Interior Design Tips: Top 8 places to use wall sconces in your home.

Interior Design Tips: Top 8 places to use wall sconces in your home.

Wall sconces are the most underused
design feature, in my opinion. They’re pretty standard when it comes to
bathrooms but they deserve so much more attention instead of just placing them
on either side of your vanity. I always try to find new and interesting ways to
use wall sconces but choosing the perfect wall sconce and the perfect
location is all about combining aesthetics and function. So here are my
top seven (EIGHT) ways to use wall sconces in your home! Wherever you have a wall that
is looking for some attention make an instant feature wall by adding wall
sconces. I’m loving this entryway with its large
wall sconces above the bench. All of a sudden this wall is some kind of
special. Another great way to use a wall sconce is in place of a table lamp
in your bedroom. I love using wall sconces just above the nightstand and
they don’t always have to be the adjustable reading type like this. Try
something a little outside the norm like this… I don’t care how long or short your
hallway is, instead of ceiling lights, or even in conjunction with ceiling lights,
consider using wall sconces instead. Think about lining them up along one
side of the corridor or alternating them back and forth. As if a wall of books
isn’t inviting enough, imagine what a little light can do to bring even more
attention to this architectural detail. Built-in bookcases look amazing with
wall sconces above them. You can even add wall sconces to the front of the
bookcases as well. A fireplace is a great focal point already but having wall
sconces on either side of the fireplace is a great way they introduce additional
levels of interest and lighting to an already intrinsic focal point. Want to
lead the way? How about highlighting a special entrance. Flank some wall sconces
on either side of an opening and you add instant drama and interest. An obvious place to add special lighting
is a reading nook and a wall sconce is a great way to signal that activity… with
or without books. And finally sometimes you just need a wall sconce because it’s
pure artistry. Why not add it to a wall just for art’s sake? Find something that
you love and just show it off. So here’s your takeaway: Wall sconces are a perfect
combination of practicality and artistry. Think about new and interesting ways to
introduce this type of light fixture to bring attention to certain rooms, walls
and architectural features. There are so many ways to light up your home.
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  1. Great video…but I really need to know more about INSTALLING sconces. I know there are products that allow you to install without an electrician, add a remote, etc. Can we have your expertise, please? Thank you!!

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