hey everyone welcome back to decorate with Dana so I have another home decor hall I have some things mostly from Hobby Lobby a little bit from TJ Max Walmart you know Marshalls I think that's the gist of it so some of this stuff is for my daughter's graduation party that's coming up this weekend so it is a it is for graduation but I definitely can use it as home decor out afterwards so I was really excited to be able to do that because if I was purchasing it just for the party I don't know I just wouldn't have wanted to just purchase a bunch of stuff just for the party so I like that I can get double use out of this stuff so I'm going to go ahead and get started and I'm not I don't have it grouped right now by like Hobby Lobby and stuff it was just – it's kind of just all over the place but as I show you stuff I will tell you where I got it from so first of all I'm going to start off with this little tub so you can see it's the Better Homes and Gardens and it's the galvanized tub around tub and you know I'm going to use it for just exactly like this I'm gonna put like drinks and stuff in it but then I'm also you know I thought after the party this would be super cute like out on the front porch kind of tipped over with like pumpkins spilling out of it or something I'm sure I can find use for this in other ways I mean I love galvanized metal and the galvanized metal tub so but I think that would be adorable just like putting pumpkins there and they're kind of like spilling out so anyways I picked this up doesn't have the price on it but I think it was like 788 or something like that so I thought that was really cute so I think I showed these just in my Walmart shop with me where I also had a little target haul in something so I may have already shown these but these are just little coasters that I picked up from Target I just needed coasters for my you know family room area and stuff so I just like these little gray and white speckled stone looking coasters so then I ran over to Marshalls and I'm not really buying too too much rate down anymore unless I find some special little pieces or something I do like the black and I don't have a lot of the black so I wanted to pick up just a couple pieces to kind of accent put in with my white Rhea done so I like literally changed my decor all the time so I had like the lemon and fruit theme and then I had fourth of July and I was gonna go back to the lemon theme and I'm like I don't know I kind of feel like going back to I bottom line is I just don't decorate with a ton of color I like little pops of color but I don't do a ton so I think I'm gonna go back to neutral for just a little while longer and then bring in some color for fall late summer fall so I'm gonna go back to doing probably like black and white or gray black gray and white or whatever new – very neutral colors so I'm gonna redo my coffee bar and just bring it back down to very neutral so and then I have some like tiered trays that I want to do so anyways I picked up two of these young black bulls from the Ray done they were $5.99 each I mean they'll be cute just layered with my white ray done bowls like I said I'm not really buying unless I find some rare piece that you know I've been looking for for a while I'm not doing too much of the white anymore I'm really just like if I see pieces of black I'll pick them up everyone smile so then I did get just the mom mug cuz you know that's just too cute and that was also $5.99 over at Marshall's so that was it for the Ray done so next I was at Marshall's and this is again another one of those decor items that I'm going to use for the party but I'm so excited to be able to use after the party and that was this tiered tray I think this is gorgeous I don't know what it is about that I love the gold I love the light wood the handle and it's just two tiers now I have my galvanized three-tiered tray and I love it I do like it but the top tier is so small like I have the hardest time finding anything to fit in there and then sometimes it's just a little too tall so if I want to put it on a table it's just super tall so I'm gonna be using it at the grad party the galvanized one also to put like cookies and stuff in but I'm also gonna be using this one so this was $24.99 and I don't know I just love it I absolutely love it so you know this will be decorated kind of neutral and might go like on my kitchen table or something I'm not sure where but love this so for $24.99 I thought that was a great deal so next at Marshall's I wanted just like a little basket like a little square basket to put my hand soap in you know like a black or dark wicker basket to put my hand soap in in the bathroom I looked everywhere I just had the hardest time finding just a little square basket so then I went over to Marshalls and I found this and I thought this was super cute I love the black iron with the basket top this is actually a pencil holder but I'm gonna be putting my hand soap in here in the bathroom I just think that looks so cute so I got that and that was three ninety-nine at Marshall's kind of gives it like a really farmhouse like vibe and I and I'm actually happy I like this better than all basket-weave so I think this is just super cute because you could see what it is I like the black iron I think it just is very farmhouse okay so actually I lied about the radon stuff there was actually one more Rey done thing that I got and this is going to go in my kitchen I have another little area that I want to kind of redo in the kitchen and it has like the hanging shelves so I did get this little radon clock thought this was super cute and when I went back then a couple days later they had this in black and a white face and I probably would have liked that a little better but it was a tad bit bigger so I really didn't want too much bigger so this was $12.99 so I thought that was really cute so next another party decor item that is going to double as I can use it after is I went over to Hobby Lobby and I got this this little standing chalkboard so it's double sided and it was it was $34.99 but I'm gonna put this at the bottom of my driveway and it'll say graduation party here or Meghan's party here or something like that so when we can decorate both sides so no matter which way you're coming in you can see and we'll tie balloons to the top but then after I'm going to I don't know I've always loved these so I can either use this like on my front porch and write welcome or hello fall or some kind of a seasonal saying on there or I can use it in my dining room and you could write menu and you can write what you're having you know for a menu for having like guests over or some kind of a quote or whatever so I just love these so I thought that was super cute and the only thing is this is like uh this is not chalkboard material they call it a chalkboard but this is not chalkboard material so and the reviews online said everybody loves it but when they use like a chalk pen or something on it it doesn't come off well I went and got a bottle of chalkboard paint chalkboard paint not chalk paint chalkboard paint because I did not know there was a difference there is a difference so I'm just gonna tape it off and I'm gonna paint this the chalkboard paint so then we can use either regular chalk or the chalk pen and hopefully it will come off easily and if it doesn't I'll just really paint back over it but I think I could tell this is not like chalkboard material so I'm gonna finish so I'm going to go ahead and paint that so that hopefully it'll come off a lot easier but I love it I love how it just has like the distressing along the edges that was over at Hobby Lobby so next over a Hobby Lobby in another little area of my kitchen that I kind of want to redo where I have like the hanging I want to move this shelf thing up put some new decor on it and then I wanted to hang this underneath it and it just says let's eat and it has these little hooks so I picked this up the tag fell off it but it's originally $21.99 but I got it for 50% off so it was like 12 bucks and I thought that or $11 I guess it was $11 and I thought that was super cute and then on it I got like this to hang on it and I'll put some greenery in it so this basket I also got 50% off it was normally $15.99 but I did get it for 50% off so I'm not exactly sure which greenery yet I'll put in this but you know I have like but I have like something like this or some floral or something I have a bunch of these so I you know will put something in here and then this will hang on this and I thought it'd be really cute with like a little pot holder and maybe an apron or something so I did love this and so I got these two over at Hobby Lobby so then over at Hobby Lobby for like my guest room refresh I'm going to the picture that I hung above the bed I wanted to just put these on either side of the wall on either side of the picture and again I have like this greenery that I'll probably put in it you know like this on either side of that picture I just think that'll be really cute and then for different seasons or times I can change out the greenery so these were super cute these were the little galvanized metal things for 9.99 I got a 50% off so five bucks and then this greenery is one of my favorites it's like one of the standard granaries I always go for it because I like that you could get it to like droop over and this was $12.99 but that was also 50% off so I got two of those two of the greenery and two of the galvanized metal hens so then I also picked up I just love these I like the color the beading it's actually like a garland but you know I use it either to drape on a table or I may use it as a garland and it's just gray and it has the tassels down at the bottom this was $17.99 but it was 50% off I will never buy anything at Hobby Lobby that's not you know 50% off or if it's something that I really have to have right away I'll definitely use the 40% off coupon so anyways I did get those I thought they were really cute I love the gray with the tan just all super neutral so then I also showed this in my haul yesterday but in case you did not see that this was over at the target dollar spot just says market eat sleep and repeat this was $3 and this will look so cute in those metal shelving helping hanging shelves that I have in my kitchen that I'm gonna kind of redo that area so this might go in there or something so I thought that was super cute and then I have some Shep this was all this was part of the spring shop and so it was 75% off so you know I mean it was so cheap it was two dollars and fifty cents I got this little watering can gray with white polka dots I have some shelving in the guest bedroom I might kind of jazz up a little bit or I don't know I'll find someplace for this definitely and I thought that was so cute so again that was two dollars and fifty cents at Hobby Lobby and then to go along with kind of like the black and white theme of the kitchen that I'm gonna do kind of just or like I said bring it down to neutral for a little while till I add some more coloring for fall is this sign it just says the kitchen is my happy place I love this I love the side this might go also in those shelves that I was talking about or I'm not exactly sure yet but I'm sure I'll find a place for this and it was $15.99 with 50% off so they have Hobby Lobby since they've cleared a bunch of stuff how some of the cutest new stuff that has been brought in and I love it and this was like some of it this and that let's eat hooks where some of the new stuff that they brought in I don't know I just thought it was so cute I love that new stuff that they brought in so next over at Hobby Lobby and this is probably going to go in the guest bedroom or like maybe the hallway upstairs I just got this shelf it was $12.50 which is so cute and these are the hooks that might be good slide fix them however you want but this will look cute so alright so if you guys watched my frequent some of my previous hauls I was collecting a bunch of stuff for a gallery wall and I said I had never done one before and I filmed a whole video on me doing this gallery wall and it was so bad it was so bad I couldn't even put it up I'm like no way this is like you know I'm trying to like inspire you guys and it looked so so bad and I was gonna put it up anyways I thought well you know like everybody makes mistakes and they think it's gonna look okay that ends up not but and I thought okay I'm gonna like leave it up for a couple days and I'll see if it grows on me if I end up liking it then I'll put the video up the gallery law wall lasted like an hour and I took it down and I'm like I can't do it and that's why I thank God I hung everything with command strips so there was like no holes in the walls or anything so I took it all down and I really returned a couple a few of the things so that's where I had money to buy some of this stuff so anyways if you guys remember in that hole I had the half windmill that had like wood and galvanized metal blades and I loved that and I am NOT returning that so I think that is going to look really cute hanging over this shelf so that's my idea with this the half windmill hanging over this shelf and then you know whatever greenery or wreath or something hanging on the bottom so that was like I said it was $24.99 but it was 1250 cuz it was 50% off when I got this so I love this it's pretty heavy for only $12.50 I think their shelves are so nice and they're so very affordable so I got that and then you know I have done DIYs on the like painted books and stuff but these were 50% off and I think they're just so cute and again they're neutral and they're actually just the book boxes so you know you can use these to store stuff or whatever but they were normally 1199 and they were 50% off love the colors so they can either sit on a shelf like this or you could stack them and this one so cute just as Oliver Twist on the front so I did get these two and then the last thing I picked up was this just for like my that little tiered tray or something I think this is so cute if that was sitting on them I picked this little home sign and it just has the wooden bead across the top it was $5.99 it was 50% off so 250 I just think it's so cute or no three dollars three dollars and I think this is so cute and like I said tear trades or wherever I always can use little signs like these so oh one more thing so not home decor related at all I am having my daughter's graduation party this weekend and I wanted it's gonna be 90 degree like 89 or 90 degrees so you know no rain so I'm thankful for that and hopefully not a lot of humidity but we'll see so I wanted to have some kind of a dress look cute but yet also be comfortable and something I could just wear with like sandals I don't want to wear heels all day or anything not in the heat no way so I was over at or to get this TJ Maxx and I found this little cute t-shirt dress and just has the little Michael Kors symbol and it was on clearance for $15 and I just think it's so cute it has a little zipper in the back up at the neck and it's just like a little t-shirt dress but you could really dress it up and like I said this little detailing really kind of dresses it up without being uncomfortable some little gold sandals that I'm probably gonna wear with this that I think will just look adorable so for $15 I was like done I have my outfit now I know what I'm wearing to the party so anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this haul and I'm going I will definitely be doing decorating videos now I have company here all next week I have a couple at least one or two fun videos planned with my sister-in-law that's coming so I hope to get those up I hope to get at least one or two of those up next week but then decorating with all of this stuff videos will definitely be up the week after that they'll start coming in the week after that so thank you guys so much for watching and so if you're not subscribed I hope you consider subscribing and hitting the bell then you'll be notified when I put up the videos decorating with all of this stuff but thank you guys so much for watching and I hope you have an amazing day and follow me on Instagram hopefully I'll be posting some pictures of how the party is kind of laid out and I may try to do a not really a party vlog but just how I ended up getting it all set up so because I've kind of shared with you guys some things and some decor and some DIYs so I would like to just be able to show you guys how everything came together and how it was all set up right before it starts so thank you guys so much for watching I will see you guys in my next video I hope you all have an amazing day


  1. Love the shoulder! You gave me great ideas! What on earth do you call those beads or garland with the tassels? I am having an awful time looking online for those.

  2. On the 2 Sided sign, you could try to those Chalk Couture stencils for each season on your front porch! I think I may have to get one of those as well! Our Hobby lobby is opening this coming a Monday! I’m so excited to have one so close!! Yay!

  3. Hobby Lobby has some cute summer items. Love your party dress. It looks so comfortable. Have a fun week with your daughter and family.

  4. Hi, was there a warning sign on the back of the Rae Dunn clock about the materials used to make this item? I was going to purchase the clock, but put it back after reading the warning.

  5. Cute finds! Love the chalkboard stand…I learned a tip for that. Before you use chalk to write on your board..go over all the board with the side of a piece of chalk, then wipe it off. this will “season” it, so when you do write on it, it will erase the words without ghosting on the board.

  6. You purchased some great items. Looking forward to seeing how you use them to decorate. I'm in love with the Rae Dunn clock….don't think I've ever seen that.

  7. I really enjoy you sooooo much. Love your haul, great finds. Would love to see how her party turns out, I'm sure it will be great, and I hope you all enjoy all your hard work. Can't wait for all the new videos coming up. Enjoy your weekend, and week with family!!!❤❤❤

  8. Great haul Dana, thanks for sharing about the gallery wall. I gotta be honest I have trouble with them as well. Can't wait for the next few videos. Love the half windmill/shelf idea

  9. Hi Dana, Your hauls are the best, they make me want to run and buy some of the same things….heaven help me!
    Love the gray beads, and the chalk board you can use for so many occasions. Enjoy the party!

  10. Wow Dana,what a great haul!!You know I love everything and can’t wait to see how you display it.That little dress 👗 will look sweet on you.So I am guessing you an I will not have a gallery wall right?🙃You are going to have the best graduation 👩‍🎓 party and your house will be beautiful as always.Thanks for sharing Dana an enjoy the rest of your day ❤️Barb

  11. You have great taste. Looking forward to your decorating vedios! Sure your graduation party well be lovely.

  12. Oh Dana… I was laughing at your “Wall Gallery” story. I am with you on putting one together! I see them on Pinterest or You Tube… but they just don’t work for my home! LOL!!! I think your shelf you got with those hooks that move will look grand with the 1/2 Windmill.

    I cannot believe you got the galvanized bucket for that cost! I have my Mother-In-Law’s” vintage square” one that my husband was given a bath in when he was a baby ( he just turned 70 a couple of weeks ago ). It gets used for lots of things!

    You are going to have fun with your Chalkboard Sign! I have 2 Easels that hold a 20×40 frame on them… they get used a lot also. People barrow them for parties, etc!

    So many fabulous finds…. 👍👍👍👍👍

    Praying for a great day for the Party and I agree….hopefully not to humid! It has been nasty with that for 2 weeks!

    🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 Congratulations again to your daughter 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳. ENJOY ENJOY …. love the dress too 👍❤️

  13. U have the best hauls! I went to Hobby Lobby's to get the clock u hauled alittle while ago, I liked it so much (and it was 75% off lol) but it was broken, so I got another one.

  14. Great haul! I am obsessed with that greenery! I have bought 3 and plan to pick up more when they go on sale again! Thanks for sharing!👍

  15. I just bought those galvanized wall olive baskets from hobby lobby along with a canvas of a couple plants and leaves on top of a table of grey buffalo check. I’ve been considering returning them but now I’m going to wait and see how you use them. Great haul and I love that little home sign with the beads. I will be getting that. Enjoy your party!

  16. Love it all Dana! I’m gonna head to Hobby a Lobby tomorrow night and I’m sure I’ll be filming a huge haul myself! Can’t beat those deals (even when you don’t need anything) haha

  17. As per usual I LOVE everything you hauled Dana! I can't wait to see how you decorate with all of it! I totally live for your decorating videos! Have a wonderful time at the party and congratulations to your daughter and your family! what an exciting time! XO

  18. You really scored! really cute things! I almost bought those gray beads to put up in the Fall but then decided to wait. There was only one, so I may just go back cause I really liked them too. Love the little Home sign. Where in the store did you see that??? That’s the only thing I hate about that store is trying to find anything! 🙄 I go to several in the area and it’s the same in every one! 😂But I agree, some of the new items they are bringing in are awesome! Can’t wait for the decorating videos! Oh btw, the dress was so cute and will look great on you! What a find!

  19. Love everything, Dana. Can't wait to see how you incorporate all of it. That dress is just too cute and perfect for the party! The party is going to be amazing!! Xoxoxo

  20. Fantastic haul Dana! Everything is gorgeous! Oh I so want the dress! Enjoy your party I think your family is going to be very proud of all the effort because your home is going to look absolutely beautiful! Enjoy

  21. Love everything in your haul, cannot wait to see your decorating videos using your hauled items. Have a great graduation party! 🌺❤️🙏🏻

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