LEGO Stranger Things | Behind the Brick Designer Video 75810

LEGO Stranger Things | Behind the Brick Designer Video 75810

Welcome back to BEHIND THE BRICK.
I am your host Jet Jameson. Last week we looked at this LEGO choo-choo train set. This week we have something a little stranger. Our first guest, no stranger to LEGO,
is LEGO designer Justin. What have you got for us today? – Hello. Today I would like to show you
something very special to my heart… … and also the friends at home.
And it’s LEGO Stranger Things. – Look at that!
It’s a house. – Yeah, it’s the Will Buyers house.
It’s made out of over 2200 LEGO elements. – That is a lot of bricks folks!
– It’s not too bad. It comes complete with minifigures. We got Joyce up here with a
decorated tile with Will the wise. Hopper, he’s got his police truck. – Wow! You’ve got a little 4×4 there
that you can take off and do business in. – You can yeah. And it is made out
of one by twos and two by fours. This is also connectable, so you can have it
on the base or take it off and play with it. – Fantastic! – And inside we’ve got a full interior.
Here you got Will’s bedroom. You can listen to music on his boombox,
such as “Should I stay or should I LEGO”. – Should I stay or should i LEGO.
I like that. – I am trying. There are lights so you can communicate
with him in the Upside Down. You’ve got a light brick so
that can show off the alphabet wall. – Can I try.
– Yeah absolutely! – Look at that, you saw it here first. – The model can also turn upside down. – Uuuh, upside down it is folks. Who is this? – He’s the prince of demons. – I thought you were going to
say it’s my mother-in-law. – It’s a Demogorgon with a new headpiece. Which means that he can have
both an open and closed face. You’ve also got Will hiding in the corner there. – Hello there Will.
How are you doing there fellow? I’m fine. I’m fine Jet. – And then the model also
comes with a minifigure stand. – WOW look at that. You get a
LEGO with its own billboard folks! That’s quite amazing! – You’ve got Mike with a
flashlight and a walkie-talkie. Lucas with a slingshot and a torch. – That is fantastic. – Dustin comes with a compass, a walkie-talkie and a new wig element, which is his cap.
And Eleven right there with a waffle. – Alright Justin.
Thank you so much for coming by. – Thanks for having me. – Next week we are going to
talk about playing with LEGO. Get this… on a computer. Thank you. We will see you next
time on BEHIND THE BRICK. Keep building!

53 thoughts on “LEGO Stranger Things | Behind the Brick Designer Video 75810

  1. Incredible can’t believe it like if you are ready for stranger things and comment if you are not

  2. Already in the bag 👍🏻. However, I will say that I am sad thay my boy Steve is missing. 😔

  3. Если тут есть кто нибудь русский то подписывайся на канал сейчас 11 и мы узнаем скоко нас!

  4. "Should I stay or should I LEGO" is a thought I had at a party last night when I wanted to leave early to go home and build 😅

  5. LOL, I was hoping they would have said "Oh that's a nice ORV" instead of calling it a 4×4… woulda been very 80's. But I love what they're doing with this LEGO set! I hope there are more vids like this!

  6. I'm not even that fan of Stranger Things, but the work you did with this set and the social media content for this set is just gold. Congrats to the creations and mkt Lego team <3

  7. Please lego please do more stranger things sets!!! Please we need more characters like max from season 2 billy ect

  8. I don't know why the host made me laugh at certain points; it's probably just his face expressions! Great set, LEGO!

  9. (1980's) hopefully in the future well have HD videos shot in 4K and no more of this blury krap……..

    (2019) look at this ! isnt it cool how were re-creating the look and feel of a video from the 80's !!!!!!

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