Interior Designer Angela McKinnon/Cityline/Toronto

Interior Designer Angela McKinnon/Cityline/Toronto

hi my name’s Angela McKinnon and my
business is home dream design I’m home feature and this is a recent project
that I worked on and I can’t wait to show you in five so this home with
extensively renovated over the past two to three months and once the renovations
were completed I was asked to come in and two stages and get it ready for sale so the living room has turned out
fantastic we went with a really nice like palate but classic but still
family-friendly and in the dining room we added some lines cutting to the wall
to give it some interest it’s ready for a family to move in in the kitchen the renovated home and
just to give you a little peek of what’s going on in here as the kitchen
cabinetry was originally hoped and the front facing doors have been replaced
granite countertop was added brand new appliances and a beautiful marble
backsplash great flooring as well and our next up is going to be better ok so before we go down and look at the
heat that has two bedrooms or just wanted to point out in the hallway that
we’ve created a really interesting gallery but could be with family photos
in this case is photos that have sort of a similar theme and similar color but
it’s a great way to make a transition have some interesting artwork on the
walls and make the transition into the bedroom so first of all as the master
bedroom or just that anyone would want this time and next is the office this could be
used to the fourth bedroom or as a hallmark of the great society and if we
continue down the hall you wouldn’t think out of this 5 bedroom but it does
and this bedroom a great guest bedroom teenage girl would fall in love with
this bedroom can then when more just on the other side of the hallway is the
younger brother and sister spent lots of room in here as well right lighting
great neutral wall ready for some 13 in the basement state of the renovated home
you know older part of rent in in this area was created to look like a games
room in a TV room so some teenagers or if mom and dad to wonder what you see in
the same room separate space down here also at the
small little kitchen as well so even if you have gas could have them have this
area to themselves make themselves coffee in the morning but that’s what we
wanted to accomplish down here so thank you very much for joining me today on
the tour of this property and the reason that we do home staging is the one
attracted many buyers as possible and buyers generally have a hard time
visualizing empty space so in this case when we add furniture we’re selling
leads to great family home with the games room downstairs a formal living
room upstairs beautifully decorated bedroom if you would like more
information about some of the services that I offer please visit me at my
website I also take care of you guys home staging it’s also redesigned color
consultation help with furniture and infant and seasonal decorating I look
forward to connecting with you thanks for joining me today

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  1. Love the space and what you did with it. What color did you use in the walls; as well as, the master bedroom

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