100 thoughts on “Jacob’s Bedroom Makeover

  1. I love how the bed is not so high up! But when he is older will he get a new bed? It seems like something I would not want as a 16 year old boy.

  2. yo I swear Jacob is child goals. I want my child to be as charming as this young man, and I want my child to love star wars and build hiding spots like Jacob does. What a cool kid.

  3. This video is unnerving given what happened with the slide. I hope the company really listened when you called them.

  4. Cool room Jacob 👍 better to move the bed then cut a hole in the wall You nailed🔨 it with that tree🌲 Christopher working in the woods for so many years I wouldn't have done it any different you have the skills of a logger 💪dad jokes love it😂 Sweet Jacob slide🏄 right into your day whoop whoop parker turning green about to hulk smash love star wars 2 Jacob 🌲👍💕🌲

  5. i have a feeling jacob would absolutely love my room at grandma's i literally have some of those same stickers on my wall and a whole lot of other star wars things as well… r2d2 pez dispenser, light-up death star canvas, and a dresser with a scene from phantom menace that i painted on, need i say more☺️

  6. I'm so used to Pregnant Jessica right now that when I got to a video on this binge with her sans preggo belly I was super thrown off! lol excited for baby Ballinger #5 any week now!

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