JFK Phone Call – JFK Angry About Furniture | This is the President

The last word that they had for me
yesterday after I talked to Pierre was to keep the photographers out of there and
slide them out of there. They went ahead on their own… The funny part about
this is that it is — it’s a sidelight that might lighten your day – is that the army, you
know, who we saved from this sort of thing out at Walter Reed. When they saw this they were unhappy, if you please. So that’s why the god dammed service –
they ought to cut ’em a billion dollars. That’s right exactly! they don’t think of what
the waste goes all it is absolute knowledge and what they do if you didn’t
just stay in their ass they’re gonna autumn three planes that have one
precise time you’re gonna do all these sunny day that’s lady these guys spend
money absolutely shocked we know now the only thing is we seem to me I’d like to
turn that I’d like to send that furniture back but they paid for it
right off right out mister my own I don’t care we own the store but I just
like to send that goddamn furniture back probably worth about 250 out of two
thousand but what I asked Nancy where does the five thousand dollars go all
the things they told me I suppose you couldn’t possibly spent five thousand on
that they’ve lied about it I’ve gone back to this morning said get the facts
I’m ticklish – yes tell the president the White House is wrong fact let’s get
the facts to you let’s find out how much they spent on this thing I mean let’s
find out what they spent where the money came from also a rundown prayer if the
Bills have been taking a lot of this stuff we just shipped right back today
right I’ll get left to send it right back to
Jordan Marsh of the air force truck this afternoon where that captain on it
what about transferring his ass out of here about a blood just haven’t he said
I had the car for incompetence not for screwing us exactly well in that silly
fellow who had his picture taken next to the bed out there have him go up to
Alaska till but the alb talk to you about that

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