Isolated Utilities | Prison Architect #5 - Let's Play / Gameplay

Isolated Utilities | Prison Architect #5 – Let's Play / Gameplay

generic greetings and welcome back to prison architect where in the previous episode we got a lot of grants completed and subsequently a lot of extra improvements done on the prison was still quite a ways away from getting some prisoners simply because we we could get prisons now and it would function we've got a kitchen we've got a canteen we've got the cells we've got walls you know that's really the bare minimum however because we're gonna get high-risk prisoners with gangs and all of that sort of thing then it's gonna be a bit of an issue but anyway I digress and we've got a lot of grunts done it was things like Cell Block B al Bakir was completed we've got a lot of extra things done in terms of the long term investment I wait for the short term investment we've got things like where was it things like the prison I was it the administration Center I was very early on a prisoner climatization and engagement that one there as well so we are well on the way to getting a fairly decent facility but we still need to crack on so this in the center is I've see how the security room as well as we've got this top and bottom bit for a couple of things we need to have where is it a kennel and an armory which we currently don't have and we are only just starting to work on we've also got legal in the gore there as well so we can get things like permanent lockdown for our for our prisoners and speaking of that there's been another set of redesign here over on the bottom here I wasn't entirely comfortable with the size and I thought I wouldn't waste any more of your time in trying to redesign it so this is the new layout we have shrunk a lot of these bits here so it's only a walkway of one but that is totally acceptable we've got now a couple of areas that are a bit different so we have a for example in a well should we put this probably the entrance there and for this bit over on the left-hand side it's increased the size by one not a big deal but it's in there we then have the solitary area which has been shifted over to the far left and because of the redesign I'm still getting the same amount of Prisons in here which is err sorry 3 6 18 19 20 in total in this thing so 20 solitary is fine I I removed the holding cell with it which originally there and I didn't put it back he and I did place a room and said that's something but I didn't doesn't it what was it almost confessed I didn't forget about that self put up back in we now have an extended area here this is gonna be our little sort of 4×4 security room it's just saw guards are stationed there then this is gonna be a couple of rooms it's gonna be probably like a little canteen as well as as well as like a an area for you be common area but it's gonna have like weird benches and chapel and stuff so the protective Krusty prisoners that are here which we can have eight in total which is about right maybe it's still a little bit law but it's about right thoughts can go there and because of the redesign there we've also changed this so this is gonna be like a chaplain classroom and then it's still gonna vary fairly large common room there so we would that's okay I'm pretty happy with that anywhere and we want to crack on and get a couple of extra things we need to produce ten license plates we're not going to do that we need to increase our capacity and we can easily do that let's go over to quick filled and then cloning and we want to clone how do we want to clone this probably probably like that and then work like so and we'll also just do but very last one there and there we are now that should have well that's pretty gonna put some more lights in it which is gonna be a bit annoying but at least we've got another full row down to there we don't yet have all of the dogs actually armory is now being armories on the go so it means the dogs should have been completed yes colonel is now completed we're gonna put the candle down the bottom because the orientation for certain buildings in the armory is a little bit dodgy so that's probably best up top there kennel is fairly simple to sort I will minimize that and then I'll put some dog crates and the rotation is still of an unknown quantity but we're just gonna do that and that should be fine in fact that's probably more than we ever need but it's fitting isn't it let's also focus on security room in the center here now we do need things like CCTV monitors and stuff are in here but if we do that then the desks are probably not gonna fit in we do need like a security desk it would be better if this was slightly larger but it is not so I'm gonna have to deal with it the question is do we even need that as security no we don't we don't technically need that as a security room because CCTV it just needs to be powered so we're gonna have probably only one CCTV in this entire place because we've got a lot of patrols and then we're gonna have things like automatic door openers and phone taps so let's all count them because we have got remote access yeah but we can I can get remote access there we are and yeah I'll probably do that right so while that's cracking on and while the placing all of those I am going to just go for our guards and deployment and I'm going to change you're like a staff for me we want to change that's fine that's fine back inside that's stuff only this that's the side of visitation there we've got the rest of this can't set stuff only okay I do need to do this room here this stuff room or do I end up forgetting if I don't so let's let's er crack on with that well a couple of arcade cabinet in there and we're gonna have another drinks machine in like so we can have all different types of sources in here so we'll probably have a large surface either side and that's why I normally don't have those because they are very loud and it will place a radio in either side and whatever reason just a chair in the center there we go and that's probably about right okay that's our common room and so most the needs I'm hoping gonna be done there I didn't turn on I didn't turn on staff needs I don't think or did I stuff needs or not on so it means that we do have to have a common room for them to rest but we don't need to look after their needs like food and things okay that's fine over to foundation on building concrete and we're gonna place do I just build it this is gonna be our common room and because of the size of it it's gonna be something like that right there yeah common rumors and the other bit as well I remember back in there when that just wouldn't work it just would not happen there's no way you'd be able to manage to build a room like that it just wasn't gonna happen right so I'll have a staff tour in there and a stuffed one there this is gonna be our actually that does need to be that large but it's not really point in changing the size of it so that's gonna be our psychology area this is going to be our morgue and obviously the infirmary does need to have some power which at the moment it does not so it's quite a simple matter of running it in and we'll probably run it just straight down quite honestly and then probably about that and then this will run and we don't need a place that it just yet what comes along run down to bear and then we'll probably run it through the center yeah something like that anywhere there's that room now completed so we'll place the prim erimeter wall nor place this in like so and we'll be able to designate some of this gear so we need to have an office which we've probably already got and I'm gonna double-check there's a spare office there I'm gonna remove that simply because I wanna get our lawyer and I want them to be around there that's fine so we can have that back as in office we can have a morgue and we need to fill the morgue with the slabs like that and we are in need of money so the best way to get money at this point is to hire one two three four five guards there's an extra grant we're also now gonna go for governmental security ratings which will give those assigned to dogs and armed guards well we now have the ability to place I believe some armed guards no we don't 87% on that one but we do have the ability to go one two three four dog handlers we don't need four but I need to assign them so let's go forward doc patrols will assign a dog patrol at either corner there we're gonna have the same where's the best place to have a dog patrol probably around there because you're generally going to go past this area so there's a dog patrol in there and I don't know where the other one should be certainly we're gonna have one patrolling around the back but maybe not just yet probably probably in the canteen like that like that and that should be fine we do need to assign the armed guards but we'll get on that in a moment and we need to get this powered up now you notice I haven't got a electrical cable for all of this I've got the I was gonna have the water pipe there sorry I do have a pipe valve there I do have a pipe valve do I want to connect the electrical cable to this mm-hmm I think I do I think I want to run the electrical cable across and then to there I want to dismantle those utilities and then have a power switch there it just means I can turn all this bit off and then the standard electrical cable if there's such a thing it's gonna run probably right across there and then we can go up and down connect the bits that we need to power might be interesting once we get this this up and running but anyway we'll run this into there actually power all of that up and this room which one power down like that okay so we need to sign some armed guards we are gonna have armed guards from the beginning weapons rack their table to go their guide lockers boom and we can play some more if we need be as well if need be rather so Oh guard towers will go there as well so we've got small cells permanent punishments that's in yeah we need that we also need body armor and tears if we don't yet need guard towers we're gonna have them but we don't need them here's the question these bits here do we want them connected to this nor you know I don't think we do today's beverages Carmyle tea and I think the reason for that is if whatever isn't this gets switched off the metal detectors get switched off and that's generally not something you want to have happen so for what we're classing is the main circuit so this circuit here coming along all of this all of this will never be ICN never be switched off there is not a switch that you can act a bit it can be turned off from the main breaker but that's it this cell block and this can be switched off power and water can be switched off so there we are right this is in need of water as well and again the question is do we want this feed to power that you generally if it's a sprinkler you want that always on but not necessarily because if you get a fire that's sea water in there would want it then blow cookers up I don't know what site to have it on the Bob I'm gonna place it this side of the valve but I don't know if we need to do that see this valve is gonna turn off all of the water down here as well hmm is there another option not really I could bend it around there and sit when this best base put some more in that's gonna be I think it's we just got to see how it goes if it goes wrong it goes wrong we'll have to redo it okay fine I saw we have our armory in there we can now got a staff and two armed guards and one two those armed guards will be deployed in and around here so we're gonna have armed guards in and around there that's not armed guards at all at a standard guard that is not armed there might have two arms but they don't bear arms or have bare arms let's go for I mean one or two and then we'll have another one probably in here we generally want one around the shower because that's where it kicks off but because the shower is outside we can get away with having dog patrols like this I'll place it like that so we can wander around the outside we'll have a dog Patrol and an armed guard like that and a standard guard not you know that we Nam garden there wouldn't him I don't think we need now hard patrolling that that's Beth we've got an armed guard in there inside got armed guards in here just fine and then for the yard and the shower it will be affected by the armed guard that wanders round the security compound and it means that the compound is much more secure excellent okay that is another grant done we're gonna go off a Mac second for structure grant which requires increasing the size of our security force unlocking CCTV placing that sort of things saw is that the focus currently no I think laundry should be the focus since we haven't built it so laundry objects and laundry machine in and around their laundry machine we'll probably have to go up the top cuz you can't rotate them so one two three four five probably too many but we'll put them all in anywhere and then we'll put the row of ironing boards their tables can go on this bottom bit and then as always laundry baskets you just place a lot of them and they're getting there they get moved aware of the need to go so that is now fine and done we don't need to do this and we've got a lot of other stuff aunty that we do need to prioritize the office I will furnish this we'll have our office desk in here I think we'll have it may be their final cabinets at the top there and the chairs maybe like that that'll be fine so that'll be for our psychologists which I am gonna hire I might as well and they haven't yet been gotten that office because they can't get to that office we've got our infirmary that needs to be increased and like so I will put these on here as well so there's our infirmary and that's all alright so automatic door openers and things like that so we'll place on Mike door opener there we'll place a phone tap while we're at it we're gonna face a CCTV monitor down the bottom and the automatic door openers will be only really over around here first so let's go over to objects and we want rolled gate and a road gate I'm happy to say can't be rotated okay that changes things Road gates we will have to place in and around the top and bottom like we normally do so place one there and one there and that means now an expansion of the expansion of the perimeter but we're probably just going to use fence because it's cheap go back and two there then along and then the other side as well all right and running the power is gonna be fun speaking of that we do need power in here that's the one thing electrical cable down to their electrical cable down to about there should be fine that should be acceptable water will run a small pipe in and alarm right No no no cancel what have you said the VAT is a hot spot for everything go on all kinds of wrong we want a pipe valve and we want a power switch large pipe will run across down in and then into that the electrical cable well damper there in and then off and only does that power these buildings it also makes sure that this has got its own switch to turn those off okay yeah I'm sort of happy with that still not convinced that this is the way fold that bit there it's only really that that we haven't got our wits which it off see we haven't got we've got them wired in series just the problem so this one here this what pipe valve here will affect that once you turn that off and guess what's all this has gone off where is ideally this would only control in here and this one would control this and how would we control this one though that means re-routing the pipe down over down there and across and then off Abshir controls here for that that's possible that's doable actually and it's not mmm it's not really that far out the way okay well let's let's do that then we know we've we've built for the future it does mean we need to redesign some of this sorta mashallah that we don't need to go out far actually call there you're right okay I was waiting for the workers to see what they're doing but they're they've been too busy building all these rod gates and such we'll get them out my door openers puttin in a future episode I really need to get this connection stuff sorted I wasn't in something I was gonna really prioritize but I guess I don't know decided against it so this will spur off like that all right actually got like that so now this pipe only connects these two power switch them up you see this one is only affecting this one that all the rest the power goes long there that's fine so that's never going to be turned off for this however we do need to be at the Walter the power for power and water for this and also the watt for this so the wall for that one is quite decent actually we run it down into there run it across and then off all right and then that is connected to a pipe valve which will go there alright so that is now connected to that for this one we need to run it down and across like saw to a pipe valve which will go up there which will then connect up to that this is like pin the this is like watching the Microsoft pipe screen server right so there's not fine this doesn't need to be altered in anywhere we need a power switch there Y cannot be placed how can you not go over there you can't go over there that's a problem okay well alter that then I'll place that there right like that the electrical cable on the other hand will connect up to there I'd have to go across and forth and then connect it to that right yeah that's fine that's okay this'll also have to have the same thing this is gonna go around the back and then connect up to that but I think we might need another power a pole grid for that and the power generator right let's check the working here saw while we're on this we're gonna place the rest of the capacitors all right so we have all Google do power first from the power from power we have a cable coming across up in in to this power switch which then goes down and this is powered by the power switch perfectly fine water goes up across bumf straight where same again that's good the next one will say electricity down which then goes to this section and eventually up to the BOK top and bottom here as well as rooms right down to make sure that these and these are always powered on will probably almost certainly extend that up so to connect up to here which means that the metal detectors there will also be on as well water same thing comes down and then this has got the pipe valve there so this is all isolated if need be power and water the others come down and across and this is where it gets even more confusing the water comes right down goes to a pipe valve for that pipe wall then goes up into this section which is just for the showers that's fine it also comes right down and goes into another pipe valve which i've known place now sorted which turns the laundry on and off utilities yes and power is similar this is always powered up but then the power will come down which connects these buildings up here and goes to a power switch which means power can be turned off to these as well so that is the water and power Isolators in unexpected right we're gonna leave it there because quite frankly we've spent enough time doing that but I think it's been time well spent next episode we're gonna get the max SEC infrastructure grant completed by placing CCTV cameras by connecting up the rod gates here as well as getting know what real final bits done for for getting ready for prisoners so we need to sort out the regime and all of that so I think I think we did do us a quick one pass at that and it should be about right but we'll have a we'll have another look at it and see how we get on looking at the power that we're currently running I think by the time we get the rest of this in the workshop is gonna need some power system but it means that we can just busy extend this build have this building as that and then run it along but we'll see how that goes that that's gonna be a future problem anyway hope you have enjoyed the video on the episode series ins what not so far let me know in the comments what you think and what changes that should be implemented all that sort of good stuff thanks very much for watching take care and generic partings

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