Lexus IS250/IS350/F-Sport LED Interior How To Install 3rd Gen 2013-Present

Lexus IS250/IS350/F-Sport LED Interior How To Install 3rd Gen 2013-Present

What’s happening everyone, my name is
Phil with and today we have a 2013 Lexus IS we’ll be
installing LED interior lights on. Now this installation is compatible with
year models 2013 and up. It is considered the third generation of the Lexus IS. And this installation is compatible with the IS250, the IS350, as
well as the F-Sport variants on that model. For today’s installation we’ll be
using a 5730 style LED conversion kit. That’s our premium model. And you can find this kit online at Included with the kit are three interior trim tools you’ll see us use for the installation as well as a Phillips head screwdriver you’ll need to do a portion of the install on these vanity mirrors. Or sorry these reverse mirrors. For today’s installation, we’ll be working on the front map and dome lights. There’s three in the front. As well as the rear map and dome lights. There’s three in the back. The courtesy door lights here on the
front driver side and passenger doors only. Like we mentioned before, the
courtesy puddle lights here on the rearview mirrors. This is actually one of the best upgrades
you can do. It looks really good. We’ll also be working on the trunk light, as well as the back up reverse lights. So let’s go ahead and get started. To get access to the courtesy puddle lights here on the rear view mirrors, you’re gonna need the fat end of the crowbar tool. As well as that Philips head screwdriver. First thing you need to do, you’re gonna push this one here forward
just so you can see. And we’re going to use this tool. And don’t worry when you push
this thing around, whenever you hear the clicking noises, that’s just some of the plastic gears
that you’re roping over. Not a big deal. You’re gonna take this tool and use it to
pry off the mirror from the rest of housing. It’s … held in place by four tabs. And all you’re doing is getting enough leverage to remove those tabs. So
once you have the two at the bottom, you’re gonna push this down and get the two at the top. Alright. And so, what we did here, there’s four sections: 1, 2, 3, and 4. And they were just held in with some pressure and all we did was pull them out. You do wanna make sure you get pretty
even pressure with this tool. Any single point that you’re forcing against too far, you could crack the mirror. This is like thirty-five dollars to replace, I’ve done it before, so you just want to be careful
not to break this. Once you have this exposed, there are five screws: one, two, three, four, and five that we’re going to remove so we can get this panel off. Now that all the screws are loose, I’m gonna push this thing back so you can see. This gray cover comes off. It just slides out. And this comes away. What you have now exposed is the side blinker. Which we’re not gonna touch. But down here at the bottom, you have the housing for the courtesy puddle light. You’re gonna twist this counter clockwise to remove. And you’re just replacing it with one of our LEDs. Now the LED we have here is a premium 5730. It is not polarity-specific, so when I plug it in I don’t have to worry about what
orientation it’s in. And, um, you can take the keys and hit unlock with all the doors closed. You can test to make sure that light turns on. Now that we know it works, put it back in the housing. Clockwise to lock it back in place. And we’re going to reinstall everything
in the same position that we found them in. So the connector here is going to
face closest to the assembly. And there is a small tab that will hold it all in place. Once you have that back, this is going to come on and slide into place. Just like that. And when you turn it around, you wanna
make sure this seam is nice and tight. And you also wanna make sure that that courtesy
puddle light here down at the bottom is not moving around. As well as this side
blinker light is correctly in place. Now that we have that done, put all the screws back in. Alright. Now that that’s secure the mirror goes back on. Now you want to line up these four tabs here with the edges. And once you get one on, it’s pretty simple to get the rest. You just press in each corner. And then I would actually use your palm to force the rest of it on like this. And now you’re good to go. Hit unlock to see what it looks like again. It looks really nice. We’re looking now at the courtesy door
light on a … the driver side. You’re gonna take the pointed end of our wedge tool. Just come in from the side at the top And I guess in the corner here
is where you’re prying it out And, as you notice, one side has the
electrical assembly. So if you were to have tried to pry it out from this side
you’d end up breaking this assembly right here. So you wanna come in to the side
that’s actually further away from the end of the door panel and closest to the hinge. When this thing comes out, you’ll notice it’s like a two-part assembly. We’re actually going to unplug this here so we can let the bulb cool off a bit. But this whole portion has to come out for us to work on it. The way that comes out: there is a small tab here. You’re gonna kind of just lift it up a little bit. And if I can hold it right I can show you. You’re gonna lift a little bit and you should be able to slide it out. There you go. And exposes access to the bulb. Further there is this little hood here that it comes out of and now you actually have to have access to the bulb. Now this one’s gonna be a little hot. Just need to remove it with … a cloth so you’re not burning your hand. Then you’re just putting the new LED in. When you put these new LEDs in, whether they’re standards, or premiums, or 50-50s, or 5730 style, you wanna make sure that these metal leads are kind of pushed out to the sides. And that makes sure that you get contact with the connector here when you reinsert. This housing goes back in place. Fits nice and snug. And we’ll plug this in, just to show you
that it works. Like that. When this goes back on, start out a little bit and then you are pushing it in until it clicks into place. Just like that. Now, the wired part goes in first and you snap this in. We’re looking now at the front overhead console on the IS. And we have this panel here that needs to be removed to access the front overhead dome light
in the center as well as two map lights. We’re gonna be using the fork shape end
of the crowbar tool. And we are coming in from the top side here. Inserting the tool, prying down. Got one side out here. Come around here. There we go. Now that’s actually a lot
easier than the previous generation where you had to remove a good portion of the console
just to access. So they’ve made … an improvement. We have our three bulbs here. Alright. And all we have to do is pull them out one by one and replace them with the LED. Again these are not polarity-specific so you don’t really have to worry too much about whether or not they’re going to work. Make sure again that your leads are
pointed outward, whichever LED you do end up using. You want to test to make sure they all work. And then you put the cover back in place. Now this cover only goes in one way. The side with the protruding tabs goes in first here. And then you push it in til you hear the click sound from each of the three portions. Just like that. And you’re done. We’re looking now at the rear overhead console. Very similar process to the front. You’re taking the front end of our fork shape wedge tool. And you’re going to be prying from the sides
closest to the switches on this one. There’s two sections here – one here and
one here – that you’re going to be prying from. You just insert and you’re prying back. So you can see, we got one side. And really the key benefit to these tools is you’re not gonna scuff up the edges of these panels because this is a malleable plastic. Often times people will use flathead screwdrivers and they’ll actually make gouges here in the plastic. And you can’t really get rid
of that without replacing the whole panel after you’ve messed it up. Kinda learn by experience on that one. Same process: we have three bulbs here. We’re just gonna pull them out. And replace them with our new LEDs. We can test the two here with the switches. This one’s the center dome light and see that one works. This one goes back on,
same way it came out. The back side with the protruding tabs goes in first. And you just lock this in place. And you’re all set. For the vanity mirror lights, it’s very
similar for both the passenger and the driver side. We’re looking here at the driver’s side. You can use any of the tools. We’re gonna use the fork shape wedge tool. Gonna come in from the side here, pry down and removing the panel here. So what you need to keep in mind is that the wiring harness is always gonna be on the side closest to the interior. So on the passenger side the assembly will be faced this way. You wanna pry down on that side. This one’s just a bulb we can grab and
remove with our fingers. Replacing it with a new LED. To test to make sure these works,
you just slide open the housing. And now you know it works. To reinstall, gotta get this panel in first, or the wiring in first then you’re just pushing up. That’s it. For the trunk light assembly, we’re
gonna use the butt end of our pointed wedge tool. We’re gonna come in here from the right hand side. This is the side it does not have the wiring harness. Gonna pull in and push down, and you expose the entire housing. Now we’re going to unplug it so we turn the bulb off. And we have to remove this black housing. Pry it up. You pull this part off. And normally you would just use your
hands to pry this out. It’s a bit hot right now,
so I’m just gonna use this pointed wedge tool just to pry it out like that. And we’re putting our new LED in place. Put that black housing back on. And when you plug it back in, you should get the light. Wired side goes in first. And you push it back up into place. And that’s all. For the back up reverse lights, it actually takes a lot less effort than you might think. We have two tabs here to remove that will allow us access to replace the bulb. Here’s where this tool comes in handy. The fork. For this one right here,
we are actually gonna go inside the panel and work our way in. And pry off, like that. For this one, we can go on the outside and pry out the tab, like that. Once you have these two out,
you can bend this back far enough for you to be able to see the connector here. Now, instead of using my hand I’m gonna use a pair of pliers just so you can see in the
video. But this one turns counterclockwise. And the assembly comes out. We have a 10 LED 5730 style premium bulb that we’re using for our back up reverse.
This one’s really bright. And you just replace the bulb. Just like any other. Once that’s in, putting the bulb back into the assembly. Turn clockwise and lock that in place. Now what I would suggest is you do it on both sides actually have a friend put the car into reverse with the brake on
so you can see the lights working before you go ahead and put this back together. So I’m going to at least do that now and hopefully you’ll be able to see
some of the light to show that that’s turned on. And, as you can see, got a brand new light. Much brighter, much whiter, much nicer. We’re gonna put these back in. All you have to do is slide these ones back in place. Do the same thing on the passenger side. And you’re all set. For the courtesy foot well light here we need to remove this panel here that pulls down. There are two screws – one here
and one over here – that we need to remove to get access. With the two screws out, this panel here will come down. You just pull down it should pop out. And now you have access to this bulb here. Twist counterclockwise and that should
get it out of the housing. And we’re gonna remove it from the power leads so that it cools off a bit. And this one’s been on for a little bit. So the easiest way for me to show you how to remove this bulb: I have a pair of pliers here with some
duct tape on it and I’m just going to grab the bulb and pull it out. Now if you don’t have pliers, you could wait a few minutes for the bulb to cool down, just use your fingers
but we don’t want to burden myself just to show you. We have the new LED. Make sure your leads are pointing out to the sides. Goes in nice and snug, Plug that back in. So much nicer. Now to get this assembly back together, you’re just going to push it all back into place and put the screws back in. Now I don’t need to show you the
passenger side, cause it’s actually a little bit easier. Same method, there’s a panel that pulls down but there are no screws holding it in place. So you just pull on it, the whole thing drops down
and you install that new bulb the same way we did here on the driver’s side. That’s it. And that’s the end of the installation. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at [email protected] or you can reach us online and
submit a support ticket at Now, like we said before please like or subscribe if you enjoyed the video or enjoy the process for what we do. It really does help us out when we make the next one knowing that there’s people out there
watching the videos. Have a good one!

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