Interior. Leather Bar. (Starring James Franco) — Movie Review

Interior. Leather Bar. (Starring James Franco) — Movie Review

rose happy SEP dont really know paper marker him hello welcome to what the flick and a
happy new year we are here how long though and I go to talk about interior leather borrow a better way you
start of a new year than where James Franco documentary about wet that gay bars kinda poet get the misery
business as laid down in the film is the the James Franco is collaborator
director James Matthews are going to recreate the legendary Lost 40 minutes love hot gay S&M footage that William
Friedkin had to cut out early 1980 film cruising to get an R rating that’s not really what happens they’ll so much about this is about the crew the watching them with me you got to looking
around you’re looking for something basically
two that Manchin won basil his contact by seventeen I like documentaries that play with reality I do like I really like as it is
the gift shop you very much for that reason why it
sort of I with you into a week with your perception you’re constantly shifting perception
and was really is not right in watching this is there anything that Israel that all
fake documents I think a topic I have and I think they kind of laid out
pretty quickly that you can tell the James Franco’s playing James Franco you
know and Travis Mathews I is it you know that yeah I think I
think that you know the the reserve that if you
listen to the the film spotting is the you podcast Metzinger nelson drew more they did a
whole thing than that drink breakers are like mad Franco in
general they talk about how he’s really interested in he placed
himself a lot if you look at his filmography he plays you know himself a lot and he’s
interested in sort of I up public perception and what actors do and what but face the
present to the world so what interloper really does more than
try to recreate the the missing cruising footage i think is kinda dig into the idea I’ve
what al pacino had to do to make that movie because the
movie if you’ve ever seen it is about a Street New York cop quest to go undercover in the sort of
like S&M leather gay underground to find the killer and how that you know affect his life up Pacino as an actor had to do the same
thing because they shot that movie in real bars in New York at the time in
the Meatpacking District that are now you know all condos now a fabulous rite
II back we go back when it was still sleazy
you know and so it to you have now more innocent Muslim the pritchard know this season is the low he
is basically playing the Al Pacino character and we see him go through this is sort
of like over the course of a day kinda being skittish about doing gay
stuff and the material once or more more kinda digging down into it and then
passed his own sort of barriers as an actor in in coping with
the situation and that’s really what this movie is
about it its about Al Pacino’s journey making cruising i think is what I wonder
ones are being Bell a lot to me is like the slow burn the
tension building the waiting for what you know have to be at the moment sure either he does what he does on
camera or did not right and it’s all building up to that the scene in the gay bar and
handicapping the actors and and gain lighting too frightened to smoke just
right and have and and I love the montage and men like cruising the camera putting on
their cruising the right now it’s just me a ticket at the world adding that the
vast majority a filmgoers do not know sure right and
to this is the way that window in the world documentaries real affection do that on yeah it builds
tension in a way that I cannot believe them with a let down when the seen finally happened it is only 60
minutes long right right Simon it’s not even it when
it comes to 59 60 minutes ago and I i feel like im it a slow burn to
nothing it a bit let down but the journey this
fascinating there is out there something that
happens and it it happen it it’s a subtle shipped from but you find
out on a weekend someone might but I think something does
happen and I think that that is it’s it’s done in a very kind of low-key kind
of way arm the movies interesting will pursue
all tribesmen is that a movie a couple years ago
called I want your love which was sort of a mumblecore type movie but with very explicit sex scenes
in it I and I saw that movie actually sorta
incorporated sex scenes into a regular drama and use them to tell the
truth is I characters in a way that was even better than John
Cameron Mitchell that was short but measures are about to ask at the movies
about the groundbreaking so after apparently after franco so I
want your love the realize that he could make this movie if he worked with with Travis and because it had the idea
kicking around for a while arm you know there is I think a.m. hear
it what WTF value yeah I know there are literally scenes were James
Franco is standing there with a video camera and like four feet away your two dudes going I
have no doubt you know when it very tender love the theme that says
adequate lovely not gratuitous don’t know it is I i mean
i think is what its audience last year like a month or two before oz the great
and powerful oh man im so just let my mom heard and maybe if the Frankish looks exactly
as those range disconnect going on lol not available he would do anything
to try anything he not as we talk about public perception young
friend your image killjoy a business no protection there as far as
sure I must be this kind of person and maintain my can be I like that do you see that with the fact yeah and and
the when the levels that reality going on that there’s a certain graduate
student mess yeah I know which analysts famously arm not is not give me a movie for all
tastes but I I thought I was going to say I’ve always
been I’m a fan above the original cruising I think it’s a it’s an
interesting if problematic film and sort of the history
above LGBT images on screen and so this movie
you don’t have to see cruising in town other bar but if you have there’re think they’re jokes you get the nobody
else will handle the tournament I give it over it in a point six chip arm you know again not for all tastes
but I had a really good time I hear them play on I like as an idea
like an experiment and I think you’ll you’ll try anything and down is just it keeps you guessing
it is unpredictable as it goes along no I’m our average then well I have made
his AMS employees it’s only a 50 percent on the two-minute
leaders as all other as it is not for everyone I ap people care I them

36 thoughts on “Interior. Leather Bar. (Starring James Franco) — Movie Review

  1. Either she was including undisclosed numbers from Matt and Ben, or else wtf with the (7.8, 8.6) being an average of "7.8"?

  2. This is a really crappy film.  For the plethora of movies Alonso craps on, you'd think he could give a fair assessment to a movie with a homosexual theme.  Sadly it's just not the case.

  3. loved crusing and am a big fan of franco really looking forward to this and im straight , i cant understand straight people who freak out at gay sex 

  4. Every loser who has to announce their sexuality when commenting on a video is a moron. What is this AA for insecure douche bags.

  5. megan fox plays herself alot too but doesnt get the same attention franco gets from whattheflic or all the other critiques

  6. Any critic who enjoys "Cruising" should never be taken seriously. Who the fuck, I mean, seriously "Crusing"?! All due respect to Friedkin but that movie is so awful.

  7. haha love how the two straight guys never went to see it 
    I mean I wouldn't want to see it but tbh if you're a critic, you've got a pretty easy job. If that means seeing a movie about gay sex, then you kinda have to do it

  8. James Franco is mediocre at everything he attempts, but he has Jewish Hollywood nepotism on his side, so we all have to endure. 

  9. I watched this last night and it felt lost, I can't believe it made film festival. He tried to portray men just being in their element together sexually. I didn't think this was overly erotic or exciting it was dreadfully boring! A movie within a movie about making a movie lightly based from a 1980's film. It was a mess!! 2.5 stars and 60 minutes lost. 

  10. hello, please i want the get the movie called
    "Interior. Leather Bar", would I could say where to download?
    thanks greetings

    hola, por favor quiero la conseguir la película que se llama
    " Interior. Leather Bar" ,    ¿me podria decir donde descargarla?
    gracias un saludo

  11. The original movie Cruising is a piece of shit. But this movie has it beat hands down. No matter what reason you have to see this movie it's not worth it. 

  12. I call Cop out ! You cannot recreate something that happened before most of them were even born. Even the smell in the air

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