s Living Coral – Color of the Year 2019

  1. Love this colour! I fell like this and orange are fab additions to any room and you are hard pressed to find a colour they don’t look great with!

  2. Have to admit when you revealed the color I wasn’t feeling it. When you showed the various uses of the Coral color I now love it😍 I will look to add it to my designs thank you❣️

  3. Unintentionally, we’ve been going coral in our new bedroom…it’s mixed with gray and copper metal textures…my fiancé hasn’t complained about it being girly…we are loving it so far.😊

  4. Hi Olga! I’ve grown up watching your videos 😹 I’m currently having my own house constructed and I think I need your advice, please? The original theme of the house was “beach resort hotel.” So all furnitures including doors are wood brown finish. However my kitchen counter top is black and I kinda like to have kitchen cabinets in white to complement the black counter top but I’m afraid it won’t match the whole look of the house which is brown woods 🙁 The counter top is made up and installed already. I can’t decide what color to put for the kitchen cabinets. Please help 😭😭😭😭😭

  5. I like it! I love warm colors so I've been waiting for the muted blues to fade out and the warm colors to come back! Yay!!

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