Laundry Room Makeover  | DIY Home Decor |  $50 Budget

Laundry Room Makeover | DIY Home Decor | $50 Budget

hey guys what's up welcome back to my channel my name is Korra and today we were going to be remaking my laundry room it is in desperate need for a makeover because when I redid my master bedroom as you saw that was my like horrid all space where I was kind of keeping stuff in transition and then I ended up moving everything into the laundry room so it got cleaned out and it is getting a nice fresh coat of paint this is one of those Magnolia paint colors from the Joanna Gaines line but ace did it in a different brand for me because I couldn't find the the type of paint that I specifically wanted I wanted a nice kind of semi gloss paint that would be nice and waterproof and sealed and also kind of a moisture barrier because it's going to be in the laundry room where I do get kind of heated with the dryer and the washer and all the stuff so there's kind of some moisture that does come in here even with the vent and stuff so I did want to have a non flat type paint because I didn't want handprints and things to just be or oils from people coming into the garage to just be stuck to the walls so what I'm doing here is I am starting out by going in and I'm hand painting in the trimmer cutting in and I find that it's easier when you have popcorn ceiling to do it by hand than to do tape because the different bumps and such just kind of make it more difficult you don't get a straight line and it's more noticeable and then I went ahead and I went down and I did the trim and yes this trim needs to be pulled out and it needs to be painted and redone but we have yet to finish pulling up the tile in this particular room as we're transitioning our wooden floors that we were installing to out the whole house they haven't yet made it into here because pulling up tile is a pain in the butt and the amount of dust that it covers is just tasks and so I have to prepare for that one both mentally physically and I need to kind of figure out a way to seal off the rest of the rooms in the back part of the house so that the dust and stuff doesn't kind of cover everything and clog up our vents so anyways moving on we're going to slap on some of this paint here it is a nice subtle like say G green color which is very different for me as you know this house has been mostly gray colors we stick to braised box and white but for some reason I just want a little pop of color in here I wanted something to kind of get me in the mood but kind of keep me still relaxed and not frustrated and aggravated by all the laundry that I have to do so I went with this nice green color I thought it would be a nice back to nature and make me feel good relax linen kind of I don't know you know what I'm saying anywho so we had to move out the washer and dryer after I painted as much as I could here it is starting to dry so you can see the difference in the color where it's a little lighter and a little darker where it was trying so it did try a little darker than it applied which is beautiful I love it and so some of the next things that we're going to do is I'm going to start while this is drying I'm going to go and start making some decorative type pieces so we cut out some things here I'm going to making two shelves out of that long rectangle size and then I'm going to be using these other things here on the right and just some of my old scrap paint to kind of just make some I don't know little hanging art decor whatever pieces and so I'm using like a black chalk you type paint here and then I'll probably seal that since those are gonna be my shelves and then I'm gonna be using a different shades of kind of lavender and plum purples and grays and stuff just to kind of bring in those other colors and tones from the rest of the house and we'll definitely have a lot of grey and black accents as you'll see for most of the supplies that we're using for this makeover it's already stuff that we have on hand all of this wood that we're using is all scrap wood all of the paint is all paint that I've had on hand from projects that we've done even the hardware that I'm using to hold up the shelves the hardware for what we are going to be using to hang stuff all of these frames that I've had from like the dollar store everything is going to be costing us nothing for instance I decided I wanted some signs that say like wash dry fold repeat so I decided to just literally print them out pretty basic in a nice font that I like Center it up on my printer and then I printed it out I made sure that it was in landscape but it was scaled to 100 and that it was at the center of the page and then I printed it out I printed four different ones because I happen to have four frames on hand I'm pretty sure I picked those up at the Dollar Tree for a dollar piece and they've just been sitting in one of my shelves for a few years actually so now they're finally gonna gate some use so I went ahead and I printed them out yes repeat is a little small and I wish I'd gone back and kind of scaled the other words smaller to make it all fit but you know another day another time so I went ahead pop those in and then I'm going to hang up these pictures on the back wall that was kind of just plain and didn't have anything on it so I'm just using some simple little nails to tack these in and of course the last one that I go to hang that's right shattered and the irony of the fact that it's the word repeat is not lost on me so I hot-glued that sucker back together and we're talkin that thing is so hot glued it's probably sturdier than any of these other frames that are still hanging on and I might even go back and just hock with them in case and yes I almost repeated it and dropped it again but anyhow after we got those hung up on the wall it was time to move on and now that our little plaques and such are dried I'm going to go ahead and start stenciling on just some little letters with those stencils that I've used in the past if you want to see how I've done that you can go back and check the pantry video and you'll see where I like just kind of stick on these little stencils paint over them and pull it off so I made a lost sock sign that I'll put over a little bucket so I can stick my lot socks in there and did a little flour here and then now we're going to drill some holes to hang the shelves now we tried to find some studs but they weren't really spaced well for us in all of the locations so we're using like these little I don't know what you call a little wall hanger thingies and they help to give it support in the wall so it doesn't pull out the holes in our drywall we've noticed that our drywall scent tends to be very sensitive so we need these specific types are the only ones that tend to work for us they hold up to like 25 for the skinnier ones pounds of weight and then 50 pounds for the thicker ones so we tend to use those a lot when we're working on our projects in the house and then when we just screw our projects directly into those little things there we always try to check to make sure everything is level now of course our walls are not always level so it makes things difficult and also using scrap boards doesn't always guarantee that we're going to have a level board because sometimes there can be bowing due to moisture and other things all right so let's move on to the next one so for the next shelf since I have a top load washer and not a front loader I needed a shelf to be up a little bit higher so I went ahead and I put one of the little boards on the side and then I laid my shelf up there measured with the level two kind of give myself a little pencil mark and then I went ahead and I applied all of the rest of the framing around the back and the sides stuck it on there again check and make sure it is level and then it is time to move on to the next one now I do really like having the this one shelf here because it gives me a lot of working space and it kind of clears up everything that I was kind of having on the floor or just sitting kind of on top of the washer and dryer so now no longer anything will be on there next I want to kind of clear up this little space here and I have a little laundry sorter but it is an 18 inch wide but I only have a 13 approximate thirteen thirteen and a half inch wide space so I'm gonna go ahead and trim the wide little pieces there from the 18 down to the 15 using this saw I found that the thinner little finer blade cut it more like butter and the more rigid rag saw blade was a little more rough on the edges so once I trimmed those down I was able to then assemble this thing and it came out pretty easy they're all marked ABCD efg did comes with the little nuts you just put it all together and then it's really easy to because the bottom of the little what I'm going to call it elbow there it shows you like right where the wheel goes so you can kind of use that as your guide when you're popping it all together so once I got all of those wheels popped in and you flip it over it comes with these little straps that you can put at the base to help keep the sacks or bags from falling when you have laundry in them it helped kind of gives them a little bit of structure underneath sketches helping me supervise of course and then next we're going to add these little spacer clips to the top that help the next kind of to hang in space evenly so of course sketch is telling me I need to tighten the bag he's one step ahead of me so once I get all three of those backs and you'll see here that it's all finished it was really quick it took me like two minutes to assemble and that's just because I had to open up the packages now the reason I'm doing this is because I have such a small space there originally I was only able to fit like one little basket in between so now having a three part organizer will help me stay more organized with whites colors and say heavy soils next moving on I'm going to be hanging up this mirror something that I really like to use in a lot of the house too corn hanging stuff are these little monkey hooks they're also really good for renters if you don't want to leave like big holes are drilled or do a lot of stuff so I do recommend monkey hooks something that I really also wanted to hang up was some sort of a laundry rack so I'm going to be using these two little rods that I got from Mikey I think they were like five bucks apiece and I picked those up years ago so they've kind of just been sitting here didn't know what I was gonna do with them or as I wasn't using like a closet but I didn't and I picked up another little elbow thingy PVC thing and that's what I'm going to be I'm gonna hot glue that together I've put my little things up there and once I put those in I'm going to be using just chain and these little things that I also had everything here I kind of just had on hand so I'm winging it and then I'm using this little hardware that you stick up in the roof like this and it kind of like butterflies open so that when you pull down on it those little like wings will open up so that you can no longer pull it down it's stuck up there so then in order to tighten it you just spin it up in there because it's you put a little pull or pressure down and it tightens it so what I did is I used those washers to give me like a little space to hook this in my little chain and then it's hanging on there which that little elbow is hot-glued those two rods into in the inside there to kind of hold it all together and keep it from spinning around or anything and it's up there pretty good it's actually really solid I was able to hang I think I've hung ten garments oak and white and it still has not fallen or budged or made any kind of issues so I'm pretty happy with it next I'm going to go ahead and finish up those plaques that I had finished prepping once they were dry I'm going to go ahead and use more stencils and just come up with some more designs I'll make like a laundry sign here where I just use two tones to kind of cover up I started with a lighter base and now I'm going over with the darker color over the top these are just some techniques that my mom taught me when I was a kid different ways to get different looks and effects by using multiple colors and just using your brush and kind of manipulating the color the way that you want I'm a big fan of stencils to get precision and and I really feel you can't go wrong by using them next I'm going to throw up a little bit of decor and also I found an old jar in my garage which I had previously used for something and it has been sitting there rusting for years and let me just tell you mrs. Myers multi-surface spray that is a miracle cleaner I use like the lavender scented one sprayed it on and it cleaned it up beautifully I mean I couldn't even get this thing to budge open it took me ten minutes I was really like being ego there with my self trying to get it open and not wanting to ask my husband I sprayed some of that mrs. Myers into the lid and I got that lid opening two seconds so if you need a rust remover mrs. Myers has got your back next I'm using like a thumbtacks literally thumbtacks to hang up some of those decor pieces this little flower stencil thing is one of the pieces that I did and I kind of mirrored it on that other sign that says laundry because I wanted to just bring in some of those colors that I kind of have going throughout the house I also picked up some spray paint um I hope you did some of this like stainless steel spray paint that we were thinking of doing the washer and dryer in but we're not sure yet how it's going to do it's something we're gonna experiment we might do another video on that on painting appliances so here is a quick before to remind you of what this nasty laundry room looked like and yeah it was a hot mess and here's a little after of course I will change the decor out probably quite a bit as I just don't know find things that I want here there but I really do love how it came out I also on the backside here I wanted functionality and I got it I shoved for the products that I used for the cleaning racks to hang clothes I've got the thing for my missing socks because they always go missing not sure why and we can now get out to the garage easier it's not like tripping over things and then as far as like the signs that I made with the dollar frames those came out beautifully and then I just hung this little hanger thing that says like you know my name that I got at our wedding from uh as a gift and I just love it I hope you guys enjoyed it and I can't wait to see you guys on the next video thanks so much for watching you guys I'll throw some more videos in here for some ideas if you guys want to check it out at the end screen and also we threw up a podcast this week my husband and right now it's only available on youtube at our podcast channel Korra and cool podcast and I also have it linked it to my playlist under Cora's creative corner you'll find out another playlist called podcast so if you want to check that out and get a little sample of that let us know what you think or if you'd be interested in hearing more we'd greatly appreciate you guys its feedback hopefully you'll find it entertaining and here's a little snippet for you guys yeah Kars preventative maintenance YouTube channel music and I think growing up when we did in the 90s really which was the 90s and 2000's we were blessed with some really awesome the best music the best and I think that's kind of

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  1. Where are you did an amazing job. I am in a subscriber to your channel and looking to refresh my laundry room. I have never use the stencil but I think I will try because your science turned out amazing. Also I wish I had room for a sorter but my laundry room is a little small. Thank you so much for sharing. I would love you to take a look at my channel and let me know what you think and if you like what you see please consider subscribing. Have an amazing day

  2. I had that laundry sorter. It didn't hold much and wasn't made well. So mine fell apart. I need to get a better one. 😂

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