37 thoughts on “Interior Designers dream of a White Christmas

  1. hi am rafiya i am from India i like your videos n i want to be a interior desaigner like like you and my dream is i will work with you

  2. Awww I enjoy seeing Mommies spoil their adult kids. I still do this too. Did Scott screech afterwards? Eeeeek!!!! Now that's pure joy!!

  3. i have always wanted to see Chicago in the winter.
    I heard the wind- you did not seem cold at all.

  4. Thanks for all the videos showing us your personal side. You are a wonderful mom and you have such a beautiful family. I have gotten many great tips from watching all your videos, and for them, I say "thank you". Your fun loving personality and enthusiastic approach show through in everything you do. Beautiful inside, and out!!!

  5. I love both of you and hope that this Year is truly abundant for you and that you get to spend laughs and lots of love!!!!! xoxo EdieAnne

  6. @melinisabela Awwee, Thanks. So glad you found my video and I found yours…..:-) the YMCMB singers were really good and it was fun and Christmasy to sing with them. You landed on my personal channel because my video was more about my personal trip to Chicago to visit our son…. If you have any interest in Interior Design, you might like my main channel where I have over 40,000 subscribers who regularly watch my videos. Its kinda fun! Happy New Year πŸ™‚ Rebecca

  7. I d been running Scott and knocking people over lol (jk). I d hit some of the Leftover containers and kitchy nitchy stuff too lol. How dashing he looks in his new coat. What a lovely time with your son!

  8. You are a fantastic mum Rebecca!. I have 5 kids and i love to catch up and have fun with them like you. So glad you got to see Scott for xmas. It's hard when they shift away :-)..Merry Christmas to you all!!

  9. I love how you give scott a 30 min shopping spree at target and then say he's taking advantage when he recreates mount everest in the shopping cart.

  10. I think the Robson family brought all that nice California weather with them here to Chicago. That would explain the lack of snow this year :))
    Merry Christmas!!!

  11. I love to follow this family. Not like a creeper, but more like an amused bystander.
    Merry Christmas Robeson family. You are one of a kind and truly blessed!

  12. I checked out the YMCMB video and that is the Christmas music I like to hear at the holidays! Pure stuff.

  13. Scott looks great in his new coat! Isn't Michigan Ave wonderful at Christmastime?! Don't forget to drive north on Lake Shore Drive (you can check with your concierge or a local to get the details) to see the mansions during the daytime. The architecture is exquisite. Have fun!!

  14. @Kelvweb Peri who… meno what… EXCUSE ME…. lol… I don't know what you are talking about… I'm tired now so I can't answer your question… much less remember it…
    …. πŸ˜‰ RR

  15. How nice for Scott! Please do a video sometime on how you get all of your energy. I bet a lot of viewers are curious if you have always been such an up-beat, high-energy person. What you eat, if you've struggled with perimenopause or menopause symptoms, etc.

  16. Heyyy…put down that basket Scott!!! LOL…Brrrrrr….wow Chicago lights up nice…I like it…Happy Holidays…Merry Christmas eve.

  17. Scott is one lucky man to have a mother like you Rebecca! Great singing!
    Merry Christmas toy you Rebecca, to Scott, and to all of your family!!

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