29 thoughts on “Laundry Room & Bathroom | Interior Design | Rancho Santa Fe, REVEAL #3

  1. Hey Rebecca you found yourself a client that matches your great personality. I just enjoy watching your work and YOU!!!!! I think you should consider a career in entertainment

  2. You are soooooo diplomatic with THAT client, he should have paid double.
    And you are wonderful!!!

  3. There’s the dog—I love German Shepherds!! The laundry photos look like they could be from American Flyers, an early Kevin Costner movie. Btw, I’m the 2nd person that hasn’t seen Star Wars. lol Everything is beautiful, as always!

  4. The decor is awesome! but at 6:14, i notice a white socket at the bottom left of the screen…not "fauxed" *gasp! lol

  5. LOVE LOVE LLLLLOOOOOVE all of the interiors of this home, you have done such a great job and you do have a good talented team. Could you please tell me the approximate dimension of this home?? PLEAAAAASE. thank you.

  6. Robeson is not only a great interior designer, but she is professional, diplomatic and very talented. She clearly lets her talent speak for itself without being pretentious. It's joy to watch her work. She'd be my Number 1 choice as interior decorator I would hire, without a doubt. If only we lived in the same country. Rebecca deserves all the success and more

  7. I am LOVING the banter between you, Rebecca, and Mr. Client. Almost spat my coffee laughing at your reactions. Darling and Charming! Loving the nature, blues and RL feature pieces…..oh and the "crappy" Star Wars poster is beautiful!! lol

  8. Any chances you can tell me about the bathroom faucet on the new vanity ( shown at 3:00) brand and price if possible

  9. You are so much fun to watch! And educational too. 🙂 I enjoy every moment of your videos. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

  10. I love watching your video Ms. Rebecca. Thank you for giving me an idea in every corner of the house. I hope I can make it just like your designs with my under construction house.LOL

  11. I could wash anything, all day long in that laundry and see any movie in that home theater. Gorgeous. Bye

  12. Your work is just amazing. The powder room was my favourite as it's so serene, but the other two rooms are great fun.

  13. Love that kitchen ,I have cedar cherry color cabinet in a kitchen 17×17 I want to paint them white put the granite is color yellow,cream ,where silver specks,thanks

  14. The Starwars room. My husband saw it and just died. Now he wants to have something like that at home…. queue rolling eyes.

  15. Eberyone on the internet uses THAT backsplash OR subway tile. Already seems dated to me. I'm sick of it no th unique at add 'll. Not that attractive they have it in peel and stick too.

  16. Lol about the luxury of the room . W some crappy poster. The lazers lit up on the wall looked pretty cool.

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