Life After Desain Rumah (Simple Classic) Lifeafter House Design

Life After Desain Rumah (Simple Classic) Lifeafter House Design

Do you think? I ran out of ideas? Huh? You are wrong! I still have many ideas in my head So subscribe to this channel! Like this video! And also comments if you want to request! Okay?! This time I design the name … Shut to the f * ck up Okay everyone Let’s just build the house Alright guys! Time to review Okay before I review his house, I want to remember To you again, don’t forget to click the subscribe button So that you don’t miss the video video Latest from me. Okay? Okay we just reviewed his house … Check this out! The house is very simple and also simple guys And very classic But even though this house is very simple and classic The contents inside are complete. There is… TV room, bedroom Kitchen and also … Toilet guys! And there is also a warehouse here Okay let’s just go straight to us Review the contents of the house like what Okay first I want to go back here first Here is a warehouse, guys Warehouse… Production. There is also a place for weapons here So all production tools are here Okay we go straight into his house Now here is a place to relax, chill And next to this is nothing So he is Okay, let’s just go straight into the house Okay here is … Some of the paintings and also here are available Yes, sort of … My job is there, certificate Here is a room … Watch it, TV room. Can make it Living room too Yes because this is a simple house And also simple guys Very classic huh And many paintings are also here And if you ask what manor is this? Please! We don’t need a manor design anymore … How many times for manor Because we have vault. Yes… Basement, basement storage So we don’t need to Another big house for Storage of our cabinets guys! And if you think … The basement or vault isn’t worth it You will lose Don’t save your storage there Because you won’t get a point To exchange the new wallpaper guys, okay ?! Now this is how the TV room looks Okay, we go backwards Here is the kitchen guys Yes, like a house in general Simple, classic, it’s like a real home It’s not like that, here is the dining table And here is the toilet, guys, the toilet is just a patch Because what’s big is big? Okay we go straight into his room Yep, this is the bedroom guys! Private room Here is a hologram And also a chair That is very elegant. Here is the bed It’s a wardrobe … It’s a closet Everything is just a display, guys, because of my storage I put the original one in the basement or vault Well here is a PC too And also some paintings Yes, I feel that way House review this time guys. This classic home design is very simple And also very classic guys! Suitable and comfortable to occupy by yourself guys! Okay if you like this video, don’t forget Click the like button And also don’t forget to comment if you guys Want to request? Okay! See you in the next episode See you!

62 thoughts on “Life After Desain Rumah (Simple Classic) Lifeafter House Design

  1. Skarang udah ada vault utk storage. Jadi rumah boleh design kecil2 aja, gak perlu besar2. Mohon mamang buat lebih banyak design manor yang comel2 yaa 😄

  2. Gua pling suka kalo kamu bikin konten design rumah bang,aku nanggu bngt design"rumah dri idea kamu sndiri bang!! Mantul!!

  3. Saran gua ni bang, kalo build rumah tombol yg tulisan All itu dipake aja biar gak cape² geser layar buat ngambil² bahan bangunannya

  4. Shut to the fk up design hahaha u hit my laugh hard, xD i want play together with new char, which server are u playing?

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