Interior Design Tips: Renovation Budget Savings! Vs. Splurge!

Interior Design Tips: Renovation Budget Savings! Vs. Splurge!

Hey everyone! Today I’m talking about
where to save in your home renovation! We all know that renovation budgets can
creep upwards very easily. Unless you’re getting something for free. I never get
anything for free. I can’t remember the last time I got something for free!
Anyway, so unless you’re getting it for free it’s going to cost you but these
days you don’t have to sacrifice design for your tight budget here are some of
my favorite places to save some money and not splurge on the real thing your
kitchen countertop is such a huge part of the design of your kitchen and marble
countertops are a pretty big investment and it’s not just the cost of this
natural beauty though marble is a beautiful thing unfortunately marble
countertops come with the need for maintenance and vigilance with its
porous surface it can easily stain and yes you’ll need to seal the surface from
time to time so if you’re ok with all of that then have fun shopping for that
perfect marble slab it’s one of my favorite things to shop for but if
you’re not into that there’s always porcelain countertops
it’s the cost effective maintenance free alternative to natural stone counters want more it’s also scratch stain
moisture and heat resistant and it can be produced in a variety of colors and
patterns so you’ll be able to find the marble look of your dreams without the
high cost and ongoing maintenance and if you have big marble dreams you can
easily create the most Marbley of kitchens with porcelain instead once the
space planning is complete I start thinking about the architectural details
in a renovation things like with baseboards door trim and window casings
and even the interior door style and here’s where you can save I usually look
for solid core interior wood doors because they’re built in a way that
prevents warping and the door itself weighs more so it will feel sturdier and
more substantial when you open and close them but there’s a price tag
instead save some money and look for hollow-core interior doors they come in
all sorts of paneled profiles but they’re hollow inside so they’re less
money and then pay attention to the door hardware especially the door handles
because that’s what you’ll feel when you use the doors you can then afford to
spend a little more on the hardware and get that great overall look if you’re
into interior design you’ll have seen this trend everywhere pattern tiled
floors this look stems from Mediterranean Spanish and Moroccan
influences and traditionally they would have been made of multicolored encaustic
tiles the patterns are not simply on the surface of the tile they’re created with
several coloured clays and the pattern is inlaid into the body of the towel so
that the design remains as the tile is worn down they’re really beautiful and
will stand the test of time but that also means they’re on the expensive side
instead of encaustic tiles look for ceramic options they’re easy to maintain
and best of all they come in a variety of patterns and colors all made to look
like that traditional encaustic floor tile once the tile has been set you’ll
be hard-pressed to see the difference but your wallet will know and finally I
love incorporating wallpaper into my interiors because it adds so much to the
decor and there are endless patterns and styles to choose from one of my
favorites is grass cloth it comes in a variety of colors from muted neutral
earth tones to bright lively candy colors but the true essence of grass
cloth is the texture that you’ll see on the walls it can however be expensive
especially if you’re doing an entire room but with today’s imaging technology
we can now have the look of grass cloth in a less expensive material vinyl wall
coverings have come a long way imaging and embossing techniques have become
better and better you’ll be able to find wall coverings made to look like the
real thing real grass cloth real linen real woven
grass – they’re less expensive and as a bonus touch are sometimes the preferred
option for high traffic areas as will perform better
than the real thing you can wipe them down if you’ve got
sticky fingers around and they’ll hold up to wear and tear much better too so
here’s your take away the look and feel of any renovation project can quickly
add up beautiful marble countertops detailed architectural profiles
decorative tiles and textured wallpaper all of these elements can make your
design vision a real success and success is not about breaking the bank look for
cost-saving materials that will give you the look you want at the price you can
afford balancing your budget is always about
saving and splurging wisely thanks for watching this interior design tip I’ll
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13 thoughts on “Interior Design Tips: Renovation Budget Savings! Vs. Splurge!

  1. Absolutely great and informative. Good alternatives and I certainly will mix and match – especially the grasscloth I was looking for – FAB

  2. Hi, I love your helpful tips and your style! Please help me with my dilemma. My daughter (16) wants a wallpaper for one of the walls in her room as an accent. I'm scared (lol) of wallpaper (mainly removal if necessary). Do you have any advice for me? What type to look for, what to avoid and generally how to approach this. Thank you

  3. Hi. Thanks for your tips. I always follow you. Which ligth white color do you recommend from Benjamin Moore for exterior, not too creamy,.more modern? Thanks

  4. Great tips! Thanks. I really want to know how to create a design board how to put everything together to look good. I noticed a lot of interior designers doing it but I can't understand how does work

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