LED Strip Cove Lighting Install RGBW Tutorial

LED Strip Cove Lighting Install RGBW Tutorial

Hi guys my name is Jorge again here from SIRS Electronics and today I would like to show you an installation we did for a customer on his house Ok so we installed our 4-in-1 RGBW warm white LED strips on the back of the crown molding and we put this all across his livingroom we control it with DMX and this gave it a very nice and cozy residential look so the way I am going to explain this video is in three main stages Ok stage one is going to be the preparation Stage 2 is going to be the LED installation and stage three is going to be the crown molding installation and the final testing So the main components you’ll be needing for this installation are going to be your crown molding your high quality LED strips the equivalant length in your aluminum flat bars which are one sixteenth by half an inch your necessary power supplies your desired type of control for your LED strips and of course any other tools you might need along the way so before anything you need to draw your design on a piece of paper and make sure that you have everything you need so you can start preparing the crown molding by staining and varnishing the molding to give it a nice look painting the back with white semi-gloss paint will provide a good reflection for the LED’s so you don’t see any dots on the wall Measure the distance you’ll be placing these moldings from the ceiling Next Step is preparing your components on a board That you will put up in the attic or wherever you wish to install it Start by laying out the components in the order you will place them Next you’ll want to prepare all of your connections We also offer customization options to help you facilitate with this or you can do it yourself You continue by soldering your leads to your LED strips and then soldering your DMX cables necessary to connect your controllers now you’ll want to secure your controllers and power supplies on the board make sure they are evenly spaced to provide better breathability and avoid overheating Now you wanna connect all your A/C cords and make sure they are tied with zip ties The next step is preparing your aluminum flat bars You want to start by cutting them to size needed and applying the red automotive grade 3M tape that we provide every six inches to provide a straight and flat installation Next you’ll want to tape these on the wall secure them with a one and a half inch flathead screw that one sixteenth inch flatbar thickness helps to do this easier because it’s thinner and you’ll be able to drill the holes easier Finally before continuing to stage two test your strips to make sure that everything works fine So before installing the LED strips make sure you have a straight and flat surface in your flatbars and clean them with rubbing alcohol To install simply peel back the 3M adhesive and adhere to the aluminum flatbar After installing the LED strip apply some dielectric silicone to prevent the strips to come off when they get hot and make sure that the LED’s look straight from a distance Check that the LED strips pass through the corners smoothly and that you overlap the leads with some 3M adhesive red tape The next step is to install your DMX console We use the STICK-DE3 Plus from Nicolaudie So first make a hole in the wall in accordance to the manufacturers instructions and install the junction box inside the wall where you will be running down your DMX cables that come from the attic or wherever you put your installation make sure you wire the connectors in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions After installation the STICK-DE3 Plus should look like this Finally before continuing to stage three test your strips again to make sure everything works fine So before installing the crown molding you want to be sure of a couple of things First use a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall and label the spots with a masking tape this is where you will be nailing the crown molding Next we use a red chaulk line to create a straight line where you will be placing the crown molding after that your going to install the crown molding using a nail gun be careful if you do not know how to use this ask a professional This is how the crown molding looks already installed at the end Finally program your DMX console with your desired effects no you can turn on everything and see how it looks Well guys I hope you find this tutorial helpful on how to install LED strips and crown molding If you have any questions make sure you comment down below Remember to like and to subscribe and thank you for watching

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  1. sir how to install strip light in y showroom ? i want to install it outside of my showroom , my showroom wall made by glass. plz help me .

  2. It gets very hot where i live, will that be a problem for keeping those electronic parts in the attic?? it was 117* today

  3. Wow lot work got to be simpler way my daughter just ask me about flashing LED I'm in N.Y. she in Arizona I'm A Pro Handyman but I'm not allowed in her Home cause my ex wife Husband is Jealously.

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