LED Pontoon Lighting Install

LED Pontoon Lighting Install

so I’m working on something a little different today as you guys know I really enjoy the lake to live right here basically on the lake and kind of wanted to do a little nighttime lighted on the boat so I think what I’m going to try to do is I ordered a bunch of LED strips kind of try to maybe you make LED lighting underneath the seats and then I’ve ordered some LED underwater lights that we’re going to have kind of projecting off the back of the pontoons these here are the LED strips that of us then actually like encased in this really thick clear plastic its got like a really thick clear plastic piece over it and you can cut these at I don’t know like four inch intervals all we do the strip saying it’s super nice about these is they come dual wired so I’ve already cut this strip but it’s got wires at both ends and so essentially when you cut it then you’ve got to like it doesn’t make the rest of the bad this just happened to be like the centerpiece of what was left after I used it already cool stuff got these on Amazon I think they were maybe I don’t know they’re cheap they’re super cheap I think five or six bucks maybe parole and I think it’s like a 15 foot roll and they work really well so let me show you what I was talking about so on the back of the pontine here I basically just mounted some little LED lights you can see that I’ve just grilled a holding us back plate this is like a cue LED light supposed to be waterproof hopefully it’ll hold up just comes out the back up through here and then doing the exact same thing on the other side so that’s where i’ll actually mount it in the hole here and ideally what will happen is it will when they’re on it will light the water behind the boat itself you see it as done in a lot of your ski boats they have LEDs underneath the back deck kind of likes the water for swimming get on off the boat and just kind of looks cool you know here on the inside basically all I’ve done is on these seats they have this little lip here and so I’ve just catched that LED strip underneath that it’s got a Scot an adhesive backing to it a little bit concerned about it holding up through the heat and the heat of the summer I was afraid that the glute kind of loosen up maybe it fall down so what I may do is I may occasionally drill some holes around these and then use those zip ties or something to kind of make sure they stay but from anywhere sitting anywhere in the boat you can see that they’re not visible and it was just kind of give it a nice glow underneath all these seats I actually went with the blue LEDs it’s not crazy blue it’s not like you know obnoxious blue it’s just nice cool blue should give us some kind of ambient lighting and allow you bill see what’s going on on the boat I really like to build a cruise at night and this will allow us to be able to kind of see what we’re doing and just have a cool effect to it so this gets done maybe we can get on the water today I think it’s done turned out pretty good it was a lot of work is tedious work i soldered everything and loomed everything so it’s probably what took them so long but now it’s just time to go on the lake and achieve that hard work paid off still waiting on the Sun to go down once it goes down we can test lights until then I think we’ll eat some food drink some beers well wells pretty good trip a lot of work kind of paid off so the LEDs on the floor a little brighter than I would have liked and then the LEDs on the pontoons behind the boat are not as bad right because that would have liked so I don’t know I guess just like everything else you live and learn you got to experiment and try out but anyway one good thing for you guys or at least I feel like it’s a good thing I know I’m excited about it is the boats in the water so that means the c10 is going back out where the boat was and means the big stir is going to start so spacing for that going to pull this down the next week or so start mocking things up cutting some tubing bending consuming cutting some wheels so anyway hope you enjoyed that little video as always thanks for joining me I’m sure I’ll see you guys tomorrow so do work son

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  1. you can put a rheostat on the ones inside. I have something like it on my lights inside my house. love the vids bud!

  2. You can get PWM controls for the led striphttp://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DC-12V-8A-Adjustable-Dimmer-Switch-Control-PWM-Controller-Single-Color-LED-Strip-/322440653213?hash=item4b12f5e99d:g:QeEAAOSw32lYuVTV.

  3. Disconnect one of the wires from the switch and put a power resistor in series; that will dim down the string.

  4. If you use adhesion promotor on the surface first the adhesive stays put , I use the adhesion promoter like what comes in rearview mirror kits or 3M offers the pads https://www.amazon.com/3M-Adhesion-Promoter-Sponge-Applicator/dp/B01G2BHLG6/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1492458256&sr=8-4&keywords=adhesion+promoter    I've had the strip LEDs under my Mustang on the pinch weld area and bumpers for 5 years now and still holding by using the adhesion promoter first .  Try it , you just might find it worthy of a You Need This Tool episode 🙂

  5. Fab idea! Inset the lights in some aluminum channel and you can show off the stretcher/shrink-er you have for rounded areas, just thought that would be a cool video on fab. Keep up the good work Kyle!

  6. instead of using a resistor or a dimmer i would go for a buck converter like this: https://goo.gl/Jz4Klk
    it will provide constant current and it will protect the strip from overvoltage and to much current. you can adjust the voltage and the current on these. i have probably 50 of these use them all the time

  7. Hiya Kyle, what sunglasses are you wearing in this video? I've destroyed my Oakley's and have to get something new. 😛
    Love the channel, greetings from Norway 🙂

  8. looks awesome man. only thing i would have done different is went with an RGB led kit. they have a remote, you can dem and change the led to just about any color you want. you can also make the light pulse and change colors

  9. Add a 12v PWM to the circuit for your inboard LED's. With that you can turn down the voltage and adjust the brightness to them. I like them a lot better then a resistor as they don't create as much heat. Amazon has them and ebay is even cheaper if your willing to wait 3 to 4 weeks.

  10. Love it. If it weren't for fear of judgement, my car would have LEDs all over the place. You'll see once I throw the Autometer Cobalt series Florida 5.0 Cluster and such in it… LOL.

  11. wat you could do should the gleu not hold up is make some strips of plexyglass and screw that over the leds intoo the bench seat with some woodscrews so there clamped in
    you could use coloured plexyglass to tone the lighting down a little or put some of that darkening foil for car windows over them
    maibe you can lower the power to the leds with some sort of dimmer in a watertight box and lower the glare that way

  12. You might try CA glue on the back of those strips. It's a chemical bonding like super glue, but stronger.

  13. Boat looks great. I've used a staple gun on these LED strips before. As long as your careful where you staple it work great!

  14. Kyle I sent you out a package with a dimmer and remote for your pontoon boat along with some 8'' and 4'' blue strips for the interior of one of your builds. Keep an eye out for it

  15. good job you didn't cut corners with crimp on terminals, that lake looks like my neck of the woods. Hartwell/Tugaloo area?

  16. Use starting fluid(ether) to clean the surface before sticking the tape/leds , plasticizers in the vinyl fabric attacks the adhesive and the lights fall off.

  17. You can add resistors to the strip lighting to cut the power. It'll darken them a little so they aren't super bright.

  18. Used some plastic channeling for mine bro, no issues from there. I'm looking for a transom type led but man they are super expensive. Nice work bro.

  19. can always add an led controller with remote control for brightness. really cheap on amazon like 6 bucks.

  20. I see you are a Family Man. I've been trying lights under the deck on our 22' Pontoon. It worked so good, now that we are refurbishing ours I ordered 8 LED lights and put 6 underneath and wired into my original wiring I put in for the first gen test. Now why would you want that?
    Well, we like to go for a night cruise on the Colorado River when we are camping there. Load up the kids and groan-ups and get out on the water. I tell the Grand-Kids, "You wanna see the fish?"
    "YEAH!" Flip on those under deck lights and watch the fish swimming away from the boat as we cruise along. Mostly Carp, but kids don't care. They are thrilled.
    Groan-ups are too.
    Since they are up high, I use off-road floodlights and they work fine. I ordered flood light types, not spot types.
    Super bright! Looking forward to getting to the water to thrill the grandkids.

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