Interior Design Tips: Wallpaper! 3 budget-friendly and creative ways to use it!

Interior Design Tips: Wallpaper! 3 budget-friendly and creative ways to use it!

Today we’re talking about wallpaper. Wallpaper is a great way to add color to
your home. With so many patterns and colors to choose from the options are
virtually endless. From graphic geometrics to bold florals to
tone-on-tone stripes. But there are two things that make this decision even
harder one it’s quite a daunting decision to wallpaper or not to
wallpaper it requires quite a commitment it’s definitely not the same as paint
where you can just repaint and secondly that commitment comes with a price tag
as wallpaper can be an expensive option so if you fallen in love with a certain
wallpaper pattern it’s okay we’ve all been there I’ve got three creative ways
to use your favorite wallpaper without diving into wallpapering your whole room
so here we go wallpaper three ways wallpapering a whole room or even just
an accent wall can be a difficult decision to make if you’re loving a
beautiful pattern but feel it may be too much pattern why not frame a large
section of it and hang it prominently in the room I love the idea of using a great pattern
in open shelves as a backdrop that pattern can really enliven a basic
bookcase and help you organize your books and decor bringing in warmth and
interest to that area think about all the backdrops you can enhance like your
living room bookcase to the interior of your kitchen cabinets pick a wallpaper
that expresses the overall color palette one of the best ways to really showcase
an amazing wallpaper pattern is to wallpaper a piece of furniture it’s a
great DIY project take a basic flat cabinet and wallpaper the doors or
drawers like this but maybe you’ve got a perfect little dresser that isn’t flat
and is in fact quite detailed and ornate well a great paint color will make it
new and fresh and then add some wallpaper inside like this for a fun
surprise you can line the inside of drawer bottoms or even the inside sides
of a cabinet transform basic and make it sing with wallpaper pattern and color so
here’s your take away committing to wallpaper is a daunting decision and
sometimes a budget deterrent if you really fall in love with a wallpaper
pattern don’t just toss it aside a little goes a long way find ways to use
that wallpaper by creating artwork using it as a backdrop it open shelves or
applying it to furniture inside or out and make it part of your interior color
palette thanks for watching this little design tip we’ll have lots more design
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week and leave a comment below have you used wallpaper outside of
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13 thoughts on “Interior Design Tips: Wallpaper! 3 budget-friendly and creative ways to use it!

  1. I bought a nice wallpaper in a charity shop once, super cheap but not as much for a wall and I use it for decorating boxes. They look good and more steady. If you do several boxes different sizes, you can distribute them in the house and have a coherent look.

  2. I like your ideas a lot, but why, oh why can't we book lovers get styling our bookshelves while still being able to find / read the books? The current trend of putting them on the shelves back-to-front (as in your "bookshelf" picture), or sorting by color, is soooooooo unfortunate. If you're not able to find a book to read it, why have it at all? I'd love some HELPFUL bookshelf ideas that treat books as books, not decorative, meaningless trinkets.

  3. Wow this was so timely for me! Thank you for those awesome ideas, I'm definitely going to go the artwork route πŸ™‚

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