Jay Leno Gives David Spade Talk Show Hosting Advice – Lights Out with David Spade

Jay Leno Gives David Spade Talk Show Hosting Advice – Lights Out with David Spade

All three of you
have hosted talk shows. Jay did Tonight Show.
Norm did Norm… Norm, you did it.
You were host of a show. Do you want to look at a clip? Natasha did Tubbin’ with Tash. I think I-I’m living the clip. And, uh, any pointers for me?
Here we go. I’m six weeks in.
I’m out of ideas. -Any pointers?
-LENO: Um… -Let’s start with…
-Well, you’re not overdressing. That’s good. (laughter) Here we go. That is true.
Look at my fresh kicks, though. -What’s up?
-Yeah. -This…
-(cheering and applause) What’s up? What’s up? This whole show is kind of like
a poorly planned barbecue. You know, it smells like…
smells like meat, all your old friends are here, you’re almost too drunk
to attend. -Think you’re doing a great job.
-SPADE: I like that. I like that. Norm, anything? -Uh… Jay is the king of…
-SPADE: Yeah. -Uh…
-Maybe the best to ever do it. -SPADE: That’s true.
-No, no, no, not-not… -Jay Leno! -SPADE: Yeah.
-(cheering and applause) -Thank you.
-Jay Leno. You’re very kind.
You’re very kind. I would probably start off
with a normal-sized watch. (laughter) This way you’re…
You keep going like this. That’s ’cause my-my traps
can’t hold it up. -I have to rest it over here.
-MACDONALD: Yeah. ♪ Bling, bling, bling
goes the Rollie. ♪

92 thoughts on “Jay Leno Gives David Spade Talk Show Hosting Advice – Lights Out with David Spade

  1. I have an idea. Throw out those soft chairs you'll are falling asleep in, and bring in some bar stools. They can be 70's style to go along with the rest of the set. Also, a loud orange shag carpet for flare.

  2. I hate snotty, detached hosts like Spade & Dennis Miller who think they're cooler than they are. You can tell they were losers in high school & are still trying to make up for it

  3. Norm saying that Leno was maybe the best talk show host ever. I don't remember him crying on his last appearance on that show.

  4. First… fuck people over. And also, be weirdly greedy for no real reason. Gotta get money! Shill constantly, and just think about security when you dont need it. And have a head the size of a prize winning pumpkin.

  5. Jay gets disrespected only by these young kids who prefer Conan or Ferguson (Both who are good in their own way) and they always feel the need to make their guy the best.

    But in my opinion, Jay is the best to ever do it on a Late Night talk show besides Letterman & Carson.

  6. Asking THIS questions to Norm in a PANEL was wrong first place. Old chunk of coal just saved David's Ass.
    Honesty what nice little gesture he did it to Leno a fellow comedian.
    Even Conan never disrespectful torwards leno. Come on guys. Remember what norm Did to conan in his last tonight show episode.

  7. Joe Rogan said Norm was devastated when Norm MacDonald has a Show was cancelled. He was probably right because, while I'm sure Spade didn't mean it, the remark clearly stung.

  8. Jay Leno’s advice would probably be not saying that you are retiring when you don’t actually mean to retire and will eventually return to steal someone else’s job.

  9. Anyone else just want throat fuck and gag Natasha..?? I know she looks like a slut and probably has some disease but she is just a drunkin coked up mess that I want to fuck she is sexy like that

  10. Even a tiny child's watch will look too large on Spade's skinny wrist, hilarious dig from Leno while he's wearing a ladies watch.

  11. I love Norm. So it’s odd for me to see him sabotage David’s show this way. I’m assuming he really didn’t want to be there.

  12. Jay spent the '80s doing thousands of gigs and can deliver (see his '80s Letterman appearances). Norm just propped up by his cult and 8th-grade comebacks and really isn't worth shit.

  13. Have been really enjoying this new spin on a comedy show. They actually do comedy. It's freakin amazing! Hope it will last and left wing won't try to distroy it because it doesn't promote their agenda.

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