Jangan Benci Cintaku | Episod 23

Jangan Benci Cintaku | Episod 23

I have something to say to you
but this is just between the two of us. Don’t tell anyone,
especially Nek Pah. But, Aunty, she’s like
my own grandmother. Nek Pah is my mother. I don’t want you… …to be influenced by her. If you can’t give me your promise,
it’s fine. I can’t force you. No, Aunty, I promise. I know that… …you’re not willing to be a co-wife.
Well,… …no one would be willing to be a co-wife
if she were given a choice. A woman is willing to defend her love
from being snatched by someone else? Yes, it’s true.
Nanti aku ajar. A woman would even fight with her best
friend over a man. That’s why. The same goes to men as well. Jadi?
-So, my point here is that… …Fika doesn’t love Shah that much
because if she does… …Fika and Shah would have
a big fight over Husna but right now… …when he talks about Husna,
Fika doesn’t seem to care. She keeps avoiding it.
She doesn’t love Shah. Fika is against it. Well, she has more rights to him
than you do. But I talked to Fika just now and
I saw that… …she could be talked into
a compromise. If it’s possible,
I’d like you to do the same. Do you mean to say that… …you want me to be Fika’s co-wife?
-Yes,… …if you really love Shah,… …I don’t think that’s
such a big problem. What do you want now, Nek?
-Shah,… …I’m sorry. I’ve known you since you’re little.
I’m the one who raised and doted on you. I understand how you feel… …but I think it would be better if
you hasten your marriage to Husna. So, I think this month-end
would be good. Nek,… …I just got engaged. I can’t possibly get married straight away?
I feel like I’m very desperate. It’s not like that, Shah. I don’t want
people to give you sidelong glances. People can make up
all sorts of stories. And you got beaten up
by Irwan. As long as you two are not married,
they can do all sorts of things to you. You’re building a life.
It’s better for you to hasten it. I…. I don’t know
what to do now, Nek. Whatever I do,
I’ll be hurting one of them. I’m confused. Yes, Shah, I understand.
Do it slowly. We must learn
from our mistakes. We, too, have to be mindful
of other people’s feelings, Shah. I feel sorry for Husna’s mother.
She’s sick. She really wants to see her daughter
get married before she closes her eyes. I think if you marry Husna, Irwan, or
anyone for that matter, will dare touch you. You’d be legally married. Believe me. Could you give me a little time
to think, please? Go ahead and think. But don’t take
too long, alright? Babe, why didn’t you go to
the late Linda’s place? I wanted to go but
Mama asked me not to go. That there’s a lot of things
that needed to be taken care of. Lagi pun,
aku tak rasa nak pergi. You went to see Husna,
didn’t you. Faris must’ve told you, right? You two seem to be getting closer.
Going out to eat and all that. We’re close only because
we both want to help you. And I know that you asked me to come over
because you wanted to tell me something. Am I right? Earlier, my mother-in-law
went to Shah’s place. She wanted me to
try and make peace with Husna. Make peace with….
Whatever for? Do you want to be Husna’s co-wife?
-That’s what I want to discuss with you. Faris is right! He said that you’ve fallen
in love so much with Shah… …that you’d be willing
to be Husna’s co-wife. Is this true? Do you mean to say that… …you want me to be Fika’s co-wife?
-Yes,… …if you really love Shah,
I don’t think that’s such a big problem. Faris is right! He said that you’ve fallen
in love so much with Shah… …that you’d be willing
to be Husna’s co-wife. Is this true? We, too, have to be mindful
of other people’s feelings, Shah. I feel sorry for Husna’s mother.
She’s sick. She really wants to see her daughter
get married before she closes her eyes. If I could choose, I really want to go
like the late Linda did. She didn’t suffer for long and
wasn’t a burden to anyone. But I feel sorry for that guy. What is his
name? -Syazwi. -Yes, Syazwi. He’s really a caring guy,
isn’t he. And it’s his love that had eased
a lot of Linda’s suffering. Hopefully, he’ll meet a good woman.
-If Allah wills it. That’s Syazwi! Excuse me.
-Alright. Aunty. It’s good that you’ve put the conflict
between you and Fika’s cousin behind you. It’d make my job easier.
-What job? I talked to Fika. I pleaded with her to
accept Husna. It seemed like Fika… …is open to polygamy
and being a co-wife. Are you sure?
I don’t believe that. I think Fika loves you very much.
That’s why I’m here. I asked Fika to come over. I’ve discussed it with Husna.
And she agreed. -Impossible. As long as you’re agreeable,
I’ll take care of the rest. Just do what’s best for me. If you think that your decision
will make me happy,… …I’ll go along with it.
-Okay. But come home early.
You can meet with Fika. Peace be upon you.
-And unto you be peace. I do want Letisha to live with me
but the procedure is long. That’s why I’m letting Letisha to stay
with her aunt for now. -That’s good too… …because Letisha often talked
about her aunt. She said that
although they’re not close,… …her aunt is very nice.
-That’s right. Besides, there are many kids there.
That’s why she likes it there. When I’m free a bit,
I’ll go and see her. -Sure. Did Linda say anything
before she passed on? Yes, she did. She asked me to look for my own happiness.
That’s all. If Allah wills it,
you’ll find a good woman. I’m going on a holiday. I want to rest.
-That’s good. Have you planned where you’re going?
-No, I haven’t. It just occurred to me.
I don’t have any destination in mind. Alright, think about it.
Rancang perlahan-lahan. And if you want anything,
let me know. Don’t be shy, alright? Okay. Why did you want to see me?
-I wanted to see you… …because I wanted
to apologise. Why? Fika asked you to?
-No,… …she doesn’t know
that I’m here. Okay.
Is that the only reason? Don’t bother looking for one. The sender didn’t place any card there.
He’s a little shy. You bought these?
-Just so long you like them. -Terima kasih. I know that this is not important to you
but I still want to let you know. I’ve called and
apologised to Shah. What did he say, then? -He said that
he understood why I’d done it. Okey.
Nikmatilah bunga-bunga tu. Hello, Mummy. This afternoon?
Where do you want to meet? Okay, I’ll be there after work. Husna? What’s the matter?
I’ve been watching you from back there. You’ve been brooding
for such a long time. What else are you thinking about?
Don’t think about anything foolish. You must be happy. You have to make
preparations for your wedding. Why, you don’t like
the dresses here? Everything’s fine, Nek.
But… …I was thinking.
What if Shah wouldn’t divorce Fika? He would divorce Fika.
He said that he would. And even Fika, herself, said that
she’s not willing to be a co-wife. But if Fika changes her mind
and is willing to be a co-wife? That’s why I told you not to
muddle up your head with nonsense. Just get ready. You’re going to get married.
Don’t think of all sorts of nonsense. Or is something up? Do you have a secret
that you want to tell me? Husna. This is one of
Shah’s favourite dishes. His grandmother made it for him the other
day but he said that it’s too spicy. That’s why I came to
cook it for him. Mummy, I think I know why
you asked me to come over. That’s good. To be honest,
between you and Husna,… …I think you are more mature
and accommodating. That’s why if we want to
make any changes, we…. Is that the only reason? Shah, set Fika free.
You say that you love her… …but you can’t possibly love her
like how I love her. You want to see her happy,
don’t you? So, don’t keep her dangling. Fika. Fika, pandang Shah. I know that
I’ve asked you this many times… …but this time
I’m going to ask you for the last time. Do you really want me
to set you free? Tell me.
Tell me that you don’t love me anymore. Tell me that you don’t want to
share your life with me anymore. Tolong, beritahu Shah. Even if you asked me for the tenth times,
the answer would remain the same. I’ve told you from the start.
And we both know what the consequence is. Fika dah tak sanggup lagi, Syah.
I’ll wait to hear from your lawyer. Fika.
-Maaf. Peace be upon you.
-And unto you be peace. I’ve seen Fika.
Are you happy now, Nek? What are you saying? Why, do you want to put
all the blame on me now? It is your fault.
You don’t like Fika. Fika can’t do anything right
in your eyes. So? Mom, at least I tried to
bring Shah and Fika back together. You tried too… …but you tried your best
to ruin their relationship. I think I’ve explained very, very clearly
my stand on this. And I’m doing
what’s best for Shah! But I haven’t explained
my stand, Mom. And now I want to
explain it very, very clearly. What is it? From now on,
don’t interfere in Shah’s business. Let Shah make
all the decisions himself. Otherwise? Babe, I told you not to come with me.
-If I stayed home, I’d go crazy. Give Shah a call.
-Whatever for? What else, to tell him that you made that
decision because you’re under stress. And that, you don’t really want
a divorce. I just felt sorry for him, alright? But, whatever it is,
he’s supposed to call me first. Hello! Why do you expect him to call you?
He’s hurt. That won’t happen. Okay, like you feel sorry for Shah,
I feel sorry for you too because… …you wanted to make sacrifices
for Shah’s happiness… …but instead,
he’s more heartbroken. You wanted to come to the restaurant
but then you didn’t want to eat. But did Fika really ask you
for a divorce? She asked for your lawyer’s letter?
-Husna, tolonglah. I was just asking.
Don’t get angry. Just wait by the car.
I’ll be right there. Why are you taking so long?
-Long? Well, I’ve been waiting by the car for ages.
-Sorry, let’s go. Don’t think too long.
Just give him a call. End of story. I want to go home. -Don’t.
I’m not done shopping. Just a bit more. Just imagine that I’m Shah
and I bump into you here. I say,… …”Saya minta maaf banyak-banyak
dan saya sangat, sangat mencintaimu.” Hello! His English is not that bad, alright?
-Wah! You’re back on your husband’s side. It means that
there’s hope, then. Do you want to shop
or insult me? I want to go get something. Hello, Nek. How is Shah? I don’t know.
One minute he’s fine, the next he’s moody. It’s okay,
just be a little patient. Just look after him.
Act normal. Shah is in the process
of divorce. That’s why
he’s a little muddled up. There are many problems
he has to take care of. Yes, Nek. How are you doing?
Are they still giving you the cold shoulder? Yes, they are but it’s fine. I know what to do.
I’ll pretend to sulk… …or pretend to be sick. Then they’ll try to
please me again. Alright, Nek.
-I have something to tell you. Take good care of Shah’s heart.
And you two are alone, right? Take loads of pictures of
the two of you together. And then post them
on facebook or what not. Let Fika see how happy
you two are than she is. Okay, Nek.
-Okay, bye. Mom, why haven’t you eaten?
It’s already late. I want to clear the table. I don’t have
any appetite to eat. The people in this house
don’t care about me anymore. It’s like I’m here
but not really here. Do you want to eat or not?
-No. Okay, babe, I have a question. You used to cook pasta for Shah, right?
Which one is good? -They’re all the same. But which one
did Shah like? Why do you keep mentioning Shah?
-Because he told me that… …you made very good spaghetti, okay?
Relax! Okay, which one, then? Is it this one?
This one? Or this one? -Yang ini. Okay, but why did he like this spaghetti?
-Mana aku tahu! Just call and ask him! Because my wife made it, Damia. Okay! My mother wanted me to
buy squid or something. Bye, guys. Filled with tenderness
and love. Fika. Just where in the world is Shah?
He’s taking such a long time! Fika!
Fika, tolong, cakap dengan Shah. Rafeeqa Huda!
Talk to me, please. There’s nothing more to say.
Everything has changed, Shah. -Everything? Has your love for me changed? Has your yearning for me changed? And if indeed they have changed,
say so to my face, Fika. Beritahu Shah.
Mengakulah. But, I know that
they will never, ever change. Tapi kali ni ia berbeza. Shah! -Damia, tolonglah! Aku kena
bercakap dengan dia. Ini hidup aku, okey?! Are you crazy or something? I asked you to come here
but you brought that woman with you? Apa ni? -What? I asked her to stay in
the car. What’s the problem? Apa-apa sajalah, Shah. Shah! Here you are.
Who’s that woman? No one. She’s a foreigner.
She asked where to find an item she wanted. Let’s go. Fika. Sudah. Aku betul-betul minta maaf. I asked him to
come because I thought…. -Sudahlah. Babe, I promise that
I didn’t know. Seriously, I didn’t know that
he’s going to bring that woman along. Had I known, I wouldn’t even have asked
him to come here. Could you not
mention her, please? Tolonglah. Fika! Tolonglah. We’re here. Why do you want to
take selfies, Husna? You’re the one who’s odd. You’ve been different since you left the
shop. It’s like there’s something not right. That’s why I want to take a selfie.
-Maaf. You understand my situation right now,
right? -Yes, I understand. That’s why I want to take a selfie.
I want to cheer you up. Never mind, it’s late. Go on in.
-No, until I get the selfie I want,… …I’m not getting out. Okay. Terima kasih.
-Sama-sama. Fika,… …we’ve never talked
about this. And I hate mentioning the word ‘divorce’
because once you go through with it,… …there’s no turning back. Ma, I won’t turn back.
I’ve made up my mind. And I’m not the only one
who’s agreed to the divorce. I’ve asked Shah to
choose many times. Mama tahu yang Fika boleh
tangani dan setuju dengan banyak perkara. But I’m not willing
to be a co-wife. I think if this happens with
some other guy, I could accept it. But the thing is,
this guy is Shah. I love Shah. And if it’s possible
I want him to go on being my son-in-law. Fika, are you sure you can’t fix
this problem? There’s no other solution? Tak ada.
There’s no other solution, Ma. There’s no need to be cocky. Today you stole
someone else’s man. One day you’ll experience
it yourself. Now I’m satisfied. My, my! You deleted my comment so quickly.
Just you wait. Hello.
-Fika, did you see Fika’s facebook’s status? She did it on purpose. She even deleted my comment,
do you know that? She can do whatever she wants.
It’s her facebook. Yes, she can do whatever she wants but
she did this just to annoy you. Actually, it’s all a game to her.
She wants you to give up on Shah. Cukup, Damia.
There’s nothing between Shah and I now. I’m going back to Perth.
-You are? You can come along if you want.
-I do want to but I can’t take leave. If that’s the case,
I’m going alone. Okay, bye. It wouldn’t be a problem to
finish this project on time. It’s rare for a project to
finish on time. And there won’t be a problem
to get a CF. Shah, are you okay? I’m okay. Shah, I know that
you have a problem. I don’t know
how to say it to you anymore. Just set Fika free.
Easy. You just say what you want,
don’t you. The thing is,
you’re not making her happy. That means, you’re preventing her from
being happy with someone else. Look at my face. I can’t sleep….
I’m worried thinking about Fika. I still can’t accept that
I’m going to lose her, understand? I told you that for
your sake as well. Sometimes I don’t get what
you’re trying to say to me. I want to go get something
for a sec. Hi, Fika. Apa khabar?
-Baik. You’re here looking for luggage.
Are you going somewhere? Di mana saja
yang jauh daripada awak, Shah. Fika.
Fika! To be continued…

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