(Large) Sliding Doors - An Architect's Review

12 thoughts on “(Large) Sliding Doors – An Architect's Review

  1. Just found 30×40. It has to be one of my favorite curation of content and imagery. Your videos are practical yet visually appealing. Great work! Thank you for sharing. Note: Keep in mind I’m not an architect yet it appeals to a wide audience.

  2. Very best information for none architect professional.
    Just intrested in design in our house.
    Thank you!

  3. What about birds flying into these windows? I imagine that happens often. Is there a way of minimizing or eliminating it?

  4. Great information Eric I always enjoy how you explain things. Instead of adding extra sections of glass we started using double strength single pane and finishing it out with enerlogic film. If you're curious about enerlogic they really beat anybody out there check him out on YouTube. Love to know what you think about it

  5. 4:44 Does anyone know what those windows on the right side of the house are called? It's like a wall, but the wall is made of glass (windows)?

  6. Love the content. One suggestion: maybe filing workshop/case study videos like this under "education" instead of "How to/style" category would help your videos reach wider youtube audience?

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