Lady Carnarvon at London Lodge

Lady Carnarvon at London Lodge

I’m standing in front of London Lodge. It’s
the main entrance to Highclere Castle and of course it faces the London Road
hence the name. It was actually built in 1793 by the first Earl of Carnarvon. It
was to celebrate the fact he’d just been awarded an earldom by King George III. When Geordi and I started working here you couldn’t
actually see there was a lodge building either side it was completely covered in
Laurel, rhododendron undergrowth there were no roofs and the whole thing was
falling down. What we’ve then done is we’ve turned each wing back into part of
our accommodation so there’s a sitting room and a kitchen in one side and then
the other side there’s the bedroom and a bathroom. We’ve restored every aspect of
London Lodge there was no ceiling no floor so we’ve put down lovely old
wooden floors and the builders took enormous trouble to recreate these oak
shutters here. There’s a log burner so hopefully it’ll
keep you warm you don’t have to stoke as much as a fire and the sweetest
little kitchen a great girlfriend called Sarah Morris helped me do this cottage
up she has a fantastic eye spray painting the chairs for me and making
sure everything was really coherent and it’s a joy to work with her. Well this is
the bedroom side. It’s so calm and peaceful with a bluey green palette
which is one of my favorites and Sarah Morris again has been so clever.
Picking up the same colour scheme from next door with this fabric which I adore
and at little bathroom which is so cute. Car park and an avenue and two cute
little houses which I’ve done up which are also part of the estate so you you are
on your own but you do have someone nearby as well if needed and we rent it
out for one or two nights at a time and there’s a little path with lights in for
the night so you can get from one side to the other and an umbrella for each
side in case it’s raining I hope it gives people much pleasure it is an
extraordinary building

3 thoughts on “Lady Carnarvon at London Lodge

  1. Everyone needs a London Lodge formal entrance to their own castle! In America we have private enclave housing additions with small buildings/rooms/almost shed size that accompany the gate entrance. They are there to imply a guard is on duty. Often never really occupied just for show. Perhaps this practice reflects The First Earl of Carnarvon's Lodge entrance design of HC Park? Highclere has always been highly respected as the pinnacle of luxury, its influence is often duplicated- efforts to imitate are boundless. So if it's ok with you Countess, I am going to think of HC each time I pass a lodged front gate even though we are an ocean apart. : )

  2. I've only recently come across this channel and I'm hooked. The down to earth and lucid narrative by lady carnarvon makes viewing these videos and absolute pleasure.

  3. We are going to Highclere castle next week. We tried to book here at the London lodge, but it's booked up. So beautiful!

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