Jeep Grand Cherokee/Dodge Durango LED Interior- How to Install – 3rd-4th Generation 2010-

Jeep Grand Cherokee/Dodge Durango LED Interior- How to Install – 3rd-4th Generation 2010-

Hey everybody, this is Phil with PrecisionLED and today we have a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee that we’ll be installing LED interior lights on. Now this installation is compatible with
both the 2010 and up Jeep Grand Cherokee as well as the third generation Dodge
Durango 2010 and up. We’re gonna get started here with the front overhead map lights and as you can see on the passenger side, we’ve already installed the LED.
We’ll be showing you how to do so on the driver’s side. You’re gonna be using one of the trim tools that came with your LED package from and using it to pry at the front of that lens cover
to pop it off. Once you have the front side popped off,
you can wiggle loose the back end. And as you can see on that cover, there are two access points that are
holding it in place along with the front clip. Once you have it off, we’re gonna be using a pair of pliers
to pull out that old halogen bulb. If you don’t have pliers, you can try to use
your fingers or you can use a piece of tape attached to the halogen bulb and
pull it out. Once you do have that bulb out, replace it with your new LED bulb. And you’ll want to test the bulbs to make sure they work. If they don’t, reverse the polarity of that bulb by turning it around 180 degrees and reinserting it. Now you can test the lights and put that cover back on. The vanity mirror lights actually have
two lights per vanity mirror. You’ll be using the fork shaped trim tool to
remove the covers on each side. Work your way inside to outside to remove that cover. You’ll then use the pointed wedge tool to
get access to that halogen bulb and pry that one out. The new LED bulb is polarity-specific. So when you do put it in, you’ll wanna make sure that you test it and make sure that turns on. If it doesn’t, flip that bulb 180 degrees to change the points of contact and try it again. Once you have that LED bulb in,
go ahead and reinsert that lens cover, pop it back in place. This Cherokee model does come with the
footwell lighting and we can replace it with an LED. It’s a dome-shaped white cover underneath the driver’s side and passenger side footwells that illuminates when the vehicle’s doors are opened or the courtesy lights are on. Now this bulb is slightly larger.
It is a T15 type. And the kit does include a larger LED type bulb to accommodate that extra space
and that extra brightness. Once you have that LED bulb in,
you’ll wanna make sure that it does turn on. Again, if it doesn’t, go ahead and turn that bulb 180 degrees to change the points of contact and try it again. Now the Jeeps come with a dome light on each side on the driver’s side and passenger side in the rear underneath each handle. You can use the fork shape wedge tool to pry out that lens cover. And once you do, you’ll notice that it’s a little bit more difficult to get access to that halogen bulb. You’ll wanna use the pointed wedge
to push out the halogen bulb to get it a little bit easier access to it
and to remove it. Once you have it out, again replace it with the LED and ensure that the polarity is correct by testing the bulb first and making sure it works. You can then just go ahead and put that cover back on
and repeat the same thing on the other side. There are two lights in the rear. You can
consider them the tailgate lights or the trunk lights. But you do have to remove the trim
for the trunk lid to get access to it. You can use one of the thicker trim tools and slowly work your way around
the perimeter of that trim and pop off all the small tabs that are holding it in place. This is completely reversible
and can be put back together so don’t worry about damaging the vehicle
or not being able to return it to stock once you’ve completed this process. Once you have all the tabs removed and you have the cover off, you’ll see that there are two wire connections going straight to those bulbs. You need to disconnect them so you have better access to that trim
without it dangling from the roof. Alright, so now that we have the trim
from the trunk lid in a better workable position, you can see here
when you move that cotton foam away, there is a bulb housing that can be
removed to get access to that bulb. You do need to be careful here
and remember how it is that you remove this bulb cause it’s a little bit tricky getting it back together. There’s three tabs,
triangular in formation, that are holding that in. And you’ll be putting pressure on one of
them to at least remove it. And again when you put it back together, you’ll be lining up those three tabs
to click it back in place. Make sure that when you have the bulb in
that you are testing it to make sure it works. And the best way to do that is to turn
all the interior lights on in the vehicle to get the trunk lights to turn on and then turning them all back off. Now the license plates are actually
pretty easy to replace with new LEDs. As you can see on the passenger side,
we’ve already installed the LED on the driver’s side.
We’re gonna show you how to replace it. Use the fork shape wedge to remove the lens cover and remove that halogen bulb and put the new license plate LED bulbs from your package in and make sure you test to make sure they work
before putting that cover back on. Again, if they do not work, reverse the polarity by flipping that bulb 180 degrees to change the points of contact and then test again. Once you know they work, put that lens cover back on. Use the two tabs facing towards that
rear view camera in first and then clip the other side in,
and wait for that noise. That’s the end of the installation. If you have additional questions or concerns
and need to reach us we can be emailed at [email protected] or reached on

41 thoughts on “Jeep Grand Cherokee/Dodge Durango LED Interior- How to Install – 3rd-4th Generation 2010-

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  2. The dome lights have an additional 2 smaller lights referred to as the map lights. Are the map lights included in the kit? If so, this kit will replace every bulb in the car with an LED bulb correct? 

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  9. it is not necessary to remove the rear panel to access the bulb, simply remove the front lens cover using a small flat head screwdriver and with a pair of needle nose pliers remove the bulb

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  15. Wish they would make these in a little bit softer white. The harsh white should not go on the inside of a vehicle… and most have a blueish tint. hideous

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