Jangan Benci Cintaku | Episod 25

Jangan Benci Cintaku | Episod 25

What’s the matter now, Husna? You don’t seem at all cheerful. Why? Well, I’m not unhappy for no reason.
I’m just scared. Shah could
change his mind anytime. Why do you feel that way?
What did he do? Do you know why Shah couldn’t wait
to marry me? Because he wanted to hurt Fika.
Because he’s angry with Fika. What are you saying? Could you be a little
clear so that I’ll understand? Shah found out that
Fika has another man. Good, then!
It’ll be easier. That means they now have
a big reason to get a divorce. Peace be upon you. I need to speak with Fika.
Where is she? Fika isn’t home. You have a deceitful family.
Shameless. You let your married daughter
go on a holiday with another man. You know nothing about my family or
my daughter! Stop with the accusations! So, I’m now an accuser? Give her a call right now.
I want to speak with her. Aunty, what more do you want from me?
What more do you want from my family?! Fika and her husband
are about to divorce! Could you stop bothering me
and my family?! I’m not going to
bother your family anymore. I only want you to
speed up the divorce process! Shah doesn’t need to wait. Ask your daughter
to file the case in Court now. The petition should come from
the man involved, not her. Another excuse. Or would you feel proud
if I expose your daughter’s affair? You’d feel proud,
wouldn’t you. Peace be upon you. Alright.
Bye. Let’s go. Are you okay? Problem?
-As always. But luckily you shared that
tips of yours with me. I don’t have the energy
to be angry anymore. I’ll just resign myself to it.
Let’s go. We’re here. This is the place we met and
this is also the place we part ways. Terima kasih.
-Hi! I should be the one
to thank you. You’re the one who introduced me to Perth
otherwise I would’ve been lost. But,… …I don’t think that it’s a coincidence
that you went to Perth. I feel the same way.
I don’t think that it’s a coincidence. I feel like it’s meant to be.
Maybe it was! -No, that’s not what I meant. I don’t have any proof or anything but
I think you and my mother…. It’s good that you know.
Actually, we’re having an affair. If there’s nothing else,
I have to get going. Okey, jaga diri.
-Bye! How did Syazwi manage to go
to Perth with you? -I don’t know. Ask him. I’m not Syazwi’s best friend, unlike you.
-Maaf, apa maksud kau? I’m still a married woman. Fika,… …you know that Shah has gone to
see a lawyer, don’t you? About the divorce papers? Ya, aku tahu.
I’m the one who asked him to. So, how was your holiday in Perth?
Did you meet anyone? Why are you looking at me
that way? You still don’t want to
admit it? What do I have to admit?
I haven’t done anything. Betul? You’re the one who asked Syazwi to
go to Perth to keep an eye on me, right? I don’t think that’s important. Besides,
I don’t quite remember what really happened. Anyway, we have to think about that old
woman. It’s more important. -No,… …I don’t want to think about her.
I don’t want to talk about her anymore. I won’t let her control my emotions
and I want you to do the same. Mama akan cuba. My feet hurt. Do you want to go with me
to the reflexology centre? No, you can go on your own.
-But I’ll get bored on my own. Fika is already home. Do you know that?
-Yes, I do. Shah, don’t be so egotistical. If you’re still unsure of your decision, you
can put your divorce proceedings on hold. Why don’t you try and put yourself
in my shoes? You have a wife
whom you really adore and love. And one day, you suddenly found out that
she’s gone on a holiday with another man. Abroad.
Alone. So, what are you going to do?
Laugh? Have fun? Okay, if you want to blame me for
doing the same thing. I went to…. Where did I go?
I went to Jakarta with Husna. That’s a business trip.
I didn’t do anything to Husna. You have to remember. Fika is legally my
wife. It’s wrong for her to do that. And we’re men.
Do you understand what I mean? I understand, Shah.
But that’s just an assumption. We can’t be certain. It might be
just your assumption. Drink up. I heard it with my own ears.
They don’t lie. Apa lagi yang mama perlu?
-A lot. Mama nak…. Mama nak halia. Halia di sana. Mama, don’t you usually buy
this fish? Ma? If you’re resigned to it,
you wouldn’t just leave, Fika. What more do you want? -I should be
the one asking you that question. Why do you have to come to
this shopping mall of all places? And tonight to boot. Or maybe you knew that
Shah and I would be here? You asked your friends to
stalk my facebook, Instagram… And then you gave
negative comments. -Maaf ya! If what I said is untrue,
you shouldn’t be angry. Husna! Fika. You purposely came here because
you wanted to see Fika, didn’t you. Husna,… …supermarket.
This is a public place. A place for people to shop.
Everyone can come here. I didn’t plan anything. Why are you angry with me?
Why are you blaming me? So, you’re saying that the meeting with
Fika was a coincidence? -Ya. You think I didn’t know about that day?
I just didn’t want to make matters worse. But this time
you’re too much, Shah! You came here although you knew
that Fika’s mother would be here as well. Too much? I’m too much? Had I known that Fika and her mother
would be here, I wouldn’t have come. Because this would make
matters worse. You don’t believe me? Let’s go and find
Fika. And you can ask her yourself. -No. Enough. Let’s go home. -No, until we settle
this problem of ours, I’m not leaving. I don’t want you to keep bringing this up.
I don’t want to fight. I’m all muddled up. Maaf, okey?
I was wrong. Fine, I believe you.
Now let’s go home. You still wanted to embarrass Fika
at a public place? You just won’t stop! Don’t you feel sorry for Fika?! You have no feelings?! Ma, I…. Jangan panggil aku mama. From now on don’t call me ‘mama’.
I won’t be bothered with you. And don’t you be bothered
with Fika. You always want to hurt her!
You always want to make her angry! Ma, tolonglah.
-Sudah! Pergi! Pergi! Mama okey?
-Tak. I was so angry!
I felt like slapping those two! Don’t you love your son-in-law very much?
-Before he made trouble. Now, not anymore! How dare they go out on
a date! Why are you laughing?
-Do you want me to cry, then? I’ve run out of tears, Ma. Let’s go home. I find it strange. How did Syazwi happen to
end up in Perth with Fika? There’s nothing we can say
about fate. Fate?
Fika is married. Itulah maksud aku.
There’s nothing we can say about fate… …because even if
she were single or married,… …even if they met in
Perth or Paris,… …fate is fate.
-Aku tahulah jodoh tu jodoh… …but don’t forget our mission. Our mission
is to bring Shah and Fika back together. Not Fika and Syazwi.
You seem to prefer Syazwi. Actually, you’re the one
who forgot our mission. You should’ve stopped Shah from
filing for divorce from the beginning. Do you know that Fika can file for it too
if she wants to but I… …I stopped her. Do you know that?
-My, my…. You stopped her? Everyone knows that Fika gave Shah
some space to think… …about filing or not. She wanted Shah to be responsible
for whatever he wanted to do. Otherwise, had Fika really wanted to,
she would’ve filed for divorce. Semudah tu. Aku pun tolong juga.
-Tolong? What’s important, we,
as their friends…. Like me, I won’t give up on making sure
that Fika and Shah would go on being happy. And I don’t want you to
give up either. Now let’s go. What do you want now? To see my wife.
Am I not allowed to? Don’t kid around, Shah. You have seen a lawyer, haven’t you.
Jadi, jangan mengarut lagi. I might withdraw it. You think all this is a joke?!
-I’ve never thought of it as a joke! I don’t take my marriage to
you lightly. Fika, now that I’m right before you,
I want to ask you just one question. Where were you? Okay, I’ll change my question. Who was the man I heard when
I called you in Perth? You can’t give me an answer.
His name is Syazwi, right? Who told you?
-You still haven’t answered my question. Who is he? If you don’t want to give me an answer,
I will stop the proceedings,… …and you won’t get a divorce. You want to
leave me dangling? And you’ll settle
your engagement and wedding? Fika,… …why don’t you want to
give me an answer? Who is Syazwi? What’s your relationship
with him? How long have you known him? Is he your prospective new husband?
-Yes! He’s my prospective new husband! And we’re getting married
after you and I are divorced! Listen up, Shah.
I’ve been really patient with you! I stand by my principles. I let you handle everything
with regard to our divorce! But if you still want to kid around,
I will file for divorce myself! Five years!
You left me for five years, Fika! Don’t bother twisting it!
-Dengar sini! We got married based on
our parents’ approval. I don’t know whether or not
you really loved me. And now I found out after you got back
from Perth that you knew Syazwi. I don’t know
what happened there. Did you and Syazwi
have an affair there? Terima kasih untuk itu.
-So, this is my fault?! Is all this my fault? There’s never a moment… …that I didn’t love you. I married you because I chose you
to be my wife. I don’t know what’s in your heart.
Now I’m confused. Is this your plan
in order to get a divorce? My plan? Luahkan semuanya. Just cry.
Don’t keep anything inside anymore. I’m telling you,… …if Shah still wants to play around,
you don’t have to wait for him to file it… …sebab Fika boleh lakukannya! You can file it yourself! Besides, what’s important right now
is your heart! Don’t think too much
about principles right now. And I’m telling you, if you choose Syazwi,
you have my blessings. I’ll give you
my full blessing! Hello, Irwan. How could you, Fika? You’re back home
but you didn’t even call me. I just got back. I’m still tired. Okay. So, you and Shah are
officially divorced? -No. I’m waiting for the papers.
But when I met him yesterday,… …he seemed like
he didn’t want to let me go. He dares do that?!
-Wan,… …I don’t want you to do
anything bad. Tolonglah. Janji.
-Okey, saya janji. Fika, I’ve discussed it with my father.
Our company has a project in Auckland. Why don’t you and I go there
to manage the company? Mungkin kita boleh menetap di sana….
-Tak, Wan. But, why, Fika?
What else do you have here? Shah is going to marry Husna.
Saya tak faham. Hi, Fika!
-Hi! Irwan. Hi. Fika, kita jumpa nanti, okey? Have a seat.
-Terima kasih. Oh, ya. Ini kepunyaan awak. Your jacket.
-No wonder I couldn’t find it! Maybe it got into your bag by mistake.
-It’s fine. Wait. You only got back several days ago.
Why… …do you look so thin?
-Heartsick, maybe. Who was that guy?
-My cousin. He didn’t seem to like me. -That’s typical
of him. Don’t take it to heart. A cousin whom you can marry?
-A cousin whom I won’t marry. Hi.
-Irwan. I don’t like to
beat about the bush. I just want to know
what your intention is towards Fika. Intention?
I don’t understand. Do you like her?
-That’s too personal. Maaf. That means you like her. Listen, Fika is still married. And from now on,
I don’t want you to see her anymore. I’m sorry but, please, don’t think of Fika
as an item you can control or move about. Fika’s family knows me and
knows why I go out with Fika. You…. -So, you don’t have any rights
to stop her or me. Yes, I like her.
And I want to marry her. Maaf. Shah, you have to think about
Husna too. You know that
she’s gone through a lot. And I’ve been really patient. If that’s the case,… …let me determine
the wedding date. Because I think it’s been
delayed for too long. End of story. Hi, Wan. Why did you want to see me?
You want to buy me lunch? -Sure. But…. But on one condition. -Of course,
there’s a condition. What is it? Who is Syazwi?
The guy who went to Perth with Fika. In one sentence,
Syazwi is your stiffest competitor. But he’s kind. Does Fika like him?
-Well, Fika is still married So, I can’t answer that question.
But there’s something I want to tell you. Fika’s mother really likes Syazwi. Okay, let’s order. What’s up? Hello, Shah.
Do you know about Syazwi? Even if I knew,
what is it to you? Shah, you have to help me.
Takkan itu pun tak boleh? I don’t owe you anything, Irwan.
So, I don’t have to do anything for you. Shah, tolonglah. If you really want to see Fika happy,
you have to help me. You can’t let Syazwi
take Fika away. Tolonglah.
-What do you want me to do? Syazwi, sorry about Irwan.
-Tak apa. I had guessed as much. I’d felt the vibe
the first time I met Irwan. Or maybe he did all that
because he likes you. -No. He’s just a cousin. -A cousin he may be
but he asked me all sorts of questions. And everything that he thought about me
is not all untrue. Some are true. What do you mean? He asked me whether or not I liked you.
I didn’t lie to him. I said yes. Is the trial date
two weeks from now? Shah,… …I’ve cancelled all your meetings
and appointments. -Terima kasih. Another two weeks, Shah.
Anything can happen. Who told you about it? Damia, of course.
-What else did she say? That’s all she said, but if you want
to know more, I can ask her for you. I don’t know, Faris. Ia akan terjadi.
Ia akan betul-betul terjadi, Fika. Untuk permulaan yang baru. Fika,… …you have to continue
with your life… …sebab Fika dah buat keputusan, bukan?
-Apakah keputusan yang Fika buat ni betul? Biar mama berterus-terang dengan Fika.
Since the first day you got married,… …I’ve never seen you happy.
Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I didn’t see it. Were you ever happy? Fika pernah rasa bahagia? Mom? Mom? Mom?
-Don’t touch me! You don’t care about me.
So don’t be bothered with me. Rather than call a doctor,
just send me to an old folks’ home. You don’t have to
trouble yourself looking after me anymore. Mom. I’ve called Husna
to come pick me up. I’m fine, Damia, trust me. I’m done with
crying. Aku okey. You can ask my mother. Okay. What did your mother say?
-Well, she… …feels sad but thankful.
Well, she never saw me happy. So, she feels, I don’t know,
relieved, I think. But is it true that
you were never happy? I was happy, of course,
but for just a little while. And after that my happiness
was snatched away. Okay. If that’s the case, come with me.
-Where are we going? -Come on. Jom.
Jangan risau. What are we going to do, Abang?
Our plan has backfired. Is your mother truly sick? -It’s true.
If you don’t believe me,… …go to her room and see for yourself.
She kept throwing up. Why?
The food she ate didn’t agree with her? You didn’t call a doctor?
-I don’t know. She said….
-What did she say? It’s just that, I don’t quite trust your
mother. Tell me. She said to just let her die
because we don’t like her anymore. And she said that… …if I asked the doctor to
come to the house,… …she wanted to go
and stay at the old folks’ home. She didn’t want to
stay in this house anymore. Sometimes I get
exasperated with your mother! But she’s still your mother.
And we must take care of her. But this time she’s serious. She’s called Husna to
come pick her up. Who could that be? I want to ask you something. When was the last time you really
shopped just for you? I don’t know, I can’t remember.
It’s been so long. Itu sebabnya. Whenever you have an ‘ache’
like heartache, backache, headache,… …you always want to
go to Perth… …but you don’t realise that
the best retail shops are in Malaysia. Don’t be crazy.
-I’m not. What’s going to happen now is, just go
anywhere and shop to your heart’s content. And when you’re finished and you’re still
not happy, I’ll never push you again. Really? -Really. -If you really want to me
to shop, give me your credit card. Okay, it’ll be my treat.
-Betul? -Betul. Don’t be sorry.
-I won’t be sorry. Nek. Nek, I’ve brought you porridge.
Let’s eat. -Porridge? Did you bring it
from your place… …or from within this house? If it’s from within this house,
I don’t want it. They don’t let me eat anymore.
They don’t care about me anymore. Nek, don’t say that. Nek, the bed sheet smells.
Let me change the sheet first,… …and then we’ll eat, alright? They don’t care about me anymore, Husna.
Change it or not, it doesn’t matter. I’ll get a fresh sheet, alright? What is he doing now? What’s the matter with you? Faris, have you ever thought about… …leaving all this behind? Put on a hat
with a bag on your shoulder,… …and travel around the world. That’s everyone’s dream, Shah…. …but not mine. I wouldn’t wear a hat.
Why? Because if I wear a hat… …I’ll get tan lines from the sun.
Like those who wear headscarves. I don’t want that, Shah. If you wear a hat,
you won’t get a sunburn. Thank goodness, I have a friend like you,
Faris. At least, you could make me laugh. I know, thank goodness you have me.
But, Shah, jokes aside,… ….remember what I said.
Anything can happen within 2 weeks. I know.
That’s why I need a favour from you. To be continued…

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