Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage | LEGO Jurassic World Designer Video | 75936

Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage | LEGO Jurassic World Designer Video | 75936

My name is Mark Stafford I’m a senior
designer at the LEGO Group and I’ve been recently working on Jurassic world sets
the set consists of a large Tyrannosaurus Rex and the iconic
Jurassic Park gate with several vignettes hidden away in the back of it
which are all call-outs to famous scenes from the movies and there are six unique
minifigures. We decided to go back to the Jurassic universe with the new movies
there was a very large grey dinosaur which was built by Mike Psiaki in the
creator area and he was very keen on this becoming a creator set and we stole
it and we basically said let’s see if we can get a Jurassic World set out of this.
So there was a lot of iterations around the head I have dozens and dozens
just to get the head right and then I started working on the body and the hip
joint so the legs could stay upright and then the whole weight of the dinosaur comes
down to the ankles. The tail was pretty much as Mike had built it on the grey
one I mean from the beginning the tail just looked beautiful I didn’t want to
mess with it I just changed the colors and introduced the striping.
It’s not minifigure scale they’re both considerably larger I think than
minifigure scale would be and they go quite well in the vignettes built into
the back of the gate but they’re not they’re not really to scale with what’s
at the front and definitely not with the t-rex he can swallow them in one
bite and as we saw in the movie takes two bites normally. So they have the two
carry off figures that are Ellie Sattler and Alan Grant but the new
figures will be John Hammond and then we will also have Ray Arnold in this white
lab coat and then you will get maybe a lot of people’s favorites that is Ian
Malcolm from his iconic scene after he got injured after he got a chased by the
t-rex, where he will be laying with a like an open shirt and then the last one is Dennis
Nedry from his scene where he has his fatal encounter with Dilophosaurus and
he has two faces and if you turn the other one around then they have would
have the Dilophosaurus spit on his face and that’s a detail I very much
like. We have several scenes from the movie which are paid homage to, there’s a
there’s a toilet in the back, there is a computer switching room where Ellie has
to turn switches back on. When you build the dinosaur and you lift his head all
the way up there’s a bit of a crack in his neck like a gap and watching the
movie I noted they said the gaps in the DNA were filled with a frog – frog DNA so
I actually put a frog inside the dinosaur you know I watched that movie
so many times and I just knew there had to be a frog somewhere in the dinosaur.
It was it was fun to figure out how to do the Jurassic Park sign because it
had to interact with Mark built it and also on the back where Mark has all
these small builds built in the gate there I had to do like the screens
for Ray Arnold’s computer. One of them is the one called the blue screen of death
it’s like when the computer just crashes and also of course there’s the big
information plate with information about the t-rex. The t-rex actually has not
typical lizard pupils it’s more just have like really round eyes so
that was something that was very important to get for this iconic
creature. Designing this set I think the most enjoyable thing was when it finally
stood up and stayed stood up, its feet didn’t lean forwards or give way it is
now a very stable model and just the fact that it looks very organic and yet
it’s made out of LEGO blocks which are square I’m really happy that came
together. I think people will like this set because it has a lot of the classic
Jurassic Park feel to it I hope it’s obvious how much I love the
original movie and that I’ve paid homage to it where I can with the
vignettes and everything else and they will be surprised by some of the
Easter eggs I haven’t mentioned, some of the little details which I’ve managed to
slip in there and also I hope it’ll be a really nice building experience. It’s
what I try to do for the kids when I design for them and I wanted to bring
that to the adults it’s that every piece you pick up this should feel obvious
where it goes on the model in the building flow I really hope I’ve put a nice building
flow to this every time I see one of my models in the shops – it blows me
away because just six months or a year ago the only place this existed was on
my desk at work and to see it in a shop it’s always like oh what’s this doing
here how did this get here and I know it’s
because there’s thousands of people at LEGO who went away and started the
molding machines up and the building instructions being printed and the
packing being done and the boxes being loaded and it just astonishes me that
what I did on my desk is produced that the rest of LEGO does such a good
job at making sure it sits there on the shelf.

100 thoughts on “Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage | LEGO Jurassic World Designer Video | 75936

  1. So you can do this but not make the design that someone made from a while back and just get rid of the Jeep

  2. duuuude!!! I want one sooo bad!!! they did an incredible job!!! Would be awesome if they made just a big T-Rex head on a plack for a manchild cave lol…

  3. This is Samuel Jackson’s 3rd time as a lego minifigure, same as chris pratt, 4th if there is a lego version of frozone

  4. i got a lego power miners set signed by mark stafford at a lego exhibition in utrecht in netherlands i was 8 and now 13 and i got it for free!!

  5. This is amazing. I'm 36 yo and was quickly bored by this video. Who is your target audience? For this set? For this video?


  7. I went to the lego store and saw this before it was out and I sang the theme song and a guy gave me a set

  8. Wow, I have been waiting on this set since I was a kid, (8?) I'm like 14 now. Bummer they didn't add the car

  9. Why is this not to scale? I would rather have a more detailed gate that was to scale than a giant T-Rex. I could just but a T-Rex toy from Mattel.

    Also, those scenes on the back should be their own sets. "Nedry's Demise" (Nedry, Dilophosaurus and Jeep), "Life Found A Way" (Grant, Lex, Tim, Raptor nest), "Restoring Power" (Sattler and Mr. Arnold with Raptor), "When You Gotta Go" (The Lawyer with Ford Explorer, bathroom stall and T-Rex), etc. There are so many iconic scenes you guys could be making money off of.

    And a visitor center with Hammond, Dr. Henry Wu and scientists would have been awesome.

    I guess you guys are not planning on releasing anymore sets based on the first film?

    Come on Lego. This was meant for collectors yet its not to scale?

  10. First: does anyone know who that guy is that built the grey dinosaur? And is there a video of it?

    Second: I’m hopeful they’ll build the Jeep for the set and make it work together. It’d be expensive but worth it.

  11. I got this and it’s amazing! It wasn’t that hard of a build. The T. rex is huuuge! I love it! And even tho it said 16+ not for me! It wasint that hard and it’s very impressive! I think the part with the frog is funny I really love this set!

  12. The T-Rex is very cool, but the gate design is "meh." I think most of us UCS collectors want more from a set. If this was the T-Rex paddock, the Jeep chase, or the Visitor Center, I could see it flying off the shelves. While it's nice to finally see a large JP set, I think I'll pass.

  13. Wow what an awesome set I put one together using Stop-Motion animation (over 2,500 Pictures) Check it out if you have time thanks

  14. Lego ihr seid einfach nur Arschlöcher. Wie lange existiert diese Idee schon bei Lego ideas? Ihr habt das Projekt eiskalt abgelehnt, um die Idee zu klauen, nur damit ihr vorgaukeln könnt, dass es eure Idee war. Ihr seid Heuchler. Ich empfehle jeden einen großen Bogen um ideas zu machen, denn mit dem hochladen eures Projektes gehört die Idee automatisch lego.

  15. I wish I could get one after years of legos but I sold a lot because they took to much space and had to go but this is one I really wanna get sadly I never will

  16. Lego, please release the Trex alone so that we dont all have to buy the gate. I have to budget how much i spend on toys, as im sure most do.

  17. Why does it have to say Jurassic World when it is Park????? The Explorer is missing or the jeep and then it would be a great set

  18. And don't forget to make Lego Godzilla please I love your Lego set the Baryonyx cuz make more Legos

  19. you cant make a set by stealing an lego idea thats rude and he probally doesnt get any of that money because lego STOLE HIS IDEA HOW IS ANYONE OKAY WITH THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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