LED Color Changing String Lights 💥Govee Home Outdoor/Indoor 👈

LED Color Changing String Lights 💥Govee Home Outdoor/Indoor 👈

Hey guys I’ve got some fun ,color
changing LED lights to look at today! These light are from Minger and they are indoor/
outdoor string lights that can sync to music so these lights are 36 feet in length
and include 12 bulbs now there are so many places that you could hang these
your porch your bedroom your staircase to your living room anywhere that you
seem fit and anywhere you want to have a bit of color so these have flexible
rubber strands throughout the entire strand very easy for you to be able to
put anywhere they are waterproof to IP65 so if you’re in a really wet
area of the nation or anything like that you’ll be fine and they are they have 12
bulbs each and each bulb is 2 watts and the total wattage is 24 watts all the
way across these are controlled with an app on your cellular device so it’s in
the App Store and the Google Play you’ll be able to find that for your Android
and Apple device and it’s called Govee Home and it’s like I said available and
most apps towards all the instructions on how to set that up will be found in
the instruction manual and that is where you’re going to find any information and
answers to any of your questions so this is operated with an AC plug not battery
operated so you will need a power source I can see that yeah alright and this is
a closer look at the bulb they are very sturdy it’s a nice external sturdy
plastic material so you won’t have to worry about it cracking if it hits the
ground or anything like that so let’s hang these up somewhere in the
house and show you what they do we just had a Christmas celebration and as you
could see or that we have draped the lights along our cabinetry and furniture
in here here’s the app app is very easy to use it’s you it’s called it’s called
Govee Home setup is very easy so you see the lights are here
lights connect via bluetooth so if I turn them on and go here say on they came on pretty quickly now when you
select your desired lights especially if you have more than one you have
different options in the app such as elimination fade rain drop colourful
marquee and blinking you also have the option to add and choose as many colors
as you want on these individual lights so there are so many options you can use
you can also sync it with music especially if you have a party or
something you can customize your specific color by picking one and
choosing it so if you noticed all the way over here that one turned orange
because I picked that now it’s yellow but yeah this is a very handy app you
can also adjust the brightness on here and certain schedules if you want so let
me turn the lights off and show you what they look like and lower light so as you
can see they’re pretty bright and you know as I said we did have a Christmas
celebration here so that’s why I have the rotating of the white red and green
lights you do have the option to choose between red orange yellow green blue
like a cyan cyan however you pronounce that purple and white you also have the
option to I’ll show you drag your finger along this color bar here and pick an
individual shade that you choose so there’s a lot of options with gravy
great for holiday season’s birthday celebrations or if you just really
really really enjoy lights you can have these up in your house and enjoy them in
whatever way you’d like I’m going to show you the different settings now in
the app now we are on the colorful one we are on colorful
right there so let’s try rain drop as you can see different bulbs will change
to the color or colors you choose from I just have a rotating between red and
green like I said that’s what raindrop looks like you also have fade which fade
as you can see fades in and out you can change how fast you want the fading or
any of these options to be which makes it highly customizable now this is
illumination is the first option you have on the screen it’s the standard
bold color great for your modern home if you really like that style and yeah this
one it doesn’t appear you can change the color of this one so here we can go to
marquee which is this one right here right there which this one rotates
between all the colors you pick just turns them on I find it very similar to
raindrop but that gives you also a better look at the different colors
since this was this one was not set for our Christmas um event in the last one
we have right here is blinking see it’s loading of course yes it blinks between
various colors that you choose I’m gonna add all the other ones in there so you
can see with this one especially what color you like the most
now with this one you can also adjust the speed I believe the only one that
you can’t adjust the speed for is illumination because that one is just
like I mentioned earlier that is just the you know standard light bulb color
you however adjust the brightness on all of
them as well including illumination so you don’t have to worry about that I put
it on raindrop again to show you all of the colors I think it’s very pretty I
really like this these features I definitely believe this would be great
for your holiday seasons maybe even birthday parties and if you just like
having lights in your house and being able to you know add color every once in
a while that’s a great option too all right so that is a look at these fun
colorful useful and handy lights please check the description section below
for any more information and where you can get yours thanks for watching guys you

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  2. Glad to know that you enjoy Govee string lights! Maybe due to the cold weather in winter that you choose to review it inside the room, it better fits to be hung in the porch or patio for outdoors. Awesome!

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