Interior Design with SketchUp – Set up your Template Layers

Interior Design with SketchUp – Set up your Template Layers

Thanks for watching Interior Design with SketchUp In this lesson, we’ll continue setting up our template by creating useful layers Ok, let’s add some layers to our template over here in our tray If your’s isn’t showing, you can find it over here under “window”, and “default tray” Now I like to break down my layers into a few categories that are logical to me and make it easy to find what I’m looking for I typically use two main categories, “Architectural” and “Interior” The first category, “Architectural”, is for things like walls, ceilings, stairs….the main parts of your building Now the other category, “Interiors”, will be for everything else in your building, such as… cabinetry, furniture, decor. Anything else pretty much. Next we’ll drop in a couple layers where I can put things such as reference images I may be using A layer to put all my entourage And another layer for any other 2D graphics or images You can see I’ll preface these with a hyphen so they don’t get lost in the jumble of layers They’ll stay right up nicely on top Next we’ll add a category for the site, for anything we want to put around our building This can include things such as other houses or buildings around yours Maybe some trees or other things in the background that will bring your model to life Jumping ahead a bit, you can see I’ve added quite a few more layers here These ones in particular make a nice set of default layers that we can add to our template so you can have these ready to go when you start a new project You can see I’ve added some things that you will typically use, such as walls, floors, and ceilings and interior items such as furniture and decor I’ve added a couple to the site category I’ve also moved my entourage down there Whatever works for you is fine “Earth” just might be my ground plane which I may not always want to show You can see I’ve added another category as well. “LITE” This category will only be used when you want to put your SketchUp model into a rendering engine. So you can set the different types of light sources on their own layers Ok, let me take you over into a small kitchen where I can show you what we can do with some of these layers now that we have them set up Now every item has to be assigned to its proper layer in order for this to work correctly So here you can see I’ve got some of the items set to the “Context” layer so when I turn that off, the context disappears Very cool Same idea with the “ceilings” I can turn off this layer and have easy access into my kitchen I’ve got this set up for every item… Appliances, cabinetry Alright guys, so this is going to be very useful later on Once we start to set up scenes You’ll really be glad that you have everything assigned to correct layers so you’ll have the capability to turn items on and off It will really make working with your scenes so much easier and give you flexibility to change things around and stay organized And speaking of scenes You’ll notice up here I have quite a few scene tabs and now that we have our layers set up in our template in the next lesson we can begin to create some of these scenes that will really make your SketchUp modeling life so much easier.

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