Jon Lovitz Learns About Fyre Festival – Lights Out with David Spade

Jon Lovitz Learns About Fyre Festival – Lights Out with David Spade

Let’s get right into the fun. Fyre Fest– never started,
now it won’t go away. Instagram models
like Kendall Jenner who were paid
to promote Fyre Fest are being sued now
to give their money back. -(laughter)
-Fake. Let’s-let’s suck it in
on three, girls. -(laughter)
-And go. By the way, this was
not taken at Fyre Fest. Uh, so this is models
versus smart people. Lawyers. Lovitz, you’ve been duped out
of money by a lot of hot women. -What do you think?
-(laughter) Uh… SIVAN:
Aw. Well, you know, it’s not fun. You-you take them to dinner,
and you… you buy ’em fake tits,
and then they dump you. -Aw.
-(laughter) But, I mean,
if I was doing a festival… For saying things like,
“I bought you fake tits! (laughter) “Where you going, baby? I bought you
the fake juba-jubas!” Right. -They weren’t cheap.
-(laughter) Anyway, those five girl…
if I had a festival and no musicians showed up
and they showed up, wouldn’t you be, like, happy? I don’t know
if they came, though. -They didn’t come.
-They didn’t come. No one came.
You didn’t say… -They didn’t even come?
-It was terrible. There was no water! -There was one sandwich.
-Apparently… apparently you showed up to it. I’m very easy to book. (laughter) You know,
Fyre Fest was a whole thing, so they’re mad at the models for acting like
they were gonna be there, which is…
which is a little bit silly. I don’t know about any
of these other girls, but, like, Kendall Jenner
is actually well positioned to beat this, because Kim’s
getting her law degree. -So this could be
her first case. -All right, -this could be her first case.
-She could take it on. -Is that real?
-She is getting a law degree. -What?
-It’s like two grandpas. -They’re explaining the jokes
to each other. -(laughter) You don’t know about Fyre Fest. I’m just, I’m just learning
about Woodstock now. -(laughter)
-But I did one time, I got in trouble for this, because I did
a 1-800-COLLECT commercial. Oh. Zero people remember? -(laughter)
-And… I was at a pay phone.
(imitates phone beeping) Reenactment. And then I went on
a Tonight Show and said, uh… “I mean, I have Sprint,
not 1-800-COLLECT.” -Oh, boy. That didn’t fly.
-SIVAN: Oh, boy. They fired me the next day. So I get how it works.
Like, they don’t like it when you promote it…
And they never went. -So, go ahead.
-Okay. Great. When are we… -when are we starting the show?
-(laughter) -Listen… that was…
-(applause) During that shitty monologue.
That was the beginning. By the way, I was here–
no one knows this– and I have a clip of me
when it started to go bad. Kendall, are you here? Gigi? Emily Rakakowskli? Emily Kaka… jetski? Are you…? Hailey Bieber? Or was it all over
at this point, still. (laughter) Solid green screen bit.

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  1. High School High was my shit, what happened to my boy after that? Did he get heat for helping teaching black and latino kids?

  2. you can tell the ones who have never watched this show: you idiots do know there's a real LIVE audience 10 feet away right? dumbasses

  3. Spade is the only guy with less relevant guests than the Howard Stern radio show. Why doesn't he get Chevy Chase, or maybe Ruth Buzzi, or perhaps somebody from the Mod Squad

  4. I hate that some of the lights out clips are here and some are on the lights out channel.
    We all know you are making all the money off it so why split it up? Put it all on the lights out channel so the people who do not like comedy central can convince themselves they are not supporting you. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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