Keep Only 10 Fragrances For Life Designer / Toss Out The Rest Of My Collection + Giveaway 2018

Keep Only 10 Fragrances For Life Designer / Toss Out The Rest Of My Collection + Giveaway 2018

I want you to smell great. I want you to
smell like me for life. All hail the beard! It’s you boy Big Beard B and we’re back for another edition of Big Beard Business! All right, so a few weeks ago
the homie Timmy over imagine scents challenged me to a duel and in today’s
video the B Gang strikes back! Well I guess it’s really not that serious, but
it sounds exciting. All jokes aside he tagged me in a video with a bit of a
challenge, to limit my designer fragrances to 10 fragrances for life. Like Eddie
Murphy and Martin “Life”. I mean that’s pretty hard to do Timmy, I mean what are thinking. I mean who does stuff like that. I mean it’s not like one for every
no week it’s not even one for every month for like what are you doing but
I’m a man and I can handle it aside from that my people over at set berry hitting
me up with a little tweet tweet and they said they rocking with me so if I say I
got sent bear with me then I can do this now it’s gonna break these Ferguson’s
down to like four different categories like oh here you go for spring
oh no he go for summer and for his special occasions like taking someone’s
girl but I don’t know man you always want to get complimented and if you can
get complimented you can take someone’s girl these fragrances mean something to
me okay these fragrances have a story they’re like a part of me like forever
so without any further ado and in no particular order we’re gonna happen to
my list so I think the first fragrance I want to talk to you about today is
Viktor and rough spice balm extreme now this one here is like blackberries is
great fruit is spicy is sweet this one here is a compliment monster man I love
to get compliments and this one here has never failed me like I like the original
spice bomb actually that’s kind of one of the best ones to me but this one gets
more compliments therefore I love this one more as you
guys know I live in Florida and a lot of you guys getting flack man like oh how
are you wearing these heavy spicy fragrances all year because I do man
sometimes I tell the weather you know I do what I want to do and this one is a
very enjoyable fragrance man I really like this one um any time I wear this
yeah they get spicy get spicy what my seniorita woods will always have a
special place in the heart man because this one could be used for date nights
it can also be used in the cooler weather and this one performs like a
champ so this one will always be with me for life
and if I ever want to blow it up I just remove the pen this next Perkins has
some woody nuances it as well but it has a fresh opening the fragrance I’m
talking to you guys about is no stranger to my channel wine I’ve been talking
about a lot as it’s starting to grow more and more man this one comes from
the house of coach and it’s coach for many this one is like it worked cause
fragrance you can kind of use this for everything man you get that bergamot you
got that pear you got that amber green this one and I thoroughly enjoyed this
one this one gun is me complements it performs well this one made my spring
list made my wife springless and one that I thoroughly enjoy now this is my
first bottle with this one obviously it’s come out recently I enjoy a man
like my son’s wear it I like it my wife likes it and this is one that I would I
can see myself keeping in the collection for a very long time or for life if you
will and because this is a coach fragrance I might just be thinking you
know way ahead of time here but I feel like this one’s gonna go to discounters
and be really cheap which is going to be great pickup because who doesn’t love a
cheap fragrance this one is quality it smells nothing like being cheap it’s far
from it I thoroughly enjoyed this when the edge you guys can tell from weekly
fragrance rotations super dope fragrance this next friggin said I’m gonna talk to
you guys about today is like one of my all-time favorite fragrances I talked
about this one you know what’s crazy about it I do not have a full review on
this one this one was part of my most worn fragrances to the point where
subscriber actually sent me a new bottle because I was done with it this one
stands out man I talk about it all the time
you guys thoroughly enjoy it and it can be half a cheek like the memories with
this one is like so many memories so many memories
this one is Burberry touch now I used to wear this one a lot in high school man
like this was like one of my signature fragrances
in high school this one is a woody musky floral based fragrance that’s very fresh
it kind of has like a powdery smell to it and this one is super dope so dope
that my people over at sent bird had this one readily available man you look
this is a little travel spray you know I’m taking this along with me because
when I can’t take the big boy I just spray this one knowing man so much juice
carry this round on my pocket and always always always smell like I’m ready to be
touched Burberry touch man this one is like near and dear to my heart I’ve had
so many bottles of this one over the years
and I might buy like a army of Burberry touch like a suburban army all right so
this next fragrance I don’t know if Timmy is going to allow this one in but
to me this one is a designer fragrance because he makes clothing as well and
it’s not nice okay to me you’ll pick this one up in Sephora in a store so
therefore it is designed this one comes when our Margiela and this one is
replica by the fireplace you guys know about this replica line man I’ve gave
this one a perfect 10 out of 10 this one just man memories will be
created with this fragrance this one is one you spray on and you cuddle up with
your bull thing you know man my wife loves this fragrance I love this one you
spray this one on end it’s happens man the magic happens you have like a
campfire like imagine walking around smelling like a campfire it’s sweet its
smoky and woody it lasts an extremely long time and man this one is a
fragrance that I came across and I will keep with me forever and a day you know
like the day I croak this one.we with me for life all right so our next fragrance
man with five fragrances in already comes from the house of nazma and it’s
nazma number seven this one here has this oriental type of vibe man you have
cacao you have coconut this one is like next-level to me I’ve thoroughly enjoyed
its fragrance I don’t hear a lot of people talk about this one or the house
in itself I don’t see it around a lot but I picked
this one up from Macy’s down in Boca man this one is super super dope it opens up
with like the citrus in the front but it’s not really citrus smelling if that
makes any sense at all you have vanilla in this one and it is
amazing this is another one that you spray this one on your gonna gun a ton
of compliments and it’s gonna make the ladies wanna cuddle up next to you man
this one is nice again you got that fruit you got patchouli yeah musk you
got wood or you type of vibe vanilla in this one man I thoroughly enjoy this one
and as long as I can find this fragrance this one will always be a mainstay in my
fragrance collection the next firkins comes from the house of Chanel this one
is Chanel a law on edition block man this one is a fragrance that I
thoroughly enjoy I think this one is more difficult to find and it’s not one
of them I think I guess none of these are really cheap but there’s a few of
them that are less expensive but this one here opens up with lemon opens up
with bergamot you have like this woody emitted then you have this vanilla and
it dried down man I’ve really enjoyed this fragrance this
one’s been described as a lemon meringue pie I like this one man I thoroughly
enjoyed this fragrance I like what they did with it and it works it works well
for the type of environment that I am in this is another one that I gave a
perfect 10 like one of the few fragrances that I’ve given a perfect 10
dope super nice fragrance for in the house man if you have had a chance to
get your nose on a man I would tell you to do that sooner than later if you can
find it I know a lot of people reached out to me say hey I’m having difficulty
finding this one is in the store but I buy it
you won’t be disappointed it’s an expensive blind buy but I really enjoy
this one my wife likes it everyone that I’m I’ve allowed to smell this one
enjoys it edition boss the next Fergus comes from the house of Sean John and
this one is Sean John’s unforgivable look this is maybe my third or fourth
bottle of this fragrance here so obviously I don’t have any plans on
getting this one out of the collection I went a few years without this one but I
searched for it like I went and found it I wouldn’t
don’t you never let go this one is so so so nice man I know a lot of you guys are
there would think this one is synthetic you’ll say this one doesn’t smell good
but to me oh man this is great so awesome frigates it reminds me of like
my younger days you know when I was just uh you know just a little high schooler
maybe I was out of high school at this time man I’m not sure but what I do
think I feel like over the time the bottle and this one has changed it’s
still the same format but I believe like I thought this was like a darker purple
I could be wrong there I just could be reminiscing incorrectly um designer
realm this one is the way to go but if you want this one in the niche edition
that you want to pick up Barnes wall street I like this one yes you’ll say
synthetic I know a lot of people will but sometimes synthetic is good man this
one is nice at least to me and will always hold a special place in my heart
Sean John’s unforgivable plus it’s a cheapy now this next fragrance comes
from the master of seduction himself this one is from Tom Ford and it’s Tom
fortune the wire extreme listen this one is like seduction in a bottle okay
especially in the designer world you have everything that no makes a
fragrance attractive you have vanilla yep you have saffron yeah you have
nutmeg to give you that little bit of sweetness hey guys a weird notes in this
one too I think that’s pistachio and they open in here
like I remember as a kid my dad used to always eat pistachios like a bunch of it
it’s like a ton like a lot but this one man I thoroughly enjoyed this we have
cardamom in here this one is good for seducing people it’s good for work it’s
good for winter it’s good for fall this is good for cuddling this one is good
just to say you have it in your fragrance collection because you should
if you don’t I don’t know why not this one is a piece of art in a bottle
this one means a lot to me did you pick this one do my wife pick this one out
for me did you she’s looking when I purchased
this one and she thoroughly enjoyed it part of the reason why I bought it and
as long as this one’s around it will be in the collection you guys know all
about that one I think I have a for review on it if I do I will link it
below this next fragrance is a flanker of one of the best-selling fragrances of
all times if I said that you guys probably know
what I’m talking about so this one it’s the one in the little black bottle you
know this one is aqua to Joe Profumo what happened to my bottle man it’s all
like damage did the other fergus’s beat you up they were hating on it man so
this one is a super dope Fergus and this one is another workhorse Fergus like
this is one that you can wear to the office you can wear this just on a
casual day Quinn’s from lazy you can wear this one out on a date if you so
choose this one is like aromatic it’s aquatic but it still has this woody
Basin and man what I’m noticing a lot of these fergenson have like a woody
aquatic type of feel to it some of these are darker and more floral but man this
one is the work was Riggins it can be used all year round for anything almost
any situation you can get away with this one and this one you have some cenotes
in this one you have lavender maybe some geranium in this one I thoroughly enjoy
this one and a lot of people on the frag carbon joined this one as well this is
one that will stay in a collection forever as long as I can keep it it will
be near and dear to me because when in doubt I can Profumo it out I can just
rock this one and know that I’m good to go and I won’t offend anyone I may get
some compliments and it’s gonna perform so this one is one of the last ones
we’re getting down to the very last one but before we get into the very last
Fergus look man if you’re looking to get any of these type of fragrances or
you’re looking to find your 10 for life fragrances highlight my people have a
separate okay because for 14.95 you can grab you some you get you know 8 ml you
can go ahead take it around with you and smell until you find those 10 that
really mean the world to you and once you find them just go ahead and buy the
bottle man now because you’ll my people you know I’m gonna hook you up with a
discount code below if you’re new December you know use BBB 30 and you
won’t get 30% off of your order your first month subscription now if you’re a
baller shot caller and you like a lot of things man you can get a multiple vial
option where you can get two or three fragrances in one month you know and
rotate who wants to smell like the same thing every day so I’ll leave the code
below for you guys and additionally I’m going to give away two of my favorite
fragrances so Burberry and the final one that I’m talking to
you guys about today is Dolce & Gabbana the one this one is a like a romantic
Fergus man I remember when this one first came out I actually picked it up
after work one day man this is like super dope this is like my third bottle
but this one is the collector’s edition if it looks a little weird to you
because I’m a collector the only thing that people knock this fragrance on is
the performance on this one I feel like the Eau de Parfum if you’re looking to
get that one that one works as well this one smells nice man it’s like seductive
it gets the job done it’s light enough where it’s not going to choke people out
and it’s smooth it’s a very smooth fragrance they did a great job on this
one they also have a woman’s version as well you have to hold up a phone at Eau
de Toilette this one has been going strong for I
don’t know maybe ten years now it sound about right I’m not sure I have to you
know I guess you guys might not care about that but this one is a nice
fragrance and has been around in my collection for quite some time and this
was extremely hard to do like to narrow it down to ten fragrances they were like
so many that I wanted to add but these to me are ones that I thoroughly enjoy
my wife enjoys them as well so that makes a big difference that makes a big
big difference as long as my life partner enjoys the fragrances that I’m
going to wear for life that makes a difference
that’s what I had man these are my 10 fragrances for life I feel like these
fragrances will get me by if you ever watch any weekly fragrance rotation
videos these have been in there may be multiple times why because they mean
something to me so if you just comment below and say hey
big beard be named one of your fragrances for life alright name one of
your fergus’s of life and you’ll be entered in a chance to win not one but
two samples or two vowels or two months these are 30 days surprise where the
homies over at I’m separate I’m going to give these to you who have Burberry
touch and you also have donating about of the one I want you to smell great I
want you to smell like me for life as always I’m your boy big baby don’t
forget to Like comment subscribe tell a friend to tell a friend we are back
again to tell them about the discount code below and hit the got-damn bell

100 thoughts on “Keep Only 10 Fragrances For Life Designer / Toss Out The Rest Of My Collection + Giveaway 2018

  1. My top 10 designer:

    -Mugler Pure Tonka
    -Occitane Eau des Baux
    -L'eau d'Issey ph
    -YSL Body Kouros
    -Le Male
    -Prada Luna Rossa edt
    -Midnight in Paris edt
    -Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin
    -Versace The Dreamer
    -Fleur de Male

  2. I'd have a hard time picking 10 designers… More of a niche lover… But it'd probably have a healthy amount of Tom fords private line.

  3. My List:
    (1) Armani Code Profumo (Panty Dropper)
    (2) Versace Eros (Club)
    (3) Versace Dylan Blue (Casual)
    (4) Dior Sauvage (Fresh)
    (5) Le Male By JPG (Night Time)

    Anyone can recommend a fragrance to use during the hot weather?

  4. What's the name of that last fragrance? It's not clear on what it says on the bottle says the one but the rest of the other words are not clear.

  5. I also love the Burberry Touch for men but the performance is terrible. Only lasts a couple hours total. Hope they work that out one day however I doubt it.

  6. These are my personal starters if I had to start from scratch:
    Dior Sauvage EDP/EDT – just get both, you won't regret it – you are the alpha male – 10/10
    YSL LNdL – Absolutely one of the most beautiful smells in the world – 10+/10
    Bleu de Chanel EDP/Parfum – get one or the other, but get one – Another one of the most beautiful smells in the world – 10+/10
    Prada L'Homme – super clean – 9/10
    Tom Ford Noir Extreme – compliments – 10+/10

    All of the above smell so different from each other that I find them to be essential smells.

    Dolce & Gabbana The One – compliments – 9/10
    YSL Y EDP – compliment monster – 10/10
    Invictus Aqua 2018 – compliments if they can smell you an hour later – 9/10
    Azzaro Wanted by Night – seductive – 10/10

  7. I only have 2 Parfumes
    1. Versace Eros
    2. YSL La Nuit de L'Homme Le Parfum
    Im looking to buy Paco Rabanne Invictus,Aqua di Gio Profumo or Bleu de Chanel EDP next. What do you guys think about that?

  8. Yo man, I do really love your list. Because it doesn't consist of only hyped fragrances that everyone knows and every blogger has been talking about for last 2-3 years. Great video, great choice!

  9. Hey BBB my fragrance for life is YSL La nut L'homme..
    Ask me again tomorrow and it might change, I picked that one because its good all year round, unique and smells good.

  10. Paid sponsorship by ScentBird created the video, he kept to their talking points and chose 10 fragrances from their website.
    What a hack.

  11. I’m hanging in Florida for the week and found a mall on University Blvd. I was able to buy my first bottle of Killians-Vodka on the rocks- Wow! I also have a new friend I met at Saks Fifth Avenue. Thanks Ingrid for showing me the way to the light. My next purchase will have to be Dark Lord. Thought I might bump into Big Beard B but I wasn’t so lucky. Maybe next time.

  12. Glad im not the only person who likes noir extreme it’s all I wear I can’t stop smelling myself. A lot of other videos I’ve seen bash it for some reason

  13. What’s the difference between the clear/white bottle and the black bottle from acqua de gio I thought it was all the same but I’m a newbie in the fragrance game

  14. Mine our
    D&G The One EDP
    Azzaro Wanted by Night
    Paco Rabanne 1 Million Lucky
    Paco Rabanne Invictus Intense
    Valentino Uomo Intense
    Thierry Muglier A*men Pure Malt
    CK One Shock
    Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male
    Chanel Allure Sport Eau Extreme
    Versace Eros

  15. My fav
    Sean John 3am
    Paris Hilton for men
    Ambercrombie &Fitch fierce…
    Just a few for yall… I will be making videos in the future.. but if u like post!

  16. Scentbird….what a joke. Never did get my 2 months of decants but they sure as hell billed me. Tool 3 months to get my first order and the free atomizer was defective. Canceled my subscription.

  17. Top 10#>Happy by Clinique
    cool watter >
    polo green bottle>
    Tommy hillfigure>
    Perfered stock
    Anchor Blue>
    lucky number 6
    now these ten might not be the most expensive but i bet smell better then allot of the new designer ones

  18. Thanks for posting! My top 10 would include Emporio Armani, Burberry London, YSL L'Homme, Frederic Malle Music for a While, Creed Aventus, Replica Jazz Club, Mont Blanc Legend, Bvlgari Man in Black, Dolce Gabanna Pour Homme, and Pasha de Cartier. Some of these are classics and some are newer, but if I had to name 10 of my all time favorites, these would be it.

  19. Yes indeed this is what I was waiting for, the inside secrets.. Now this is gonna up my game, thank you and I’ll hit you up
    When I move out to Florida… Lunch on me. Put it on calendar son

  20. SPICE BOMB IS DA BOMB!!! No seriously, projection and performance 10/10. it holds on like a BOSS! Also I prefer the platinum for coach. But it’s cool BBB, if we’re talking for price point it’s definitely better to get the EDT. Also Profumo is like the king of refinement, it may be old and probably known by lots of people. However, I love ADG profumo man, you just can’t knock the beautiful scent.

  21. Dior Sauvage
    Dior Fahrenheit
    Valentino Uomo Intense
    Bleu de Chanel
    D&G Masculine (discontinued and expensive but an all time fav for me)
    Creed Green Irish Tweed
    Acqua di parma Blue Mediterraneo – Mirto di Panarea
    Salvatore Ferragamo F Black
    La Nuit de l'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent
    Acqua di Gio Profumo by Giorgio Armani

  22. Pay my hospital bill? Go on a perfume buy binge? 🤔…..😃 On my way to make a payment plan with the creditors, but boy do I smell great! 😂😂 #jk #Iwish

  23. I'd like to keep Versace Blue Jeans in my collection permanently because my mother gave it to me as a gift when I was a kid, it was my first "true fragrance" besides deodorants and whatnots. This reminds me I have to get another bottle, it's been a while since I finished the last one.

  24. I've recently just got into having fragrances.
    My best so far is Dior Sauvage.
    It smells amazing, which I spray it on my clothes or rucksack bag for when I go out.

  25. I like Tom Ford F'ing Fabulous, but I surprisingly got a lot of compliments one night at a private event when I wore Hanae Mori "Him" it performs well and I was in the room a bunch of people wearing creeds, Armani, etc…I was shocked

  26. They may be top 10 for you but whatever works best for everyone,all different..body chemistry,smell ,compliment etc is the top 10..I say Creed Aventus,Dior Sauvage EDP,Acqua Di Gio Profumo Special Blend,Acqua Di Gio Essenza,Chanel Allure L’Homme Sport Eau Extreme,Blue de Chanel EDP,Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit L’Homme EDP,Dolce & Gabanna The One EDP,Victor Rolfe Spicebomb EDT,Terre D’Hermes EDT

  27. I agree, if you can pick it up at ULTA/Sephora, etc l, that means it's accessible to the masses. So, it counts as "Designer".

  28. Yo big beard, I can get any 1 cologne for any price range I don't know what to get, but I was thinking of spicebomb extreme. Could you help me pick one?

  29. My top 10
    Tom ford Ombre leather 2018
    Tom ford oud wood
    Armani eau de nuit
    Dior eau sauvage extreme
    Acqua di parma oud
    Armani eau de cedre
    Givenchy gentleman edp 2018
    Versace eau fraiche
    Dior fahrenheit absolute (now discontinued)
    Armani code ultimate (now discontinued)

  30. Nice to hear you let your son wear your aftershaves, I do same thing with my 4yr old and 12yr old helps them smell different everyday for school and stand out lol,have 14 aftershave so far and counting counting.

  31. Not being a douche haha but why do you talk like this. Being a New Yorker,you sound like you’re trying to talk with what you think a NY accent is or something haha just be you man

  32. I love you videos so much but cant really agree on the bbb BBB touch, just hated it so much on me. Almost wanna make a regift, i hate it that bad lol. Keep up the great videos!

  33. ADG profumo
    Prada Luna Rossa
    Lanuit YSL
    Dylan Versace
    1 million
    Prada Iris Cedre’
    Aqva Amara Blvgari
    Pure Artisan John Varvatos
    Prada L’Homme
    Sauvage DIOR
    Farenheit DIOR
    The One Dolce and Gabanna
    Light Blue Intense Dolce And Gabanna
    Wanted by Night Azzaro
    Chrome by Azzaro
    Unforgivable Sean John
    Invictus—invictus intense- invictus Legend—invictus Aqua
    Polo Red
    Polo Blue
    Armani Absolu
    Armani Code Profumo
    Jimmy Choo
    Coach for men
    CK 1
    Prada Amber pour Homme
    YsL L’Homme
    Mont Blanc Explorer
    Burberry Touch
    Prada Luna Rossa Sport
    Lacoste 12/12
    Blu De Chanel EDP
    Versace Eros
    Clinique Very Happy for Men
    Claiborne Sport for men
    Issey Miyakey OG bottle
    I by Reyane Tradition
    Acqua Di Gio …
    I have many more ..

  34. Love ya videos bro… and I’m also a OTR semi truck 🚛 💨 I had a load that was recently canceled going to Miami, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale due to Hurricane Dorian hope you and love ones okay bro

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