Interior Design –  Working with Neutrals

Interior Design – Working with Neutrals

Choosing a colour scheme
for your interior design can be daunting. Therefore many of my clients think that a neutral colour scheme
is easier and has longevity. However, if not done
correctly neutrals in a home can make your space cold,
stark and unwelcoming. Which often happens in a
completely white space. Here are my top tips
on how to do neutrals. (steady upbeat music) Choose your interior design style first and then your base neutral colour. Most popular styles have
colours which work best. For example if you like French Country, then white might be a
good base colour for you. Even though you’re using neutrals, don’t ignore the basic three
colour rule of 70, 20, 10. So for example if you
choose a neutral scheme of white, linen and taupe. 70% of the space, the walls will be white. 20% linen will be the bed and 10% will be taupe, the cushions. To add depth and colour distinction choose complementary but different patterns. Different textures are
also important for warmth, interest and balance. For example if you like natural textures, combine cotton wool with
linen in your accessories. Every colour has different tones. Choose your pieces with
wide tonal differences to add contrast. While I advise all my
clients just to choose pieces with intention and attention. Don’t buy everything you like. Buy what you need that
fits within your style and the colour scheme you’ve chosen. But to be 100% sure in getting it right, contact us for a fixed
fee colour consultation.

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