Interior Designer Amanda Fairbairn - Ivy Interviews

Interior Designer Amanda Fairbairn – Ivy Interviews

my name is manda Fairbairn and I'm the founder and lead designer at Studio Z know we're a boutique design firm here in Denver Colorado I think the objectives of designing a good space are creating a space that reflects the people who are going to use it so I think first and foremost you should feel comfortable in your home and you should feel comfortable in your space and should feel like it is a reflection of who you are the interior design at the ivy is a pretty refined palette I think one of my favorite parts of the design in the finished package is the high quality of materials that we're able to use with the engineered white oak floors the quartz countertops the materials and the architectural style for the building we're all carefully chosen so that the development felt timeless and we felt like it was at home and low high and that it fit in with the context of the neighborhood so the fact that Ivy is located right in the heart of low-high and has amazing bars and restaurants and fitness centers right nearby we felt like the people who are gonna be living there we're gonna be active they're gonna be involved in their community and we really wanted the space to reflect those people I'm really excited I think it's really it's been an honor to work on the project it's been an honor to be part of the team it's been a collaborative effort and it's fun to see it come to fruition now I hope your homeowners that Ivy walk in and they feel like they've come home I hope that it feels like it's an extension of the neighborhood that's around it that they get to walk through lohi and they see downtown in the distance and then they walk into a beautiful Lobby and that feels like the front porch to their house

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