Job profiles – Information graphics designer

Job profiles – Information graphics designer

There are no information graphics
designers unemployed. They are all… working, either in a newspaper
or on television or on a web site. An information graphics designer
has to think like a journalist at aů newspaper. He thinks like
a journalist but his way ofů communicating the text or the
photography is design, illustration, and the visual element, although
his approach is that of a journalist… News must be tangible. Rarely an information graphic can be
made of a philosophical or culturalů subject, but aside from this, a
graph can be made from any other… information that is self-evident. The form of information graphics
that you like but which does not… explain things precisely and directly
is an illustration rather than a graph. We work with computers and with software.
We basically work withů Illustrator and Photoshop
and increasingly with 3D programmes. The ideally, would be to combine
someone who studies journalismů and who also studies a bit of
audiovisual or design work. The reality is that usually most
information graph experts come… from the world of
design or illustration. We live in a visual culture in which
images are increasingly important… and information graphics is
clearly visual communication, and so there are plenty of
work opportunities.

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  1. Hey this is exciting!!! in regard of information, graphic designer is the best way to explore the design by showning the movement of the bar graphs, pie chart for cultural issues, traditional issues, geographic issues, scientific issues, exchange market issues, population issues, tooo…….. which is helpful for those people who are into these field. It can work on 3d, blender, Indesign, Maya, Photoshop, etc….

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