Learn To Designing Home Interior and Becoming Interior Designer With This Interior Design Course

Learn To Designing Home Interior and Becoming Interior Designer With This Interior Design Course

hello and welcome to intro to interior design course the first most frequent question to ask is this a right course for me well as you have reached this video that means you are interested in interior design are you one of the graduates who want to know more about interior design not just read and see some commercial videos about it but you want to see and feel the core of interior design so you want to decide what would be your career in the future or you could be already studying interior design but seems you want to get out of the box be ahead of your colleagues get higher grades and be one of the top students and even if you are an interior designer and want both refreshing and developing tips about design thinking well in fact this course is made just for you so this answer will lead you to the next important question what am I going to take in this course same way this course consists of six modules or sections and I have made them to take you gradually transform your understanding of interior design step by step in a symbol and effective way so this means you will see in the first module the definitions and introductions to interior design while second module is talking about the very first basics of interior design starting from the scratch for sure this will lead you automatically to the third module where you will develop the basic knowledge into advanced one now the first module will start to give you the feeling of interior design spirit as you will get to know about static drawings sketching and so many cool tips but this is not enough because nowadays you can't work or try to design something without CAD software or computer aided design software here the fifth module comes to fill in the gap so you will learn the most leading and greatest software cat software in the world the Photoshop AutoCAD and 3ds max and if you want l software and resources then you will find many useful links and other resources and tools to help you reach the best results of your cool and creative designs now if I were learning so many things and having to try them at the end of learning I will feel like I have learned nothing and start to forget what I have learned if you never try you will never know so this is what made me create the module number six and called it the interior design sample project you will learn how to put everything you've learned get the final work and result of your several hours of designing and working on the project from the very first moment of any design most of the courses are just videos and reading materials which is okay but I tried my best presenting each piece of information to you in a fun and various cool ways having said that you have two options to take this course you can sit back and relax and just watch these tool videos and enjoy it or you can get involved in the course through the assignments that I will give you and assist you with and I promise you can still drink your tea the third question must be about me who is the instructor okay I am Muhammad Allah tahan I am interior designer inter burner and founder of the mine comm design my interior though it's still a baby website but it's growing with my passion you love your views feedback requests and needs as I will do my best to help learners and educators around the world this would be a dream come true to me please do not hesitate click and join this course because this one is going to put you in a right positi to your design thank you have you click lipids you are fantastic

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  1. I want to learn internal design but my language does not help me because I came two years ago to Britain and I am now studying in college English language Please, what do you advise me to do please please reply 🙇‍♀️
    I am from Syria

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