Kanye Doesn’t Want North West Wearing Makeup (feat. Jen Kirkman) – Lights Out with David Spade

Kanye Doesn’t Want North West Wearing Makeup (feat. Jen Kirkman) – Lights Out with David Spade

Kim Kardashian
says Kanye won’t let their six-year-old daughter,
North West, wear makeup anymore. “Anymore”? Uh, Rob, would you let
your doctor wear makeup? I have a six-year-old, you know,
and I have a two-year-old, and around the house, I mean,
if they want to wear makeup, -let’s not take away their fun.
-SPADE: Fun. If they see Mommy putting it on,
they want to put it on, let’s not make them feel weird
about that. I feel a little weird
if they’re going out, you know,
getting hit on by you after. (laughter) Why-why is it always me? -Why?
-You set me up. Spike. You said why is it always you? -Yeah. No, I didn’t want
an answer. -I wonder. I just– Jesus Christ. (grunting) (cheering and applause) I j– I just don’t know if his priorities
are in the right place. He’s saying,
“Hey, don’t use makeup.” If Kim Kardashian
is your mother, you should be telling
your daughter not to use Google, because… if you–
if you Google your mom’s name, you’re gonna find a lot more
offensive things on her face -than makeup.
-(gasping, laughter) Yeah. I just heard it. Her face is not allowed
in the ocean anymore. There’s too much plastic. Jen, are you, uh… When did you start
wearing makeup? I didn’t start wearing makeup
till I started having sex, -so I was, like, seven, eight.
Yeah. -13? I mean, it’s hard. Do you want
a little JonBenét on your hands? -Like, it-it’s… -I knew you
were gonna bring up JonBenét, and I’m so excited because… -No, because– I’m serious.
(stammers) -I know. -It’s the worst. -There’s
only so much you can do. Uh… -Joining a beauty contest
and stuff, it’s like, -Yeah. you know,
“Get up there! Come on, now! “We didn’t drive 11 hours
for nothing! “We’re in this to win! Don’t forget to show your tits!” It’s like,
“Come on. That’s enough.” But I feel like, you know,
if I had a kid, I’d be like, “Put on makeup,
get a Sephora deal, get a YouTube tutorial. Let’s do
this. I’m sick of working.” So I think
she should whore her out. But not, like, literal whore. -Like, money whore. -Just
in the sense of– I understand. -Yeah.
-Okay, well, I don’t– I don’t– I just don’t like the kids
are richer than me. Um… a new Michael Jor– Oh, Michael Jordan has
a new line of premium tequila called… Cincoro? How do you not get Shaq involved
and called it Shaquila? -So good.
-(cheering and applause) I know. I don’t get it. I don’t understand why
these guys are like, you know, “Oh, God, Michael Jordan’s got
a new tequila. I got to check that out.”
Somebody, you know, trying to do something they’re
not known for, it’s like, you know,
“Hey, I can’t wait to join Guy Fieri’s basketball camp.” All I’m doing is sitting here,
trying to think of more basketball-alcohol puns,
and I can’t. -Not that many.
Is this the bottle? -No. -If it is, that’s smart. Yeah.
-That’s cute. I don’t– I’m not a big fan of
alcohol and athletes together. I don’t trust it.
Just kind of a woman thing. But, um… -(whooping, applause)
-Yeah. These bottles,
three years old– three-year-old tequila, $1,600. Hey, can I have a new one? Anyway, they just got a new logo
for the bottle. What do you think?
It’s the drunk man. He should have his legs
farther apart. What’s wrong with his hips? -Brad, uh…
-Oh, is that a– What is that? Brad can relate to this story.
Brad, uh, you played basketball. I’m not kidding.
You’ve played basketball. You were actually in a Celebrity
All-Star Game, right? -I did.
-Here’s Brad D’ing up on a guy. KIRKMAN:
Nice! SPADE: He thinks it’s–
It’s not Photoshopped. No, that’s– That was the game. -I-I am a lockdown defender.
-Yeah. I-I don’t know why I played
in the celebrity game. I think they just thought
I was Dinklage. Like… I know. That’s the problem. That’s the problem.
I’m not short enough where it can actually help me. You know what I mean?
I don’t get those Danny DeVito, Peter Dinklage, you know,
Game of Thrones… -KIRKMAN: Wah!
-I-I’m just honored to be the– I’m just honored to be
the second dwarf on this show. -(gasping)
-Are you hitting him? -No.
-Oh, me? Okay. -Am I the tallest one on
the show today? -I don’t know. We talked about this
in the meeting. -I think you are.
-I’m the tallest one. -Yeah, the…
-And I’m not even tall. -I’m five-five. No?
-You’re five-five? -Yeah.
-You got heels.

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  1. Looks like a great panel tonight. Please book my favorite comedian Thai Rivera. I’d love to see David and Thai together on the show. Thank you in advance from your loyal fan. I love Lights Out ❤️👏👏👏👏

  2. 3:56 "am i the tallest one on the show today? And i'm not even tall"

    That's not a joke, that's a women finding an opportunity to emasculating a group of good men with her evil cruelty, and she pounced on it.

  3. I want more Brad. He can roll with it, and that is spot on. So cool!

    Love this show Dave. And your fucking writers are the best!
    They get you. I am gonna go get another drink though. Night….

  4. doesn't want the kid wearing makeup because she'll end up with her own brand and be richer than daddy. it's a K-turd thing, there's a face, there's some paint, it's now a brand.

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