‘Learn & Research’ How do I begin as a Graphic Designer? Ep22/45 [Beginners Guide to Graphic Design]

‘Learn & Research’ How do I begin as a Graphic Designer? Ep22/45 [Beginners Guide to Graphic Design]

Hello and welcome to this beginner’s
guide series to graphic design. From what graphic design is, skills to be a graphic
designer, design theory, education you need, equipment you need to the graphic design
portfolio and interview advice. This series is for anyone at any level. So if you’re interested in graphic design and
considering becoming a graphic designer join me as I discuss a series
of graphic design topics. So you’re thinking about
getting into graphic design and you’re wondering how to begin. In this
video I’m going to discuss and suggest a few things you can do to help you get
started. To get started I would suggest you undertake six key steps and I would
recommend you do them in the following order. Step one: Learn research,
Step two: Collect, Step three: Be inspired, Step four: Practice,
Step five: Seek education and Step six: Apply your skills. Now these steps can be
taken at any stage in your life if young still in school and looking to get into
graphic design you can follow these steps. If you’re older perhaps you’re
thinking of a career change you can also follow these steps. In this
video I’m going to talk about Step one: Learn and research. To begin I would recommend you spend some time learning and researching. At this point I would
recommend you not only look to learn aspects of graphic design but also seek
to learn aspects of other art disciplines. I would encourage this
because graphic design can often incorporate many aspects of creativity.
As well as looking at graphic design look at photography, look at advertising,
look at fashion, look at interior design, look at architecture, look at illustration,
look at contemporary art, look at fine art, look at sculpture and so on. Learn how artists see the world and
express themselves through their craft. See how photographers capture the world
and compose their images. Look at how fashion designers use texture and
patterns on the human form. Look at how an illustrator
tells a story in a graphic novel. Look at how an architect shapes and construct
a building. Look at how an advert sells something with a single image, a headline
a metaphor or an idea. Start look and be inquisitive about everything and ask
yourself: How does it make you feel? What does it make you think? What does the
artist or designer want you to think or feel? and how do they do it? Look all
around you. Look at magazines, observed photography and layout, look at posters,
look at leaflets and flyers, look at branding and how a theme carries itself
over various mediums such as print and digital. Look at websites, see graphic
design working in a practical everyday sense and look at how graphic design is
used in an artistic sense. Observe what has already been done
and what works and try and take it all in. Be open minded to everything. Seek to ask
the question why. Always ask yourself why. Next I would encourage you start to
learn about more specific aspects of graphic design. Learn about typography,
understand the anatomy of type the terminology of type. Familiarize yourself
with type classifications. Start to study and questioned typography in the things
you see, magazines, logos, books, business cards. Look at how it’s being presented.
Look at the typeface or typefaces that have been used and how they have been
used together. Look at colour look at composition and ask yourself why those
choices were made. Next research some well known and successful graphic
designers. Look at the work that made them famous and understand
why the work was successful. Next go online and look at a variety of
graphic design agencies. See the work they showcase to understand the type of
work they do and what is out there today. So by spending some time to learn and
research, this process will give you a good understanding of what has been done
in the past and what is happening now. This should help clarify your ambitions
and hopefully help you focus on the type of work you may want to do going forward.
So this is the first step on how to begin as a graphic designer. Well I hope you enjoyed this video
If you did hit the like button on my facebook page. and you can also follow me
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about the next step, step two and talk about how collecting your inspiration can help you
begin as a graphic designer. So see you in the next video!

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