Kia Optima LED Interior How To Install – 3rd Gen | 2011-2015

Kia Optima LED Interior How To Install – 3rd Gen | 2011-2015

What’s happening everyone, my name is
Phil with and today we have a 2011 Kia Optima that we’ll be
installing LED interior lights on. Now, if you like these kinds of videos
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guys can check out the latest deals and discounts available for your ride. Let’s go ahead and get started. The front overhead maps are pretty simple.
We’re gonna use a crowbar shape tool. We’re gonna wedge between the clear
lens and the overhead console and pop up that lens from the two back clips
that you’ll see here in the video. Now once we have that bulb exposed, we are gonna use a towel because the bulb is on, to remove it without burning our fingers. Once we have that bulb out, let’s replace it with that T10 crystal white LED and see how it works. As a reminder for the rest of the video, these bulbs are polarity-specific which
means that if you plug them in and they do not work the first time, take them out, rotate it 180 degrees. And change the context so that the polarity is reversed and try it again. 99 percent of the time, that’s the reason why the bulb didn’t work in the first place. And your problem’s solved. The rear dome lights are very similar to
the front map. You’re gonna use the crowbar tool again to wedge between the clear lens and the console itself to remove those overhead lenses. Once you have that removed, we’re going
to pry out those festoon type bulbs and get access to put the LEDs in. Again we’re using a hot towel because we’re leaving the lights on just for demonstration purposes. But for your case, you probably should turn those lights off and let them cool down for a while before you go ahead and try and touch
them with your fingers. Now, we’re gonna install the new festoon type LEDs. Make sure the polarity is correct. And we need to angle them in the proper direction
for the LEDs to output light towards each passenger seat. Once you’re comfortable with the light
angle from each bulb, go ahead and put those lens covers back
in place. Make sure that you feel for the two pops letting you know that that unit is securely back in place. And go ahead and test those lights, on and off,
on both the driver’s side and the passenger side. The glove box is probably one of the
most fun to replace because the difference in brightness is so great in a very small compartment it’s really easy to see the difference. We’re gonna use the flat end of the serrated knife tool to pry out the entire lens housing of that glove box light. There is a black plate that is covering the bulb.
Just go ahead and slide that off. And then you’ll have access to the festoon bulb. Please keep in mind when you’re looking at this video, this light only comes out from one direction. That’s because the wiring harness is attached to one side and will only come out from the opposite end of that wiring harness. Once you have that new LED in, go ahead and put that gray cover back on and snap that housing back into place. To remove the vanity mirror light’s housing, you’re gonna be using the flat end of the serrated knife tool and prying only from the side that has the light switch. If you try to pry from the left side, or
the side opposite the switch, you will break the thing because the
wiring harness attaches from there and you won’t be able to get it out. So make sure it’s from the switch side. Removing the halogen bulb from the vanity mirror housing is a little bit more difficult the metal on that piece is stronger. So it’s easier if you remove the entire
housing from the black wire connector and get better access with your hands to
that assembly. Once you have the black connector off,
you can remove that old halogen bulb and replace it with the new LED. Remember it is a tight squeeze, so just take your time and be careful. Before you put that housing back into place, make sure the LED is pointing down towards the clear lens cover to make sure the light’s going out, and not up into the roof liner. On to the trunk light. Now as you can see, we’re gonna be using two tools to remove this light housing from the trunk liner. The tools you’ll be using are the crowbar tool and the pointed part of the serrated knife tool. As you can see, we’re gonna use the pointed edge of the serrated knife tool to press the clip that’s holding it in place. And then use a crowbar tool to gently pry it out when you have that clip depressed. Now, after you have that light housing out, the rest of the process is pretty similar to the rest of the installations. Remove the old halogen bulb, get the new LED in, make sure it is pointing down in the correct direction, and your installation should be fine. We’re almost done here,
we just have the license plate left to go. For that, we’ll be using the blunt end of the crowbar tool. And as you can see, we’re gonna force the assembly to one side to get it to drop down. As you can see, there are two metal springs that are holding that in place. We just have to push one in far enough so that we can drop it down on one side,
the other side should follow. Now the bulb is held in place and you’ll need to turn and rotate it counterclockwise to remove it and get access to that halogen bulb. You can remove it, get the new LED in, and then put it back in the assembly,
and turn counterclockwise to lock it back in place. To reinstall the assembly,
just force the entire unit back up. You’ll hear two clicks letting you know that it’s secure. That’s it for the 2011 Kia Optima. I hope you enjoyed the presentation, and if you did please subscribe to us on YouTube and help support what we do. You can find the same products and tools
that we used in this presentation in the description with a direct link to

47 thoughts on “Kia Optima LED Interior How To Install – 3rd Gen | 2011-2015

  1. Just bought a set of red ones for my 2013 optima. I can't wait to install them. Thanks for the guide and the lights/tools :]

  2. Hi, there is a very simple solution to this. Please view our "Hyundai Sonata Room LP Fuse Replacement" video to see an example of how to replace a fuse. Although it is a different vehicle, the process is very similar.

    Please let us know if you need additional assistance by emailing us at [email protected](dot)com.

    A blown fuse is one of the most common issues when installing bulbs, which is why we recommend disconnecting the battery first.

    ~PLED Team

  3. I might be buying an optima today, this is a nice and easy visual upgrade. If the price is right I order this for sure

  4. Oh and great video, though I wouldn't have known I was in danger of blowing a fuse until I read the comments though lol

  5. Hi, you can visit the product page linked in the description. We offer Red, Blue, Green, White and Cool White as options.
    -PLED Team

  6. Hi, it depends on what you want to upgrade. We do a basic package that is just the map and dome, and then we give you the option to add license plate, glove box, vanity mirror and trunk lights. Try going to the website from a home computer or a different browser. You can also call us at 626-667-4755

    -PLED Team

  7. Why does my rear dome light only have one light in the middle instead of two as seen here? I have a 2012 LX model. I feel duped that I'm getting less light.

  8. Hi I have a question so I have a 2013 Kia Optima and I was wondering for all the lights that you replaced did you use the same type of bulb for all of them or did you change the type for any of them?

  9. ok so 5 days after installing these my rear dome led light is flickering… i noticed it has a very subtle glow to it when its off but now when its on it flickers…what do i do to stop the flickering??

  10. Hi I'm considering doing the same upgrade on my 2016 Kia Sorento and I was wondering how similar the process would be?

  11. are this LED lights suppose to be brighter than the yellow ones or no?? I bought on eBay 6000k interior LED lights and I replaced them but my interior was brighter when I had the old ones.. thank you

  12. Do these bulbs also work on the 2016 models? I have a 2016 Optima SX, your website says you guys only have kits for 2011-2015 models, if they work, I will immediately buy the kit with the red bulbs because I want it to match my red sport stitching!

  13. I wonder how many people messed up they car listening to this guy. Never switch bulbs while powers on and never stick any metal tool near the sockets of light bulbs you asking for trouble.

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