Interior Rendering Tutorial + FREE MODEL | Vray for Sketchup

Interior Rendering Tutorial + FREE MODEL | Vray for Sketchup

What’s happening ladies and gentlemen, this is Minh from Architecture Inspirations. Today I’m going to show you how to render an interior view using Vray 3.4 for Sketchup. In this video, I’ll walk you through my design process, materials, and lighting setup. Make sure to stick around till the end because I’ll show you how to get this model for free. With that said, let’s get started. First let’s sketch out the scene that I have in mind. I’m planning to do a daytime rendering of a dining room with the focal point being the table and chairs in the foreground, while the background will have a bookcase and a framed picture or painting. The main light source will be coming from the windows on the right side but I will add some light fixtures so the ceiling won’t look too empty. Finally I’ll finish it out with some decorations on the bookcase and table. For the style: I’m thinking a mix of Minimal and Industrial And for the materials: I’ll use a combination of Wood, concrete and Metal With that in mind, I can now go to Sketchup 3dwarehouse and pick out my objects. And here’s what I have so far, the only thing that’s missing is the table. I’m trying to find something simple but elegant and since I couldn’t find anything I really like on the warehouse, I just decided to model one from scratch using some inspirations I found online. Now that I have all of my objects ready. I can assemble them and set up my view. But before I do that, Let’s change their materials to what we want and get them ready for render. For the table, I’m going to use a wood material for the top and concrete material for the base. For the concrete material, I couldn’t find any one material I like so I decided to use the new Blend Material in Vray 3.4 to combine two materials that I found from and I did the same for the Top of the table. If you want to know more about the vray blend material, check out my last tutorial. Now for the other objects I found on 3dwarehouse, some of these require more adjustments than others. Like for the Plants, lights, chairs, and bookshelf I replaced their existing materials with built in vray materials or textures I found online. Other objects like the Iron Man figure needs a little tweak like adding reflection to the material, and some are just good to go like these books and this wood mannequin. For this picture, I’m going to do something different. I’m got this object for the frame but not the art. Because I’m actually going to use one of my favorite photos that I took, the Brooklyn Bridge, and put it in place of the art. Now I’m going to add a layer of glass material on the outside, you can’t see any difference here but it will add more details to the rendering later. Since the table and chairs are the focal point, let’s set them up first. Now I’m just going to draw a footprint of the dining room, which is roughly 20′ wide by 30′ deep in this case. You can see that I left a lot of space here because that is where the camera’s is going to be. Now that we got the shell of the room, let’s draw the windows. Since the windows won’t be in the frame, I don’t need to model it in detail. I just need to put two holes in the wall. In this case, they are two 3’x5′ windows that are 2 feet off the ground. Now that the room is done. Let’s put in the rest of our furniture and decorations. Notice how there’s empty spaces on the left and right side of the view? I’m just going to crop that by setting my output aspect ratio closer to a square than the typical rectangle. Now I can show my Safe Frame with this button here. That looks better! Now for the Lighting For the sunlight, I adjust it using the shadows setting so that it comes through the window like so, this will add some contrast to our composition and give more depth to the rendering. As you can see, the sunlight alone is not enough, I can increase the multiplier to 2 but this will only make the sunlight more intense. And that’s not what I want, I want to light up the scene overall so I can use two rectangle lights. One is going to be inside of the room with the intensity of 50. And the other is outside with the intensity of 100 I also added another mesh light at the back of the room. But this will have a low intensity because I just need it to make the reflection of the light fixture in the glass a little more visible. Now that the scene is ready, I can set my output size here and the quality here then hit the render button. While that’s rendering, I’m going to show you where you can get this model for free. I’ve uploaded this model on You can follow this link here to download it. It’s a giveaway so just enter 0 in this box and get it for free but any donation is appreciated 🙂 Hope you enjoy this video and the free model, thank you so much for helping me reach 1000 subs! I have a full time job outside of this so it’s a lot of work to keep making videos but your positive feedback and support really motivate me to keep going. Thanks again guys! That’s all for today, Stay inspired guys, and I will see you Next time.

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  1. U R amazing man but if U can give us complete tutorial for the vray 3.4 that will be very kind of U THANKS

  2. Can u pls tell me why i am getting blurried when i zoom and why doesnt my output looks like not photorealsatic and looks more like cartoonish

  3. Is there a way to get a full version of the beta test? I registered and it says that my license will expire in 1 month,is there a way to keep using it longer?

  4. Very informative! Thanks. By the way an could you please show us where to place a specular map for a material in the Vray 3.4 Beta (sketchup)? I cant seem to find the specular level tab. Thanks in advance.

  5. wtf dood you are very good at doing tutorials, you really look like a 1million sub youtuber, it would be nice that someday the design community could support you more, your videos are a very very well done content.

  6. This was exactly what I was looking for; fast, informative, and actually explained to me what V-Ray was for!

  7. Did u use vray beta trial or full license? And do you know what difference between them? Because I'm still using 2.0 version.

    Thanks. And nice work..

  8. Very good tutorial again, very professional.

    Have you tried the same scene using HDR lighting or do you get the same effect with insufficient light come through the window? I also found out about light portals recently but never got to try it out.

    Have you upgraded your Vray 3.4 to the full version? I downloaded the beta and got some really good results from it, its a shame that it's expired now. As a hobbyist I'm not willing to pay £500 for the full version

  9. Hey bro! I love your videos! Can you do an in-depth video tutorial of how to do lighting? I'm trying to create an office space that has 2' by 4' led tube lighting fixture. Thank you!

  10. i've gone through a lot of tutorials on SU & VR, but yours are the best. Very simple yet detail and easy to understand. Keep up the good work.

  11. believe it or not this is my first comment in my life on youtube …you made me left a comment man…thank you

  12. Just what I was looking for: How to use Plane Lights inside the scene among the sun, but could you also show the camera settings?
    Because I usually use Omni Light to make the shadows more difuse and for that I need to make a balance on the intensity of the Lights and the amount of light that the camera captures but not always is a good combination. Also because usually I configure the entire room to get multiple angles.
    Thanks for the tutorial, keep going!!!!

  13. Hi Minh, great videos as always. I was wondering if you can help me decide between two GPUs: quadro K620 & GTX 1060ti. Which one should you recommend in Interactive rendering (render RT)? thanks!

  14. Amazing video!. I'm a proper newbie when it comes to Vray so you ready to go model was great. The only thing is when I render the scene out it comes out dark. Is there anything you did in post production?, since my rendered scene doesn't look like the jpeg in the file you shared.

  15. Hi there! need your help, I tried to insert photo for my picture frame on sketchup then when I click rendering, I doesn't show up on rendering. I'm using V-Ray 3.4 version as well. I cant figure out what's wrong. Thanks in advance!

  16. Hello..!! I have this weird issue and I was not sure whom to ask this either.. I wish you guys could help me.

    Issue-1 : I have composed an interior scene in Sketchup 2017 and rendered using Interactive Rendering in CPU mode. in the final out-put the lights are fine, textures are fine and the output is great. But, when I use GPU acceleration the texture of the materials changes, few materials looses its properties and blacked-out in the final render and the lights become less intense so, in order to reduce my final render time I had to sit through hours changing all the material properties, light parameters again from scratch using interactive render now in GPU acceleration mode. Please help me with this issue. what should I do during modelling and texturing in order to get same results in CPU and CPU+GPU rendering scenarios.

    Issue-2 : After I complete render with great detail and good colour contrast I shared my renders with the client. for my worst nightmare renders looked very pale and in slightly pink tone with very less and blury detail in clients computer. firstly I thought it was the issue with clients monitor settings later I opened the same renders in my mac book-pro and an iOS device and they looked utterly ugly in them too. But, the same renders looked beautiful in the primary system from which the renders are produced. I could not figure it out what went wrong. Please help me.

    Sektchup version : 2017
    Vray Version : 3.40

    System configuration :

    AMD Ryzen 5 1600
    Nvidia 1060 3 GB from Zotac
    AOC i2080SW LED Monitor

    *note : All the drivers are updated and running fine.

  17. Thank you for sharing your very educational tutorial Mr. Like me as an Architecture students you inspired me to do more to create more. I love this.

  18. hey man! I disable interactive an progressive in asset editor, hit render button, and still getting interactive renderer. What am i doing wrong?

  19. Great tutorial! Your explanations are clear and the way you assembled the video is fun to watch!:) Thanks so much!

  20. Nice tutorial! Thank you, but can i ask you a question that : How can you change the opacity of Safe frame, it looked transperanced?

  21. Nice job and explainations
    Could you share your vray render setting preset too please (the .vropt), it can be usefull 😉

  22. During Prepass and Rendering, your glass material are not visible…

    Are you turning it off to make the rendering faster? is there some trick to render it separately?

    Or you just re render it later, because you forgot something?

  23. Plz make a Video about product rendering .. specifically for wooden products..
    I shall be very thankful to u ..
    I just hope that you'll consider it..

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