Interior Detailing New Years Resolution – Chemical Guys

Interior Detailing New Years Resolution – Chemical Guys

What’s up, everybody? Welcome to Chemical Guys Detail Garage. Thanks so much for joining us for part two of our Buick Roadmaster detailing. Today I have a special
guest to help me out, we’re gonna be tackling
the interior of my car because we got the outside… You can come on in. We got the outside of it
taken care of the other day, but today we need to jump on the inside because as I mentioned before, the car is a daily driver and with all the projects and everything else I have going on, I don’t have enough time to actually get my own car cleaned. So I got my buddy here to help me out. He’s gonna help us clean it and protect it so it looks its best. Again, this car is nearly 20, almost 30 years old, so it’s not gonna be 100% but for its age, we’re gonna make it look its best. Right Joseph?
– That’s right, Nick. – That’s really close.
– Lookin’ forward to helpin’ you out.
– Yeah. Anything you have to say? 2019, first video. – 2019, first video, I’m excited. I mean, you could actually just see it through my sweatshirt, right? I am excited and ready to go. Let’s get it goin’. – That’s right.
– Roadmaster, right? – Roadmaster.
– Let’s master it up. – Roadmaster has a lot
of plastic and velour, so those are two services that we commonly have to deal with. Fabric is a common
material that we deal with. We’re gonna clean it by
starting off with a vacuum to get the heavier, loose stuff. And then wipe down the dashboard and door cards, using some InnerClean and then also, for some stains, probably use some Nonsense. Now, like I mentioned, this is a new year, a new resolution, so you want your car to look its best. In the last video, we
stripped off the old wax and polished a couple areas Then applied some new
wax, some new coatings. This is just, again, because every year your wax
is gonna start degrading, your sealants will degrade. It’s always good to start fresh and then you kind of keep a timetable of how often you need to reapply different kinds of coatings. Same thing with the interior. You have a interior regimen, same thing with your exterior regimen, to make your car look its best, because this is going to: one, obviously make it look better, but also this is going to help its value by not deteriorating. You’re gonna keep some
of the softer material nice and new again. But also this is something that you spend a lot of time inside of. You know, you spend a
majority of your time inside of the car, so you want it to look and smell its best. Again, I don’t think
I can say best enough, we’re gonna hop on this
thing, get started. Anything you want to add to that? – No, just looking forward
to cleaning up your insides. – Really? – Yeah. What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Sorry, I really am dude. – So now moving on to the interior. We’re gonna be using some InnerClean, which is gonna gently remove
any dust or fingerprints while protecting the surface without adding any kind of sheen. This is a great way to clean
your dashboard or door panels, especially since you don’t
want any kinda glare. This is gonna protect from
UV rays and harsh elements. – And what’s also great about InnerClean is that it has a very nice smell to it. Pineapple type scent. What you’ll see right
here, if I was to touch… – Yeah, just go ahead and
grind that into the dashboard. – Yeah, sorry about that. (laughing) Wrong colored gloves, but anyway, so there is definitely
some dust up on here. Right, which is gonna happen. Especially if you’re drivin’
around with the windows down, that type of thing. So, what I will do is, I’m gonna go ahead and spray right here actually onto the surface of the towel instead of doing the surface of the dash. That way you don’t get all that overspray up on the windshield, which would be a very bad situation, right Nick? – Yeah, it’d be a situation alright. – Yes, sir. How are you doin’ over there, Nick, good? – Yeah, it’s good. – [Joseph] Got a little
extra here for you, get way back in there. – [Nick] Oh, gee, just
break that why don’t you? – Sorry about that, I was… (laughing) Sorry about that. (laughing) Wanna make sure we get in that deep clean, so that’s what I did that for, actually. Just to get right in there, right? Just, very nice and neat like. This is just, look at that. Beautiful. Beautifully done – Light layer of dust.
– and it smells good. Yeah, I think that
– Go ahead, break it some more – No, I’m just
– Take the clip out, why don’t you. – My shoulder injury is kickin’ up here. Alright, perfect. – You got a dead arm or something? (laughs) – It’s all good, look at that. Just very nice and easy. So I love using this on pretty much all the
interior type of plastics, vinyl, that different type of thing. Works out very well. – Clean your little
laminated wood up here. – [Joseph] That’s right, laminated wood. – [Nick] This is a very fancy car, you didn’t even get that in your mustang. – [Joseph] I don’t have
laminated wood, no. – [Nick] You got suede
junk and all that stuff. – [Joseph] It’s beautiful, just the design is almost
hypnotizing, right? – [Nick] I guess. – Let me get over there
on your side too, Nick. Just to where it’s– – I think you got plenty
of dash on that side. – That’s right. – Dash is a mile wide. You need to take my side? – So comfortable in this car. The seats are very nice. – And it’s old school. How many Buick Roadmasters have you seen? – Honestly, this is the
first one that I’ve seen. – Wow. – Yeah, I’m pretty sure. – Aren’t you from Texas? – No, I’m from Northern California. – [Nick] Oh, man. – I don’t know where
you got that from, Nick. – The Roadmaster was
built in Texas by Texans. – [Joseph] Really?
– Yeah. – [Joseph] That’s interesting. Alright, let’s go ahead and get in here.
– [Nick] You can take that to the bank. – [Joseph] Looks really
cleaned up nicely, too. This dash looks great. Does the radio still work? – [Nick] Yeah. Not right now, ’cause obviously– – I know, the power’s off.
– [Nick] Yeah. – Of course it’s not gonna work. – This is my lucky keychain. – Let me see it. Oh, that’s pretty cool, man. I like that. – [Nick] My lucky keychain right there. – [Joseph] Very pretty. Looks beautiful. And we have the little guy up here, which I saw earlier, right? – [Nick] He protects the car. – Little Deadpool. Alright. So what’s next? What are we lookin’ at? Just gonna hit up the
doors and everything too? – All the plastics, any kind of vinyl surfaces. – Very cool. Then we need to move onto
the carpet, I believe. – Yeah.
– [Nick] Yeah. That’s not where the horn is. That’s the horn. – Pretty good, pretty loud.
– [Nick] Yeah. (laughs) – Alright, let me go ahead and give it a nice little
touch right over here. I like the mauve color too. The mauve is very nice. – Sure. – Right? – Yeah. – Burgundy, would you say? – I would say burgundy. See this, now I can get
a little closer to you. Or vice versa, makes it really comfortable
when you’re driving. – It is, yeah. Just to sit like this (taps on seat) and say come on. (taps on seat) – [Nick] Yeah, you wanna get crazy, you slide across this side and try and drive from this seat? – No, it is very comfortable just to sit. Perfect positioning of the
steering wheel too, right? – Putting your manhood on my steering wheel there a little bit. – Just like this. – Yeah. – I like that, man. Feels really good. Really good. Alright, so let’s do it. ♪ Get all of the cracks ♪ ♪ Get in between ♪ ♪ I love this product called InnerClean ♪ ♪ Smells so good ♪ ♪ And makes it gleam ♪ ♪ Shine it all up ♪ ♪ So it looks like a dream ♪ ♪ Called InnerClean ♪ ♪ Clean up your insides InnerClean ♪ ♪ Make it just (laughs) ♪ No, just… It messed me up, dude. Sorry, Nick. Alright, sorry about that. Nick, you still there? – Yeah, I’m great. – [Joseph] This is
cleaning up really nice. – [Nick] Yeah, it does that. – Oh, look at that. Look at all that. Huh? Look at this, it looks like we have some sort of human hair. If we can get a close-up on that. In case if there’s any missing people. (laughs) Oh, Nick. Oh man, dude what in
the world is this, bro? What the hell is that? There’s all this human hair. (laughs) You, my friend… I love it. – [Nick] That’s why you’re not
– you’re a sick man. – [Nick] a forensics expert. – [Joseph] Yeah I know, sorry about that. – This is obviously human hair. The car is red. The interior’s red. – And it was red human hair, you’re right. I know, my fault. I’m sorry about that. Oh man, geez. This cleans up quite nice. Alright. Sorry about your fuse box earlier. – It’s okay. We have to clean your car again sometime. – No, I know. I seriously thought it was the vent. It would make like a
little defrost, right? – [Nick] Defrost the side of the door? I don’t know. – Maybe, you never get cold on that side? Your glass never fogs up? Maybe a little late night? Just left the bar off of Crenshaw? (laughs) Feelin’ like doin’ a little somethin’ strange, Nick? Huh? You just had a
pastrami sandwich half off. What do you think? Do you like pastrami, by the way? – [Nick] Yeah, it’s good. – Me too. – [Nick] Bet you do. – I hate rye bread though. There’s something about rye, those little black seeds.
– [Nick] Hate’s a strong word. – [Joseph] Yeah, I really do. I can’t have rye bread anymore. What’s your favorite type of bread? Let me guess, English muffin. – [Nick] Yeah, that’s
a great type of bread. – It is a type of bread actually, Nick. This is cleaning up nicely. Here’s what we got, we got this. This is all just comin’ off of InnerClean. Not too harsh, nothin’ too strong, right? Just a really good little quick detail spray for the inside. Works out amazingly well. What we notice is, yes, a very nice smell. Right? You get a nice scent. Pineapple scent, and it looks very clean. The plastics all over here, this before was a little
bit of an ashier look. Right now, look at this. That wasn’t loose before, right? – [Nick] Did you break– – No, no, it’s fine. Totally fine, I just was showing… But yeah, just looks really good. There was a empty gum thing that was in there. Just as a heads up, sorry. – That brings up a good point, though. Whenever you’re detailing
someone else’s vehicle, it’s always best to bag and categorize all the owner’s personal effects. This being my own car, I don’t really necessarily care. A lot of it’s trash. Like you said, the gum wrapper. Also that’s a package of headlights. This is an older car, so things break. You need to be prepared. (laughs) – Always be prepared, that’s true. You never know, you might be driving and it’s a country road, right? Can’t see anything, light goes out. There’s the answer, right? – That actually happened last night. I had a turn signal light burn out. I was on the side of the road in the rain fixin’ that. That was fun. Yeah, go ahead and break those. That’s only $24. $24 you’re snappin’ in half there, chief. Love this kid, love him. – Alright. – [Nick] People think we
don’t like each other, though. – That’s as far from
the truth as possible. Man, Nick, you know, I haven’t seen this style… I miss those, honestly. The little joystick right here. – [Nick] You know how those work? – Yeah, that’s what I was just lookin’ at. Look at that. – [Nick] Do you know how it works, though? – Yes, there’s a little cable that goes in through here and it comes up behind, connects to the joystick
and what it does is, if you move up… Down, it moves down, right? Up, down. – [Nick] Okay. You
never cease to amaze me. – I like it. Looks really good, man. I think we’ve done a great job as far as with the InnerClean, right? – [Nick] Yeah, you can’t get too much– – Anything else? – Now we need to start
taking the floor mats out, we’ll vacuum it. – [Joseph] Sure. – Let’s start with the seats, so we don’t have to transfer dirt and then we can do the rest, right? – [Joseph] Definitely, sounds great. Let’s do it. Alright, guys, so now for the next step, I’m gonna go ahead and
take this vacuum here and start to work on these seats. Since they are the
original velour material, I wanna make sure to be careful of any sharp edges and just take it nice and gentle. So like, just a nice, gentle
caress with the vacuum and make sure that I’m
getting all of this debris and little remnants that’s left behind. Nick, what are you gonna
start workin’ on next? – Over here, I have a floor mat with some nasty grease stains in there, because I’m a car guy who
hangs out with car guys. Car guys get greasy. – [Joseph] That’s right. – One of my friends jumped in there and got some greasy footprint in there, so we’re gonna remove
it using some Nonsense. You can extract it, but
this is a very thin layer. It’s also made of kind
of a Mohair material, so we don’t wanna totally saturate it and ruin the foam that’s inside of there. I’m gonna use a little bit of Nonsense and gently scrub away the stain. Then we can revive that really deep, rich red look. – Also, if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go ahead and turn on the vacuum. Start to get on my side. – [Nick] If you wanna, yeah, fine. – We’ll be good. Alright, there we go. So whenever you’re working on a vehicle that you might not be familiar with, as am I right now with Nick’s vehicle, don’t be afraid to explore around, right? Just kinda search around a little bit. Touch and feel different things. So this handle, you’ll end up seeing, to the naked eye at first glance, you think, okay, that’s
just a part of the panel. The handle will actually lift open, so I wanna make sure that I get in there with my InnerClean and just give it a nice little wipe down. Also, in high traffic areas, such as like, with your armrest and this trim that goes around there, I just wanted to go ahead and make sure that I give it a really good wipe. Especially for those people like myself, that like driving with the windows down. This is gonna get a lot
of that dust-filled debris that a lot of people miss and don’t take the time to actually clean. We did that and as you can see, nice little layer of dirt came off. So now this area’s gonna be protected. Has a nice little coating
of that InnerClean and best of all, it’s gonna smell amazing. Nick, took extra special
care of you today, alright? So you owe me lunch. Get that right there. A little squeakiness, huh? – So we’ve got one final step to wrap up the interior on my Buick. Before we do that, Joseph’s gonna go over exactly what we’ve done so far today. – What we did, Nick, is we started off with
that InnerClean, right? Everything looks great. Dash looks nice and fresh. Steering wheel, door trim, all that good stuff. And then we went onto
the vacuuming process and to where I had the lovely responsibility of touching up all this velour that you
end up having here, right? Nick ended up touching up all the carpets and the floor mats, right? – Right. – And now, final step, right? Here we are. – Before we did that, we actually protected
the velour fabric stuff using a little bit of Fabric Guard. That’s gonna help repel some water drops, some stains just like
that greasy footprint. So it’s gonna help it look its best for as long as it can, right? – I would like to say that that greasy footprint
came out just stunning. – Oh yeah. – You can’t even see it was there. – Nonsense knocked it out. – If I did not see the
first part of this episode, I would not even think that
there was ever a stain. – See, that’s why you gotta
stay for the whole episode. – That’s right.
– Yeah. – We stuck around. So what’s next? – Final step here, we’re gonna add a little bit of my favorite air freshener and that is the freshly
glazed donut scent. Has a really nice, welcoming smell. I just like donuts. Again, all you have to do with any of our air fresheners and odor eliminators is simply spray it. You can do it into the carpet, little bit into the headliner, get a little on Joseph’s shoes. He loves that. – Yeah, just careful (mumbles) alright? – Yeah.
– Smells good. – But it traps itself into
the fibers of the fabric, so it’s gonna help it
last as long as possible. It helps to eliminate any
kind of lingering odors, such as mildew, spilled things. It really just freshens up the whole interior of your car, giving you that lovely
fresh glazed donut scent. – Definitely. What I like to use whenever I’m doing our fragrances is making sure that the air is on recirculating air so it’ll pull through, go through the filter system and the fragrance lasts quite a long time. – Yeah.
– Right. – This doesn’t have a cabin filter, so it doesn’t make a huge difference. Sorry. – Nick, I was saying what
I like to do, alright? – What do you like to do with fresh glazed donuts? That’s what I wanna know. – I love ’em. What’s your favorite type of donut, man? – Oh man, don’t even get me started. – Mine’s old fashioned. Old fashioned is my favorite. – A dry donut? Apple fritter is my favorite donut. – Apple fritter is amazing.
– Maple bar. – That’s always more, you gotta pay more money for those. – I’ll splurge, you know? I’ll get the cavities and the diabeetus. But I like that stuff. – Got a little bit of
the ‘beetus. (laughs) – Get us outta here,
let’s wrap it up here. – So yeah, definitely. If you guys like this one, which I love this video. Any time that Nick and I get together, it’s a great time. So if you guys like this, definitely give us a thumbs up. Drop a comment below if
you have any questions about this episode or any others, right? – That’s about it, and? – And thank you guys so much for tuning into the Detail Garage. – We’ll see you guys next time. – See you guys soon. (car horn honks) – Nailed it. I get the fries that’ll cross yo eyes. So we have one final step to wrap up the interior
detail on my Buick. But Joseph’s gonna recap what we’ve done today so far and then we’ll (mumbles) And then we’ll (mumbles) (mumbles) So we’ve got one final step to… (mumbles) – Step it up, step it up!

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