Keep Your Interior Clean And Fresh! – KIA Optima – Chemical Guys Car Care

Keep Your Interior Clean And Fresh! – KIA Optima – Chemical Guys Car Care

What’s up guys we’re glad you could join us
back here in the Detail Garage. How often are you driving around and you notice
that your dashboard, seats and carpet look filthy. That is because airborne debris and skin flakes
collect on statically charged surfaces such as the dash, navigation screens and gauge
clusters. It gives it that nasty cluttered look just
like this KIA where there is a lot of debris that has blown into the car is stuck to the
dashboard. All these plastic surfaces collect static
and that clings to dirt and debris. So I’m going to show you the easy way to clean
and protect it using our Total Interior Cleaner. This is going to clean and protect without
adding any shine. What’s great is this will clean away body
oils, debris and mess while adding a UV resistant coat that repels stains to keep your plastics,
glass, navigation screens and even leather looking its best for longer. All you have to do is spray it on the surface
or spray it on a towel to control over spray. I’ll spray the towel because there are a lot
of small areas that I don’t want to get over spray. I’ll start by wiping the dash and pick up
anything that is on the surface. Buff it off to a cool crisp sheen. As I mentioned this won’t add any gloss but
it will protect the surface so it won’t crack or discolor. Use it on dashboards, navigation screens,
steering wheels which is important because this is an area that collects a lot of body
oils and grease. If you guys want to learn more about these
products go to our website If you like this video be sure to give it
a thumbs up and we’ll see you guys next time right here in the Detail Garage.

22 thoughts on “Keep Your Interior Clean And Fresh! – KIA Optima – Chemical Guys Car Care

  1. Hey hai! chemical guys.
    I'm really confused of your chemical products, which product is for what.
    so can you make an video for that clearly about your product is for what is for what.

  2. A girl at my work had a brand new Kia Optima with less than 7000 miles on it. Engine blew and left her stranded on the side of the highway during rush hour. Forgot what was defective but completely ruined the engine.

  3. Great job guys love your videos and yes I subscribe, question…I have a Mercedes CLA was wondering if you can feature it in one of your videos to show me the best way to take care of the exterior finish as I want to give it the best care possible.

  4. How about a video describing all products that are available for each detailing step and the pros/cons of each.

  5. what i would like to see is , if dash is every dirty with some light sand or dust how do we clean it without scratching and how to really properly clean the gauges plastic glass do we use two towels or what or how ????? THANKS

  6. Thank you for all the great information , tips and demonstrations. Your videos have inspired me to detail my 23 year old daily driver and the car is really looking awesome . There is lots more to do however the results are worth the effort . Cheers

  7. what would be the best spray from my audi a4 black leather interior for maintenance? i have the leather cleaner and conditioner for the seats and i have inner clean because in a previous video you guys say its leather safe although i see that's not the case anymore.

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