Light Weight Fancy Silver Anklets Designs 2017

Light Weight Fancy Silver Anklets Designs 2017

Light Weight Silver Anklet Designs A warm Hello to all of you! In this video, we present to you 18 new Anklet Designs. I am sure watching these designs, you are bound to say ‘wow’! All these anklets are light in weight and you won’t find it difficult to wear them around. These collection has been submitted by a DusBus contributor from Bhopal, Shikha Jain. We hope you will like it. Product shopping links have been provided for in the description below. 1. Silver 3 Layer Chain Anklet These anklet is designed like a necklace and is 3 layered with an attractive pendant hanging from it in the middle. 2. Sterling Silver Star Beaded Anklet These anklet carries beautiful star shaped beads. It is very durable and the finish is most beautiful. 3. 92.5 Silver Colourful Stones Anklet This anklet is studded with multicolored stones which give this piece of jewellery a very rich look. 4. Silver Alloy Anklet This anklet is in a new yet traditional look, and is very beautiful. 5. Silver Contemporary Anklet This anklet is bound to shine out as it has a beautiful blue pendant besides the double layered chain look. 6. Silver Contemporary Anklet This beautiful jewellery is again in a 3 layered design and will give your legs a beautiful look. 7. Silver Stone Anklet This piece has a slender chain design with stones studded in a floral pattern. 8. Silver Multi-coloured Beads Anklet This anklet has colorful beads as pendants. 9. Lion Face Silver Anklet This anklet is multi-layered in a beautiful silver and gold combination. 10. Silver Heart Alloy Anklet In this anklet, heart shaped pendants can be seen beautifully hung from the central chain. 11. Floral Print Silver Anklet This anklet is designed in a beautiful floral pattern. Alongwith that, it also has beautiful pendants. 12. Silver Alloy Anklet In this piece, multiple flower shaped beads have been arranged around a chain. Its design will help give a fuller look to your ankles. 13. Silver Anklet In this piece, many stones and ball shaped designs can be seen attached to the main chain. 14. Silver Contemporary Payal This anklet has a double layered design, with one of them also sporting a beautiful red pendant. 15. Modern Silver Anklet This one is a very classy, modern design. Studded with beautiful red and green stones. To give it a further elegant look, large white stones too have been employed by the jeweller. 16. Link Ball Silver Anklet Many link balls have been joined in a circular fashion to create a unique anklet design. 17. Blush berry Silver Anklet Beautiful pink gems have been threaded into the main chain to give a simple yet beautiful finish. 18. Pearl Stone Silver Payal In this anklet, large and beautiful white pearls have been arranged around the central chain.

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  1. Mem mujhe chahiye payal me bhopal se huuu berasiya road karodo choraha pr mera ghar h please mem and very nice design

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