Interior Design – Tour A Sophisticated Modern Country Home

Interior Design – Tour A Sophisticated Modern Country Home

with this particular project I think one of the things that was most exciting was the actual clients we really hit it off right off the bat they were so excited about doing this together so it was a great experience right from the get-go they basically wanted to build a cottage in the middle of the city so we had to reel them in a little bit and find ways to interject things that felt a little bit country mixed with city keeping spaces open means that families can hang out all the time together it's great to be able to watch your children play and interact when one person's in the kitchen they can see each other in the living room and that's truthfully one of the reasons that we decided to keep it open my favorite space in the house is the kitchen I think it's the perfect combination of classic and timeless they really wanted a white kitchen which I love it's always fresh it'll always be in style but it can look a little bit boring so doing things like making sure we had some glass cabinetry we mixed up the finishes on the backsplash we did details at the bottom with trim making elements that felt special and unique to this house made a white kitchen pop sometimes when you're doing open concepts it can be really hard to have two designated eating spaces and that was really important to these clients because they had young children and didn't necessarily want to sit at a ten-foot dining table every day the eating area is not the biggest space so we wanted to feel consistent with the kitchen and flow from one area to the next so we actually used the same countertops in the kitchen that we did in the eating area we custom did a table and it worked really well the only requests that homeowners had for the space was that we do some sort of were claimed plank solid dining table but again not wanting it to feel too country we paired it with some really formal chairs and a very formal light fixture in an open-concept space you want to do things that define each space because there's no walls really to do that for you adding the brick was something that we thought was really fun and edgy and cool for the dining room but it also set it apart from the living room our go-to gallery for artwork is always canvas gallery they have amazing pieces and it's where this and some other pieces are from in this space I think nowadays people aren't living in such a formal way like they used to their living space is also their family room so it's nice to be able to combine something that feels chic and sophisticated with something that's totally livable and comfortable I'm personally a really big fan of big pieces so I love to do a big sofa a big coffee table to really comfortable chairs people get very nervous it's usually a trust me moment when we're telling them that we're gonna do it but they end up loving it at the end you could fit 10 people on the sofa again to define the space we wanted to do built-ins that ran the length of the living room incorporating some storage which is great for toys books dog stuff whatever it is that you need in your house we actually back painted the cabinet that we're all white with a really pale gray just to make them pop doing a great display shelf on either side of the fireplace was a great way to define the space as well as give them something to display all the things that they love in any rent oh when you're working with an existing structure you run into problems and you really have to problem-solve along the way you've got to be able to go with the flow and things that you thought you might be able to do you have to backpedal and rethink a little bit it can get tricky at times hands-down the most enjoyable part about my job it's giving people a home these clients love their space they love being home they love having their son here and I help them with that so it's really great for me you

21 thoughts on “Interior Design – Tour A Sophisticated Modern Country Home

  1. I'm starting to detest the "open concept " . As a realtor I go through these homes with this huge rectangle of living room, dining room, and kitchen. I call it the two car garage. Granted, when the interior is done professionally it can look inviting, however when this open space is put together by non-pros it can look pretty bad.

  2. if I'm paying a designer to give me "white and sterile", I want "white and sterile"! Not everyone likes a bunch of color to bore them in 2 years. There are many people who prefer to add color in small doses or none at all. Some of you color lovers should pay a designer to do your colorful house and show it to us.

  3. never really liked white spaces but this totally changed my mind!!! love the brick, and the pops of colour.

  4. No, the kitchen doesn't pop – it's bland. Boring and bland like the rest of the place. What is it with these so called designers who make everything white or off white? Do they not understand about colour or how colour works in a room? Some real colour on the walls, along with some real furniture (not this Ikea crap) could have done so much more for this place.

  5. All the rooms are so white and boring. Every home I know is decorated this way. No individuality or personality.

  6. The kitchen is cute, what about the living room? Dining Room video… Table with chairs…. Show FAMILY space for actual kids, toys, shoes, coats and bookbags for the way REAL families live…

  7. I'm thinking colorful accents can be added to break up the white. I love neutrals because I frequently change accent colors, accessories, window treatments, etc.

  8. I love a white kitchen but the whiteness went a bit far for me in the living area.  I do love the layout though and the dining area.

  9. Love the white kitchen, but I hate huge coffee tables like this one. It's annoying to have to navigate around them to get to the comfy sofa.

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